5 Ways to Build Good Karma (and Erase Karmic Debt)

5 Ways to Build Good Karma (and Erase Karmic Debt)

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If you want to receive all the abundance you can from the Universe, you need to have good Karma. Once you wipe out your Karmic Debt, you will begin to experience the power of these blessings. And then, your entire life can change for the better.

You’ll grow spiritually as well as gain the confidence to makes strides forward in your personal relationships, career, and finances. It’s one of the most unforgettable experiences anyone can ever encounter.  The experience is transformative.

But for now, you might be wondering…

“What is Karma, precisely, and how the heck do I get in on that action?”

Today, we’ll share a brief overview of the Karmic principles and how you can improve your Karma to make your life even better.

What is Karma?

Karma dates back to ancient texts of Buddhism and Hinduism. The concept states that your actions create energies–negative or positive. And, those energies will come home to roost, eventually. It’s a series of cause-and-effect patterns that you experience throughout this life. Moreover, it carries forward with you as you exit this body and start your next journey.

In short, if you do wrong or negative things, you create bad karma or karmic debt. Here’s an everyday example. You are short-tempered with your spouse and children, day in and day out. That creates a negative atmosphere in the household. Over time, that energy comes back to you and begins to erode your relationships and your happiness with your own family.

On the other hand, if you do kind things for people, you’ll receive positive energy in return. So, let’s use our previous example. Imagine you manage relationships in your life with kindness, supportive words, and patience. You’ll receive back positive energy that strengthens your familial bonds and create a happier home.

Karmic Debt

When your negative energy outweighs your positive energies, you begin to accrue Karmic Debt. These are wrongs that you must correct to reverse the bad karma that you create.

Make no mistake. We are all perfectly imperfect human beings. Everyone messes up at one point or another in life and creates karmic debt. However, you can wipe that debt clean. But to do so, you must own up to the error of your ways and begin creating positive energy to outweigh the poor energy of those transgressions.

Here are five ways to build good karma (so you can wipe out the karmic debt)

1. Focus on the positive

When you remember doing good for the world creates beneficial blessings, it becomes simple to see the reason to focus on the positive.  At all times, in all ways, you’re either creating positive or negative energy.  This energy contributes to the collective vibration of the Earth, and ultimately the fate of humankind.  The more you continue to focus on positive and loving thoughts, words, and actions, the better chance we all have to make it on this beautiful little space marble.

Choose to think, speak, and do positive as soon as you wake up. Then, be sure to keep your power of positivity going strong throughout the day and into the next! It becomes contagious, and you’ll enjoy seeing the smiles you’re putting on the faces of everyone you encounter.

2. Help someone in need (goes far towards erasing Karmic Debt)

Honor someone in need by filling a request for compassion. Everyone wants it, and no one wants to be without it.  There have been times in our life, and also probably times in yours, where you wished someone would give you a call, a kind word, or even a hug when you needed it most.

A generous spirit fills gaps and fixes cracks where pieces of our hearts have been torn away.  Much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, sharing this dash of positivity when someone needs it the most makes the spirit stronger and more appreciated than before.

If you feel you can help someone reach a goal, support their passion, or shine some light in their direction when they need it most, don’t hesitate to do so.

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3. Broaden your perspective

So much negative energy is created in the world today only because of a narrow view. How can we know where to direct our loving energy if we’re walking through life with blinders on?

As the female artist group, En Vogue once stated, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”  Turning a blind eye to another person due to their color, race, religion, spiritual views, or innocent private habits only creates a void in their hearts and yours.

There is an equal chance for loving energy to fill the void. So give it a chance it deserves by broadening your perspective of the world around you. Through a broader perspective, you’re creating a ripple effect of positive, loving energy that can have exponential results.

Decide to learn about someone’s culture.  Show compassion and kindness for their lot in life.  Ask about their history, their family, or what makes them most proud.  Through understanding each other more, we can create world peace, true freedom, and benefit from many other windfalls of an expanded perspective.

4. Get in touch with nature

Nature is a sanctuary of its very own, overflowing with good karmic energy.  When you get out into the great outdoors, you connect with the ever-loving positive energy that radiates from the earth.  Stop and take a moment to lay down and feel the warmth of the ground. Listen to the sound of the wind whispering through your surroundings.

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