Are you tired of negative energy-zapping your physical, mental, and spiritual strength? Wouldn’t you love to see more positivity in your relationships and situations? Maybe it’s as easy as doing a karmic cleansing for your life.

This once-obscure Eastern philosophical concept has become widely recognized in the West over the past decades. It appears in ancient texts and refers to your actions. While fate is usually associated with events over which you have no choice, karmic energy results from choices you make in this life.

Karmic energy is an essential concept in ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Although both religions may agree on the principle of natural consequences for your actions, they differ in how it operates. These Eastern religious branches focus on reincarnation and how karmic energy affects it.

For example, the purer your intentions and actions are in this life, the higher you’ll evolve into your next life. Or some adherents may believe that intense karmic energy may result in fewer incarnations. Think of it as depositing cash into your eternal bank account for karmic debt.

Five Steps to a Deep Karmic Cleansing

Most proponents of reincarnation and karmic consequences may agree that you can change your fate by changing your actions. If you have engaged in past behavior that wronged someone, then it’s time to reset your karma. While nobody can change past words and deeds, you can decide to take a higher moral ground from this moment forward. Here are five helpful ways to start your karmic cleansing today.

karmic cleansing

1. Activate the Gift of Forgiveness to Start Your Karmic Cleansing

One of the best tools for karmic cleansing is forgiveness. However, all the misconceptions surrounding this virtue often block people from using it. Learning how to forgive and being forgiven can make a profound difference in your life.

The first mistaken belief about forgiveness is that you’re excusing the offender. Forgiving someone is not letting them off the hook for how they’ve hurt you. Instead, you are acknowledging the transgression and leaving it in the past.

Whoever coined the phrase “forgive and forget” was only partially correct. As a human, you can forgive, but you can’t easily forget. While you can’t erase painful memories, your choice to forgive allows you to move forward and heal.

Letting Go of Grudges

According to an article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, science seems to back up the benefits of forgiveness. Getting rid of the bitterness in your life may lead to lower blood pressure, less stress, and reduced anxiety. Forgiveness can help improve your general well-being, as stated in the article.

Offering forgiveness is more than just words. Instead, it’s an active decision to begin karmic cleansing and get past the pain. It’s a generous gift that you give the offender whether they deserve it or not. Also, just because you forgive someone who hurt or was traumatized doesn’t mean they are welcomed back into your life.

Making Amends

You can also negate your spiritual debt when you sincerely ask others for forgiveness. It’s a crucial point in most recovery and twelve-step programs to seek forgiveness from those you’ve hurt and try to make amends. It goes way beyond just saying that you’re sorry.

Forgiveness and repentance involve a sincere apology, making possible amends, and striving not to repeat the offense. Also, learn how to forgive yourself and be self-compassionate. When you make forgiveness part of your life, you increase your empathy and discard unrealistic expectations.

2. Discover Beauty Each Day

Karmic cleansing helps you live in the moment and discover beauty and purpose in even the simplest things. You’ll be amazed when you begin to notice colors, textures, and patterns that have always been there. Mindfully living allows you to slow down and enjoy each step of your life’s journey.

You can practice finding beauty and joy in all your daily routines. As you awaken each morning, take a few deep breaths and gratefully notice the colors and sounds of your bedroom. During your meals, savor each bite and the flavorful nuances.

When you spend time outdoors, take in the vivid colors of the landscape and all the beauty that Mother Nature provides. Even when completing a mundane task at home or work, appreciate each step in a job well done. Surround yourself with lovely colors, pictures, and objects that make you smile.

As you put this principle into practice, it helps you realize the true beauty of others, inside and outside. You’ll no longer accept the simple definition set by Hollywood and other social outlets. Most importantly, you’ll begin to accept yourself as the lovely, kind, and worthy person you are.

3. Experience Gratitude Throughout Your Karmic Cleansing

Sometimes, people get so enamored in problems that they neglect to count their blessings, resulting in negative karmic energy. For an optimal karmic cleanse, consider making gratitude an essential part of your life. Not only will you feel more contentment, but it will also boost your positive energy.

Why is it easier to focus on a single harmful component when so many more positive ones surround you? It’s a psychological phenomenon called negativity bias, says an article published by the National Academy of Sciences. This is a natural bias for people to react to negative information more strongly than positive data.

Allowing negativity bias to go unchecked can create a pessimistic attitude that taints your life. Expressing gratitude is a strong defense against chronic negativity and helps improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Although being grateful costs you nothing, it’s more valuable than anything in the world.

If you don’t already, make it a habit of saying a sincere thank-you to others, whether it be a friend or the kind clerk at the bank. Say it with a smile and notice the benefits of others’ words and deeds. When someone thanks you, return the gratitude with a warm “you’re welcome.”

Many people find it helpful to keep a gratitude list. You can make it part of your journaling practice. Nothing is so insignificant that you can’t express gratitude for how it benefits you.

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4. Practice Kindness in Word and Deeds

The concept of your words and deeds coming back around to you is universal across cultures, religions, and traditions. Whatever good deeds you do in this life will be rewarded in the afterlife, be it a place of heavenly paradise or a more incredible reincarnation. Conversely, negative words and deeds bring harmful karmic consequences.

In simpler words, you’ll reap what you sow. You can’t plant a row of onions in your gardens and expect a row of tomatoes to grow. Likewise, you can’t expect positive results when you make negative affirmations into the Universe.

Do it from your heart when you say or do something kind for someone. Don’t attach any strings or expect any glory in return. Whether the person is deserving or not, you have the opportunity to offer unrestricted kindness.

Perhaps you’ve heard of practicing random acts of kindness. An article published by Good Therapy states that author Anne Herbert coined this phrase in 1983. Herbert encouraged people to do kind deeds for others just out of the kindness of their hearts.

It even includes doing something kind for a total stranger. For example, you may pay for someone’s order, which is behind you in a drive-through. As you show kindness to others, it creates positive karmic results that come back to you.

5. Disconnect with Toxic People and Situations to Complete the Karmic Cleansing Process

According to the law of attraction principles, you attract whatever you put forth into the Universe. The Universe agrees that if you speak life, blessings, and other positive affirmations, you attract the same. However, if you speak curses and negative affirmations, the impartial Universe must send you adverse outcomes.

An effective karmic cleansing depends on boosting your positive energy while minimizing hostile powers. This is a mental and spiritual task, including external influences. If toxic people and situations surround you, it can give you a negative attitude and all the consequences it attracts.

Let’s face it, nobody lives in a perfect world, and you’ll always have some distractors, cruel people, and situations that are hurtful. Even if you can’t change these, you have the power of whether to allow them to control your life. You needn’t stay in a one-sided toxic relationship that offers you nothing but pain, bitterness, and disappointment.

Disconnecting from this negativity frees you to build more positive karmic energy. Refuse to allow manipulative and toxic people to control your life anymore.

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Final Thoughts on Performing a Deep Karmic Cleansing

The good news is that you needn’t adhere to reincarnation or any other religious traditions to benefit from boosting your karmic energy. Whether or not you believe in a hereafter, being kind and responsible brings a lifetime of blessings.

Imagine how much more beautiful the world would be if everyone made their focus to be kind, have gratitude, and live each minute to the best of their ability. It would change everything! Good karma never goes without being noticed.