We have all known someone who seems to have been born lucky. Everything they tackle seems to only either lead to success or opens doors to more opportunities. It is likely you have felt jealous seeing their apparent luck at work and considered it unfair! Thankfully, this luck can actually be harnessed to your own benefit. Read our list of some positive habits of lucky people you should be adopting for yourself!

Here Are 7 Habits of Lucky People

“The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.” – Barbara Sher

1. Being proactive

You would find that the luckiest people also happen to be the most proactive. What we mean by this is that apparently lucky people are actually constantly going around knocking on doors. After all, that fulfilling career you have always dreamed of realistically isn’t going to just fall into your lap! In other words, in order to create your own luck, go out and find it! Take extra classes if they will help you better your skills. Go out and talk to people. Become active in the charting of your own future, and luck will find you.

2. Talk to people

Socializing can be incredibly difficult for many of us, even a source of anxiety. You will notice, however, that lucky people seem to be like social butterflies. Even if they are not highly social, you will find that they normally have impressive social circles and seem to be at least acquainted with just about everyone. This is actually one of their many secrets to their apparent luck!

Most of the time, what we consider luck is really just opportunities landing at our feet. Some examples you can think of might include getting that job you want, or finally finding the partner you have dreamed of. You might assume that this is based on luck, but that really isn’t the case. Rather, it is reliant on you knowing the right person!

Of course, in order to find the people that will give you those opportunities, you have to go out and get your name out there first. Luck can’t come your way if the people who would offer it to you don’t know who you are! So, get out there and try to have a bit of fun in social circles.

3. Seize opportunities

At a glance, lucky people the same age as you appear to have experienced so much more of the world than you have. In actuality, lucky people have been given about the same number of options as you have had. The difference, however, is in how they grab every offer that comes their way, even if it isn’t quite what they had planned in mind.

To follow their example, your mindset needs to become flexible in order to take advantage of everything that comes your way. You also want to seize any offers or opportunities given. The lack of money and time in addition to the burden of social responsibilities may be legitimate excuses, but in the end, they are still excuses. The key is to try your best anyway. There is always something to gain; you just have to reach for it first.

4. Encourage positive thinking

When looking at the lucky people around you, you might presume that the reason they are so positive is because of their success. Rather, studies have proven that this is the other way around! Researcher Shawn Achor notes in his research that positive thinking begets the success so desperately desired, instead of success bringing about happiness as is normally thought. With positive thinking, you are able to see the good that comes from any situation, and glean the opportunities that it offers!

5. Stay optimistic

Here is the interesting thing about lucky people – they expect to be lucky. This optimism doesn’t mean that they lie back and wait for good things to come. Rather they let their optimism pull them through what is otherwise a string of apparent failures. They look forward to the future. Their optimism in their future isn’t baseless either, as studies have proven that there is a strong correlation between optimism and resilience.

That resilience will prove necessary because you will need to be able to bounce back from the many rejections and failures you will first endure. People don’t talk about it and prefer to focus on the final results, but you need to try several times before you get that breakthrough you were looking for.

6. Get creative

Every time we hear news about how people manage to survive an experience that should have otherwise killed them, we think that they were incredibly lucky. In fact, they had to create an opening for luck by getting resourceful. Lost in the wilderness and have no camping equipment? Get creative and figure out how to fashion a shelter from things around you. Then only do you have room for luck to come in and help.

lucky people

While we won’t really have to experience such dire circumstances in our day-to-day lives, the concept still applies. Get creative. Think out of the box. Look at your situation from different perspectives in order to find loopholes. What seems to be luck is really just people tackling a problem from an unexpected angle!

7. Trust your gut

You may have noticed that on top of everything else, lucky people are incredibly instinctual. When they lack the information they need to make an informed decision, they tend to go by gut instinct. There actually is a reason for this. Research has shown that mind-body relations and the information extracted from this relationship are far more complex than they initially appear. We also learn in many different ways that aren’t readily apparent, which means we have a hefty catalog of information to back up any decisions we make. So, when in doubt, trust what your body has learned throughout its lifetime and follow your gut!

Final thoughts

Lucky people may initially seem to be just that – lucky. However, these people don’t rely on chance interfering with their lives. Rather, they knock on doors and seek out their fortune. This means that when chance grants them the opportunity they were looking for, they are already ready to take advantage of it. Follow in their footsteps, and you will also find yourself becoming one of those lucky people!