If you share with others that you are in a long distance relationship they usually think it won’t last. Your friends and family may tell you not to take it too seriously just in case you get your heart broken. There are others who report happy lives in a long distance relationship so all is not lost.

Having a long distance relationship is not easy. The extra distance makes holding hands impossible. You can’t steal bites of each other’s food while eating dinner together. Taking a walk together is now off of the agenda. Feeling each other’s touch is also now a part of your memories and thoughts. If you can get through some of these tough times, then you will be half way through making the relationship last. Some things are not within reach if you two are long distances from each other. Below we have summarized ways you can make your long distance relationship work.

Keep your long distance relationship strong by applying our ten tips:

1. Avoid overly communicating.

No need to continuously be in connection. This can scream that you are possessive or too clingy. No need to communicate twelve hours per day and trying to compensate for the distance by doing more. It will not make the distance close up. At some point you will get tired of “loving” on each other. Instead, remember that less is more. Do not exhaust your communication line.

Being overly available will also mean that you do not truly have a life that you are living. If you are busy with your activities and hobbies, then filling the time with something else won’t be such a challenge. Avoiding communicating too much will not be a problem if you are busy. Work, time with friends, and your personal developments and hobbies should fill a few hours per day.

2. This is an opportunity.

This is a learning journey where you also get to explore more about yourself. How are you when you are alone? What do you do with your time? The distance is not pulling your apart, but rather making you two even stronger. You will have more to report and talk about if you focus on yourself and do more activities.

As said in the number one tip, you should have things that you are personally focusing on. What are those things? Have you set your personal goals? Do you have other things that you could be pursuing?

3. Set rules so no surprises.

Be clear on what you expect from each other. Setting actual rules will help in knowing what to expect and then there are no surprises. If you two are exclusive, then that gives you a different approach to boundaries with others. Is it okay for the other person to go out on dates? If so, then that needs to be said and established. Being open now will mean no surprises later.

4. Communicate creatively and regularly.

Greeting each other each morning and each night is a must on the list. Start the day with each other and end the day with each other. Otherwise, skip the mundane things such as how you are eating an apple at your desk or that you are washing the dishes. Update on your life in more creative ways. Send pictures with no words. Send short videos and create your own giphs. Put in the effort to present your day or your activities creatively.

There are already filters and plenty of apps on making your video and pictures come to life and tell a story. Being creative is easy when you have such a wide variety of digital things at your disposal. Via social media you can also make some posts just for the audience you create it for. Think creatively.

5. Talk flirty and dirty with each other.

Sex is important. Desires will get heated so keep it interesting and full of spice by talking dirty and being flirty. Sex is a biological part of living, but it is also an emotional connection. Tease each other with texts and provocative lines to keep each other’s attention.

You may want to use some technology to compile a video of his favorite lingerie or favorite outfits on you. If she really likes you in a certain football jersey, then send her those photos. Bonus if you send her the photos of you flexing in the gym and not to your social media friends.

You will want to let off some sexual steam while in a long distance relationship. This is the moment to do just that with your words or via video. Imagine that this is the time to build up for when you two are finally in each other’s arms. You will think back on the time she told you that special something that got you a bit excited and looking forward to seeing her soon.

7. Do activities together.

You two could play an game together, but online. These games are fun and can be a continuous way to keep in touch. Show your competitive side in a word game. There are also mystery games where you must find the clues on the screen to proceed to the next level. There are plenty of apps and online games to keep you two busy together. This can be a quick game or a continuous one that you do for a few weeks. You could also watch videos and movies online via YouTube, Vimeo, or Netflix. You could also take walks together by using a video calling app.

8. Visit each other.

The highlight to the long distance relationship is going to visit each other. You have been yearning and waiting for each other and finally you get to see other in person. Take advantage of the moment and do lots of kissing, holding hands, and hugging. Your body will feel like there is a fireworks display going off from the touch of your romantic interest. Once you have loved on each other you will have plenty of thoughts to keep you company and smile about. This is not the time to be shy and the time is now to show the physical affection you have been craving.

long distance relationship

Remember the naughty flirty that happened on the phone or the video that was sent? This is the time to further explore more of those things.

9. Mail your gifts, not email.

If you only receive bills in the mail, then this will feel even more special. Email is always the way to go when people think of mailing anything. The slower mail, snail mail, takes longer, but it is worth the surprise element. Your long distance love will appreciate the effort and won’t be expecting it. Using this method from time to time is something special. Send each other handwritten love letters and postcards. It will be a delightful surprise to open the box and see something special to, or from, you. You can also send flowers for birthdays and special holidays. Flowers are easy due to the universal ordering systems with flowers for all occasions. Think of a gift that makes your long distance relationship worthwhile – the thoughtfulness should factor in.

10. Stay positive.

Surround yourself with positive energy and keep negativity away. Waiting is painful and you may feel lonely, so no need to add anything more to those facts. Inject some positivity in your personal life and then share this with your long distance romance. They too will smile. Being positive is infectious. Keep the focus on your love for each other and your upcoming time together in person. Start focusing on your own day to day activities or get a hobby that can keep your mind preoccupied.

A good trick to staying positive is to remember to be grateful. Thinking over the things that you are grateful for will help to jog your mind in to a more positive mindset. At the top of the list is the fact that you have someone to love. Add the fact that you are loved and that makes two items on your gratitude list. Think on the small things such as the gift you sent or received that came in the mail. Now your list is growing. The little things will start to add up. Add to the list that you both are healthy and safe too. More grateful thoughts!

You are on a great path that not many people can handle. You and your partner are quite special. You will find yourselves looking back on the lonelier times and laughing because you made it. In the moment it may seem worse than what it truly is. Think back on why you are in the relationship and always be open and honest with yourself and your partner.

You will need a lot of outlets and hobbies in order to tackle the list above. This is the perfect time for you to focus on developing a craft or an interest in something new. You will need to be around people who can understand the pressures you are going through too.

This is an incredible journey. It will bring you joy, smiles, and maybe even some tears. Remember the better part of your partner and of yourself. Be kind to yourself and you will be able to fully apply all ten of our tips above.