Occasionally, you have a deep connection with someone that alters the course of your life because it’s so powerful. Some people call this person their soul mate, but it’s a passionate yet turbulent relationship that goes beyond the realm of understanding. It’s a karmic connection that few can grasp, but fate sent them into your life for a purpose.

You get so caught up in the way you feel that you forget that things with this person aren’t what you imagine from the fairytales. You can’t think of letting them go, but they’re not here long term, only long enough to teach you valuable lessons.

Understanding the Concept of a Karmic Connection

Everyone wants to find their soulmate or the one person meant for only them. However, many individuals find that they have a different experience that feels the same, but it’s called a karmic connection, and it’s vastly different. These are relations where you love one another but drive each other crazy.

The key is understanding what this connection means and realizing that this person can help or test you in your journey. The difference between having a karmic association versus finding what many call a “soulmate” is that the bond is different. This person is meant to be in your life, but not to nurture and care for you until your golden years.

While they make you feel butterflies and see stars, they also drive you to the point of rage at times. These connections serve a purpose, but it’s not the stuff dreams are made of. It isn’t evident when your feelings are involved as you want these associations to work so much, but it’s not healthy or what you need to be your best self.

For those who have been in and out of meaningful relations but never had anything substantial, you may be relieved to find that all was not lost. Many people come into your life to test you or help you grow into a better person.

You may not want this association to end, but some folks come into your life as nothing more than a learning experience. When this person crosses your path by way of the Universe, the lesson and connections will be epic. Most people find that these relations are profound almost on a spiritual level, even if they only last briefly.

You might consider this connection like that of riding an airplane. Things are smooth sailing for a bit, but turbulence hits, and you think the whole thing will crash. Then, suddenly it all seems to clear, and you’re back to sunny skies.

This constant back-and-forth cycle will drive you to the brink of exhaustion, but you’ll learn. It takes a powerful person to break free, but all is not lost. The things you discover will help you in the next relationship.

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15 Signs of a Karmic Connection

Remember that a karmic connection is deep and intense, but it’s not always the best connection for you. You feel this strong urge to be together, but there are many obstacles along the way.

They’re not the person to be with you throughout eternity, but they do teach you some good and bad lessons along the way. Here are fifteen signs that you’re in a karmic connection.

1. You Have an Instant Bond

From the beginning, the connection between you two was passionate and quick. You felt an instant draw, and you couldn’t tear yourself away from them. You think they’re your soulmate, but you still have doubts, too, because of how rocky the road is between you two.

2. The Association Feels Addicting if its a Karmic Connection

You want them more than your next breath. If you don’t have them in your life, you won’t make it. You feel addicted to them like a drug, and you can’t get enough.

3. You Develop a Codependency

One of the signs of karma in a connection is that you develop codependency. Your life is dependent on your partner, and you can’t do anything without them. You’ve lost your sense of individuality, and your association is unbalanced.

4. A Whirlwind of Highs and Lows

There are so many highs and lows with this person that you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. One minute you’re joyful and laughing, and the next, you’ve broken up for the third time this week. It’s exhausting keeping up with you two.

5. Feelings of Jealousy and Possessiveness

All the uncertainty and trouble in the association bring out your worst. Both of you may feel jealous and possessive due to the turbulence in the connection. According to a study done by Penn State University, many people develop these jealousy issues when they feel they will lose someone.

The article further states that a little bit of jealousy is not always a bad thing, but it can quickly get out of hand. You can bring baggage from a past partner with a loss, which only contributes to these feelings of distrust.

6. Karmic Connections Might Bring Out the Worst in You

When karma is involved, the association may be quite different. While your soul mate will enhance and complete you, the karmic connection does the exact opposite. It’s not uncommon to find yourself becoming an entirely different person when you’re with this individual.

7. Volatile and Unpredictable

The situation is very volatile and completely unpredictable. Even a little argument about what kind of jelly to put on toast can turn into a reason to end things. It seems like the smallest of infractions start an inferno of emotion and rage.

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8. Same Fights Repeatedly

Sometimes it feels like the same story but on a different day. The arguments have become repetitive as well as the behaviors. It’s just mentally grueling, and the situation has become a toxic union.

9. Karmic Connections Can Be Completely Exhausting

When you live in a constant state of upheaval, you’re constantly arguing, and the passion only lasts for a tiny bit. The whole situation is overwhelming. You can’t imagine one day without them, but the days are long and tiring.

10. Lots of Drama and Sentiments

You never know what’s going to hit you today, and you’re always waiting for the next shoe to drop. The constant drama seems to wipe you out, as well as the emotions they bring along with it. You wish you could get off the merry-go-round of emotional drama, but then again, you don’t think you can live without them.

11. You Ignore the Red Flags

There have been so many red flags in this association, but you ignore everyone. Even if someone came to you and told you something horrible, they did; you would get angry but never leave. You feel like going without them would take the very breath from your body.

12. Underlying Fear

Though you hate to admit it, you’re scared. You live every day wondering if this will be the day that things end. To lose them feels like losing a limb, and you don’t know if you can go on.

13. Inclined Towards Unhealthy Addictions

Sadly, many of these connections have addictive tendencies. They may cause you to drink, smoke, or do drugs. Being with this person makes you inclined to take a walk on the wild side.

Having physical relations with them is just as addicting as lust is another drug you crave. The problem is that after you’ve sufficed all the addictions to cope with the pain, there are still some abusive natures to this connection that you cannot deny.

14. Controlling

The fear of losing one another makes for a controlling situation. You both likely feel these intense sentiments of lust, emotional turmoil, and the all-around war on some days.

Your addiction to each other is hard to break. What do you do when you’re afraid you’re going to lose someone? You control them so that you can attempt to keep them.

15. Karmic Connections Might Not Respect Boundaries

According to Psycho Logs, you need healthy boundaries with your partner because it helps to facilitate mutual understanding. Everyone has limits, and they don’t want to be pushed far beyond these guidelines. However, you’ve found that your association has no boundaries, and you two know how to make buttons just to upset the other one.

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Final Thoughts on Karmic Connections

Karmic connections challenge you. However, this person provides you with an opportunity to step into a more robust phase in life. They’re helping you become a better you.

You will experience a rollercoaster of emotions, and some baggage may come from this connection. Still, you’re a better person for the journey. The good news is that you can heal from this, and through this person, you will learn what’s healthy and unhealthy in a partner.

One of the best things about these connections is that they teach you all about self-love. It shows you that there’s significant importance in taking care of yourself. They also teach you how important it is to have mental peace, a good sense of self-worth, and take care of your psychological and physical health.

Due to the deep connection, you will likely mistake this bond for a soulmate, but few of these karmic relations last. While you may feel like you can never let that person go, you should know that you can!