The undefeated Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, was one of the most well-known warriors in the world. He did things differently than others, helping him rise to the top and stand out. However, Musashi’s life lessons aren’t only beneficial to him because everyone can learn from his wisdom.

Musashi was a unique warrior because he used two swords simultaneously to win over 60 duels. For many years, his life lessons were followed religiously by people everywhere. As his wise words become more popular, more people are beginning to utilize them in their own life.

The warrior is viewed as a symbol of creativity, mental fortitude, honesty, and respect. They’re also known for carrying swords everywhere they go and using that as their weapon of choice. Their principles are intriguing and, while you don’t have to use a sword, you can learn a few things.

Twenty Life Lessons from an Undefeated Samurai Warrior

These warriors are commonly thought of as fighters because of the duels and sword use, but there is much more. The warriors stressed staying calm as their key to success and optimal performance. If you want to utilize some of their life lessons, this wisdom from Musashi can help you get started.

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1. Accept Life for What It Is Right Now

If you want to be strong, you must accept all of the hardships in life. Things won’t always work out the way you want them to, but you must get it and learn to work with what you have. When you can accept life as it is, you’ll overcome your doubts, fears, and challenges.

You can’t always force things to work out the way you’d hoped, and this is an important life lesson to understand. Learn to recognize that everything happens for the greater good, and you’ll develop a positive mindset.

2. Don’t Do Things Only for Pleasure

Live in the present without going out of your way to chase pleasure. Instead, appreciate enjoyment when it comes naturally to you. Not seeking pleasure requires self-discipline so that you only pursue meaningful things.

Musashi lived this way because happiness and pleasure are fleeting, whereas finding meaning, growth, and mastery are long-lasting. He also believed that seeking fun would distract him from the essential parts of his life.

3. Be Decisive and Avoid Acting on an Impulsive Emotion

Musashi believed that you should know what you want. Acting on an impulsive emotion shows that you didn’t think your decision through before making it. When you’ve already decided on something in your mind, don’t let your emotions sway that choice at the last minute.

Being decisive and avoiding emotional decisions are what allowed Musashi to go undefeated. Once he made up his mind, he didn’t waste any time before acting on it, and he didn’t waver.

4. Don’t Focus on Yourself Too Much

If you self-obsess, you miss out on the meaningful parts of life. Remember that you are small in comparison to the universe, so there is much more to focus on around you. If you ever think that you are the center of the universe, this is a life lesson to remember.

When you don’t self-obsess, you’ll begin to grasp the unpredictable reality of life. It helps you use better judgment, become more adaptable, experience growth, and develop a positive mindset.

5. Don’t Let Jealousy Affect Your Life

Jealously can destroy you because it is an intense form of hatred. Jealousy is toxic and interferes with your chance to experience joy. Focus on being grateful for what you have, and jealousy won’t affect you as much.

If you ever compare yourself or your life to other people, it’s a sign of jealousy. Avoid these comparisons because they’re unfair and offer little benefit to your life.

6. Don’t Desire Things You Don’t Have

You shouldn’t want more than what you already have. Instead, wait for other things to come to you while you appreciate what you have right now. Desire can motivate you to take action, but it’s usually guiding you in the wrong direction.

While you can’t always eliminate desires, you can practice detachment. When you decouple from your desires, you can focus on the essential things in life.

7. Don’t Regret Anything

You can’t change the past, so learn to accept it for what it is. Regret won’t fix anything, and it takes you away from the present. Remember that everything in life happens for a specific purpose, even if you can’t see it yet.

When the time is right, you’ll understand why things happened like they did. Don’t waste time and energy on regret because understanding will occur. While mistakes hurt, you must break free from shame and learn from your mistakes instead.

8. Don’t Be Saddened by a Separation

Losing someone you love is hard, but long-term sorrow prevents you from moving forward. You won’t feel better if you remain stuck in a state of sadness, and it won’t change what happened. Whether the separation is from death or something else, you must look ahead and accept the situation.

