15 Unique Ways People Show Love to Their Partner That Will Melt Your Heart


While some traditional romantics enjoy being wined and dined, there are so many ways to show someone you care about them that don’t involve dinner and fancy chocolates. The Twitter thread created by writer Hattie Gladwell proves that many people find love in simple positive interactions and little moments shared with their significant other. She asked “What’s one thing your partner does that’s not necessarily romantic but makes you love them a bit more?” and people sent in plenty of unusual responses!

Love can be expressed in thousands of ways, so we hope you enjoy these responses from people who found love in unlikely places.

Here are 15 ways people show love to their partner that will melt your heart:

1. When you love someone, you take care of them no matter what it takes.

2. Couples who eat together, stay together.

3. A good partner should have your back no matter what.

4. When positive thinking doesn’t work, a good old-fashioned meme can make any day better.

5. Being called beautiful every day of your life? What could be better than that?

6. Because everyone loves puppies!

7. Guinea pigs and Disney movies can brighten up anyone’s day and offer a great way to show love.

8. When you’re the CEO and still make time to help your partner with their business, that’s love.

9. Who doesn’t love a surprise, especially from their partner?

10. Playing video games with the kids is a surefire way to win over your SO.

11. That IS love.

12. Even if you can’t draw, your partner is sure to light up at your artistic creations.

13. That’s one lucky girl right there.


14. Everyone knows cold feet are the worst, so that is definitely love.

15. And finally, pictures of sausage dogs can melt anyone’s heart.

As you can see, people express feelings in many different ways. Some people prefer a more romantic approach while others connect through humor or simply being there for their partner. Love cannot be put into a box and labeled because there isn’t just one definition of it. Everyone feels it differently, so naturally, people will show it in various ways as well.

Relationships should make you feel loved, safe, and happy, so if your partner makes you feel this way, make sure you show your appreciation! Relationships are hard work, but as you can see in the examples above, the little things matter the most.

Which of these unusual ways to show adoration was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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