“I am sure of nothing so little as my own intentions.” ~ George Byron

Do you have good instincts? Are you a good judge of character?

Can you tell if someone is genuinely sincere versus doing or saying anything at that time to appease you?

Wherever there is human interaction, arguments don’t seem to be that far away. There are situations which cause one to be mad, angry and upset with the other person. And, that all stems from whatever was said or done directly or indirectly to them. It matters not if it’s from your family members, friends, co-workers or complete strangers. I am sure that this is something that everyone can relate to.

When we feel like we are the victims in such a situation inflicted by another person, we feel justified for feeling the way we want to. However, in the midst of the heated discussions or lack of communication for that matter, we often lose sight of one important key factor. And that is the actual underlying intent of the person upsetting us.

We Don’t Learn Intentions in School


It’s funny because I don’t remember having a class in school to learn about such things. Yet we can be faced in situations that cause us to get upset and angry on a daily basis. I wonder why this subject is not mandatory. I know a lot of people’s blood pressure would be in a better state today if they had assistance on dealing with their emotions – I know at times mine would.

If we had a class on this it could help people see where to spend their energy and what is ultimately causing them more harm than good by harboring such feelings of anger, resentment towards someone.

This is not to belittle in no way shape or form any inexplicable actions or words that someone says to you. Intstead, it is more to understand the intent behind why it was said or done. I am sure at times that even though someone said or did something to us where we didn’t like or it caused us to be upset at the time, once we were no longer hot tempered we could begin to understand where they were coming from. Separate their intention and decide for ourselves if we want to believe that they purposely wanted to cause us pain and anger – or was their intent coming from a place of love, a place of purity and not stemmed from any malice?

People’s intentions need to be examined at all times; whether it is your intentions towards someone or vice versa. Not everything is cut and dry and we need to trust ourselves more to follow what feels right and work with others to get passed confrontations that were upsetting to us only if there is something to build on.

“This is the class of life and no matter what you learn; you are ultimately your best teacher.”

It’s a new semester and classes have just begun. It’s now time for you to register for your class. The teacher is someone familiar and you know this person very well because it is YOU. This is the class of life and no matter what you learn; you are ultimately your best teacher. You have the choice to teach yourself what the best for you is.

So, understand and pay attention to the people in your life. If they constantly bring you down and you feel that their intention is not of someone that wishes you well, teach yourself to want better. Because you should expect better. I have often felt that after a bad argument in which nasty words or comments were said, the people saying the hurtful words most often show you their true self. Although they may apologize afterward, don’t completely ignore what they have shown you.

Learn from it and build your character to rise above their actions. Try not to engage in the way they act. Easier said than done, I know. But we need to learn from our mistakes.

Class of life begins now so make sure to be present.