How To Meditate: For Beginners

How To Meditate: For Beginners


Celebrities from Oprah to Ellen have touted the benefits of how to meditate, and scientific studies have shown that people who learn how to meditate tend to reap the physical and mental health benefits of positive thinking. Read on to find how you can learn how to incorporate positive thinking into your life for better health.

Like an excited child, most people’s bodies have a tough time sitting still, so stretch, wriggle and scratch out those itches before you sit down to meditate! It takes some getting used to but positive focus becomes easier each time. As author and holistic expert Susan Piver says, “You’re training yourself to place your attention where and when you want.”

Here’s how to meditate for beginners:

1) Prepare to meditate: Sit either cross-legged on a soft surface, or in a straight backed chair with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands comfortably on your knees or thighs, keep your thoughts positive, take a slow, deep breath, and close your eyes. You’re ready to meditate.

2) Take another slow, deep breath, this time taking a count of 4 to inhale. Imagine you’re inhaling positive energy, letting the air settle deep into your lungs.

3) Hold this breath for a count of 2, or as close to this number as you can get. Don’t strain– learning how to meditate requires patience and acceptance of your body and its needs.

4) Last, exhale slowly to a count of 4 in a leisurely manner, emptying your lungs completely while releasing any stress and other energy that is not positive. Once again, don’t strain; be gentle with yourself while reveling in the positive vibes you’re feeling.

How To Meditate: For Beginners

5) Pause for a count of 2, then calmly repeat the sequence again: inhale for 4, hold for 2, exhale for 4, pause for 2.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned to meditate. A meditation session lasting 3 – 5 minutes is ideal for beginners. Masters often go for around an hour, but don’t despair! Learning to meditate isn’t a competition; it’s a personal path to wellness where the only thing that counts is your health and peace of mind. Blessings on your journey.

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