Many couples go throughout the day on autopilot, and it’s only natural that you might miss some statements that your partner says to you. Sometimes you have a million things on your mind, and you hear what they’re saying, but you don’t truly hear them. Your man needs you to listen to him, as there are some phrases that he says you should never ignore.

Women, too, sometimes speak in coded phrases. However, the things they say differ significantly; thus, we address the secret language of women in a separate article.

Pay Close Attention to These Phrases a Man Might Say

How many times have you pretended to listen when your man speaks? You might use filler words like, yeah, uh-huh, and other such terms. These phrases make it appear that you’re listening to him.

However, over time relationships where communication is lackluster will falter. He needs you to hear what he’s saying, even if it’s just talking about his day. Here are some common phrases that indicate that you need to put everything down and tune into your man.


1. “I Need You to Listen to Me.”

Usually, when a man uses this phrase, there’s a sense of urgency and aggravation behind it. It’s possible he is tired of competition with your cell phone, the children, and other things that distract you from hearing him. Maybe he had a bad day at work and needs a few moments of your time.

When your partner asks you to focus on only him, it’s a good indication that he feels you’re not communicating well and listening to him. In these moments, you need to shut off the rest of the world for just a few minutes and give him your undivided attention.

2. “I Don’t Need Another Mother.”

Ouch! This is one of those phrases that sting a bit. Essentially, your man tells you that you’re acting like his mother. It’s not that he’s saying his mother wasn’t a good person, but he is trying to tell you that he’s not a child.

Women have a mother instinct, and you can do nothing to stop those feelings. However, while it’s challenging to remember that your spouse is not someone you can order around, it can ruin relationships when you bark orders.

3. “This Isn’t Working Anymore.”

Relationships on the rocks will often be turbulent long before someone calls it quits. Your man might say little things to you that indicate that he’s near his breaking point. When he says something to you that suggests that things aren’t working anymore, this is the time that you need to take action.

Though it’s easy to sweep phrases like this under the rug and hope he comes to his senses, you don’t know how close he is to walk out the door. When you hear such statements, it’s time to get counseling or do something to reset the relationship.

According to the CDC, in 2020, there were 1,676,911 marriages in the US. Sadly, there were also roughly 630,505 divorces. Relationships are a struggle, so you need to put real work into things to make sure you last.

4. “I Hate You.”

Remember when you were in school, and you said things like, “Sticks and stones break bones, but words don’t hurt?” Wow, if any phrase was untrue, it was this one. When your man says something as hurtful as they hate you, there’s something fundamentally wrong in your relationship.

One of two things has happened to cause him to use this phrase. First, he’s telling you that he is finished and that your relationship is so bad he has moved from disgust to hate. Second, he might be using such a shocking statement in a childish attempt to hurt or get back at you for something.

Whatever his reasoning, saying things like “I hate you” can cut as deep as a knife. Using such hurtful statements to your partner is never okay, as it puts a wedge between you. However, using phrases like this means something is wrong with the relationship or with him emotionally, and both need to be addressed.

5. “I Need Some Time Apart.”

He’s asking to take a break from the relationship. Why does he need time away from you? Is he having mental issues, and the chaos in the home with the children and everything else is too much? Possibly he wants time away to think.

If you’ve been fighting a lot and things aren’t going so well, he may want some time away to gather his thoughts. He may consider a trial separation to see how things go with you two living separate lives.

It’s also possible that he doesn’t mean anything profound when he states he needs time. It’s perfectly healthy for couples to spend time apart, especially if they’re always together. Maybe he wants some time with his friends. Listening to statements like this is essential because they should be followed up with conversation and some clarification.


6. “I Wish I Never Met You.”

Some statements are so hurtful that they knock the wind right out of you. When your partner tells you they wish they had never met you, they want to erase history and redo it without you. This statement also shows that your partner is blaming everything wrong in his life back on you.

Does this person have a narcissistic personality disorder where blame-shifting is commonplace? Commenting on this is cause for alarm as it shows he’s spiteful or childish.

7. “My Needs Aren’t Being Met.”

It’s no secret that most men have a high libido. If your partner comes to you and says that your sex life is lacking, it’s something you need to fix. There may be underlying factors like medical problems, exhaustion, no time, and children that dominate the home.

However, when he’s coming to you telling you that his sexual needs aren’t being fulfilled, you need to act. If you’re not fulfilling your man’s needs, he may look elsewhere to satisfy these cravings. Old-fashioned adultery is becoming more commonplace as times are changing, and according to The University of Utah, 20 % of married couples over the age of 55 admit to infidelity.

Unless you have an open relationship where you deem such things acceptable, you must fix these issues causing a lackluster love life.

8. “You’re Being Ridiculous.”

When a man tells you you’re being ridiculous, he does not understand your point of view. In a relationship, it’s essential to see your partner’s perspective. While you may disagree, you should at least validate the other person’s feelings.

You may be over-analyzing something and are being ridiculous. If this statement isn’t said in malice, it’s okay for your partner to bring you back to reality. Having a partner who can tell you when you’re about to go off the deep end is a good thing. Ensure he’s not using this to demean you or how you feel.

9. “I’m Worried About You.”

When you’re in a committed relationship where you spend lots of time together, it’s only natural for you to see each other at your best and worst. You must listen if your man tells you he’s concerned for you. He’s likely seeing things that worry him with his mental or physical health.

He’s giving you an open invitation to talk about what’s wrong or urging you to get help. Typically, when they make such a comment, it’s something you already know. However, if you feel fine and everything is going well, you must beware that he might be trying to gaslight you.

10. “I Am Sorry, Forgive Me.”

There are no perfect relationships, but it’s humble when your partner can admit they’re wrong. Many people won’t realize they’ve done anything inappropriate, even if you show them proof. The fact that he tells you that he’s made a mistake and needs you to forgive him means volumes.

Of course, it depends on the grievance of the offense and whether you’re willing to forgive him, but at least he’s humbling himself and showing his vulnerability to you.


Final Thoughts on Important Phrases Men Use in Relationships

When you’re in love with someone, it’s only natural that you want to see the best in them. How many times have you let red flags wave in front of your face only to ignore them? Love has an innate ability to make you turn off your logic and forget things that you shouldn’t let slide.

You want to focus on all the good parts but can’t just glaze over all the bad stuff. When your man uses statements that are verbal red flags, you need to listen and respond. Don’t let him get by telling you things like “I hate you.”

Sure, he has a point of view just like everyone else, but it’s never an excuse to be verbally abusive or to use toxic techniques to get you under control. Relationships take work, and communication is imperative.