Grief is normal, but acceptance and understanding are also essential. Everything in your life is temporary, and acknowledging this helps you prioritize and appreciate things more fully.

9. Don’t Complain or Hold Grudges

Everyone complains sometimes, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. It damages your mental health and forces you to carry your problems everywhere. When you resist complaining, you can leave your issues behind and avoid the trap.

Holding grudges can affect you the same way complaining does. It affects you more than the person you’re angry with, and it hinders your ability to move forward. Letting things go rather than complaining or holding grudges helps free you from unnecessary attachment to negativity. This knowledge will prove to be one of the most challenging life lessons you’ll learn.

10. Don’t Allow Lust to Take Over Your Life

While humans are erotic by nature, you shouldn’t allow lust to control your life. Many people let this happen to their life, and it causes distraction and destruction. Instead, focus on love and healthy relationships to get the most out of life.

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11. Don’t Have Any Preferences

By not having preferences, it allows you to keep your options open. Avoid becoming narrow-minded so that you can accept any action as you move forward. You never know how things will work out, and avoiding preferences will prevent disappointment and resistance.

12. Do Things Differently Than the Rest of Society

People tend to be a slave to society, following one another and doing all the same things. Society makes you think you need material possessions and must do something a specific way.

However, Musashi emphasized the importance of not following society. Do things your way, and focus on building your character rather than going along with everyone else.

13. Don’t Indulge in Gluttony

When you eat, think of the food as fuel for your body. Thinking of food this way prevents overindulgence and gluttony.

You don’t have to overdo it to receive adequate nutrition. Please don’t abuse the pleasure of food because Musashi understood and made it a life lesson that food is a tool to obtain good health.

14. Take on a Minimalist Lifestyle

You don’t need lots of material possessions to be happy in life. Get rid of things you don’t need in life to focus on simple living. Avoid becoming attached to frivolous items, and you will obtain clarity and be present.

15. Learn to Form Your Own Opinions

Musashi didn’t believe everything he heard, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t follow the crowd, and be sure to follow your ideas and opinions. Your opinions might not be favorable or supported by others, but stick to your path anyway.

16. Be Respectful but Don’t Rely on the Guidance of Others

Musashi respected the gods but didn’t rely only on their guidance. He knew that he must save himself and follow his path rather than wait for answers from the gods. Likewise, he showed respect to everyone around him too.

When you’re respectful to others, it brings order and harmony to your life. However, you sometimes have to turn down their opinions. While they might mean well, their guidance can’t lead you down the path intended for you. That could be one of the most challenging life lessons to accept.

17. Don’t Fear Death

If you are afraid of death, you can’t fully live your life. You’ll fear the outcome of risky actions, preventing yourself from living in the present. When you aren’t afraid of death, it helps create a sense of urgency, presence, and ambition.

18. Avoid Using Weapons Unless Necessary

While Musashi was famous for using two swords in many duels, he didn’t do so without reason. Unless your life is on the line, you should never use weapons. Additionally, he believes that the weapon owner must learn to master the tool.

19. Eliminate Distractions and Live in the Moment

Musashi eliminated distractions whenever possible, and you can follow his life lessons and do the same. Get rid of any possessions you don’t need so that you can live in the present each day. When you live a minimalist lifestyle, you can eliminate distractions and focus on the essential aspects of your life.

20. Live with Integrity and Honor

You must follow your beliefs and do what you think is morally correct. Living with integrity means you’ll never have to wonder if you did the right thing. Musashi knew that living with integrity ensures honor and respect, as well.

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Final Thoughts on Life Lessons from an Undefeated Samurai Warrior

While you won’t enter dozens of duels and use swords to win, you can still learn from the life lessons of an undefeated warrior. Musashi offered these life principles to help others find strength and success in life.

By following Musashi’s guidance, you can improve certain aspects of your life. Living by these guidelines can help you find strength, live in the present, and remain honorable and humble.