Do you mourn in the rain, or do you open your umbrella and dance among the puddles? Life often hurls pain, loss, and other negative situations in your path. Your resilience and how you react can make the difference between overcoming or being defeated. In fact, when you increase positive thinking, you really make the difference between those two outcomes.

Fifteen Mental Hacks to Increase Positive Thinking

While you can’t prevent life’s storms from raging against you, your positive attitude can keep you afloat. It takes time and patience to become an optimist instead of a pessimist. Consider these fifteen habits to increase your positive thinking.

1. Keep a Sense of Humor

One of the best characteristics to have is a keen sense of humor. The Greek philosopher, Epictetus, admired those who could laugh at themselves. He said they’d never run out of things to keep them laughing.

Sometimes, a little levity can ease tensions in a room and offer a different perspective. Laughter is also a balm to your soul and can promote a positive attitude. Try watching a classic comedy or spend time with a hilarious friend who makes you giggle.

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2. Spend Time Outdoors to Increase Positive Thinking

It’s hard to be glum and gloomy outside in the glories of nature. Spending time outdoors can lower your stress levels and boost your mood. The fresh air rejuvenates your lungs, brain, and the rest of your body.

Consider taking time daily to walk through the forest, a park, or any nearby green area. Admire the stately trees, enjoy the colorful foliage, and watch the birds and other woodland creatures. This experience costs you nothing, yet it is more valuable than anything.

3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness

Another way to cultivate positive thinking is to be kind to others in word and deed. You’re expected to do nice things for people in your circle. It’s part of a reciprocal relationship.

However, what about surprising a total stranger with an act of kindness? Perhaps you buy a stranger a cup of coffee or mow a new neighbor’s lawn for a welcome gift. These free and random acts of kindness often return to you and give you an optimistic outlook.

4. Give Your Mind a Break

Even when you’re fast asleep, your brain cannot keep your vital organs alive. Plus, it’s recharging your brain cells and filing information into short or long-term memory. It’s full steam ahead when you’re awake, so no wonder your brain gets tired.

Giving your mind a much-needed break can boost your mood and encourage positivity. When you feel like the walls are closing in and you’re overwhelmed, take a break, and do something relaxing. Although your brain never sleeps, it can revive with a bit of diversion.

5. You Increase Positive Thinking if You Practice Gratitude Everyday

Sincere gratitude benefits you and the people surrounding you. For example, you thank someone who gave you a gift. You’re blessed with talent, and the giver is blessed with your gratitude. A grateful mindset discourages envy and self-centeredness.

Awaken each morning with gratitude for another day of life. Perform each daily task mindfully and gratefully. Remember words of appreciation like “please,” “thank-you,” and “you’re welcome.”

6. Look For the Positive in Bad Situations

Amid a troublesome situation, positive thinking doesn’t come quickly. An article published by the Psychological Bulletin discusses the irony of negativity bias. This common bias is when your brain pays more attention to negative situations, even though positive ones outnumber them.

It’s easy to take negativity bias to heart and wallow in a hostile atmosphere. However, positive thinking helps you find life lessons in your trials and use them as learning curves. You can acknowledge the pain, learn from it, and leave it in the past.

7. Increase Positive Thinking by Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Whether you realize it or not, you absorb the atmosphere of a room, be it positive or negative. Have you ever noticed that you can be in a good mood and spend time with an old grump? By the time you part ways, your mood probably sank into the mire like there was.

A positive thought process thrives around those with the same mindset. According to the law of attraction, surrounding yourself with positive energy attracts more. You also tend to have a greater sense of well-being when you’re in a lively group.

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8. Don’t Ruminate on Negative Thoughts

The law of attraction is unbiased, and sending negative thoughts into the Universe will attract more negativity for you. It’s a vicious cycle often caused by ruminating on your past failures and shortcomings.

Rumination can have physical and mental consequences. It may increase negative thinking and cause depression and anxiety.

Instead, find ways to learn from your experiences and leave them in the past. Do it if you need to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness yourself. It’s also helpful to let go of things you can’t change or control.

9. Share Your Thoughts with a Trusted Friend

Some of life’s burdens seem lighter when you share them with a trusted friend or loved one. Frank discussions with an empathetic friend may help you get a fresh perspective. Maybe they can increase positive thinking and help you find possible solutions.

Emotional support builds camaraderie and a positive atmosphere. If they choose to self-disclose, you may often discover your situation isn’t unique. There’s an excellent reason why people need each other’s company.

10. Keep Your Self-Talk Upbeat

Everyone has a little voice that’s like a constant narrator. Unfortunately, negative self-talk can make you feel hopeless and give you the impression that you’ll never win. If you internalize these conversations, you’ll affirm them to the Universe and never be successful.

The good news is that you have the power to change your self-talk. Change your vocabulary to positively charged ones like “can” and “will.” Make your positive affirmations aloud and learn to attract more positive gifts into your life.

11. Exercise Every Day

Make daily treks to the gym to reap benefits from exercise. Did you know that exercise increases your endorphins and other “feel good” hormones? Plus, you’re doing your body a favor by toning and strengthening your muscles and joints.

You can create an exercise regimen right for you in your home. Consider strengthening, core, and aerobic sessions to work different body parts. Even a daily brisk walk can improve your health and increase your positive outlook.

12. Keep a Journal

Since written language began, humans have recorded world events, local happenings, and personal history. Indeed, they give future generations a window into past glories and tragedies. Some famous examples of diarists include Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank.

Your journal may not record notorious historical times, but it’s your story. Use your journal to list your thoughts, ideas, and goals. You can also record how positive thinking helped you overcome your bleakest moments.

13. Get Enough Sleep to Increase Positive Thinking

When you don’t sleep enough, you feel like a zombie searching for the next cup of coffee. Sleep deprivation leaves you in a brain fog, feeling drained and grumpy. It’s the perfect setting for negative energy to seep in and make you feel worse.

Your body, mind, and spirit depend on getting the right sleep each night. When your entire being is revitalized, you’re in good spirits, and positive thoughts come quickly. You have the energy to be more productive and enjoy some recreation.

14. Take a Media Break

Whether it’s news from your smartphone, computer, or tv, the media perpetually blasts you with doom and gloom. Not only do these news commentators drag you through the muck of current adverse events, but they surmise worst cases. When you’ve finished your morning cup of Joe, you feel drained and depressed.

Get your mind off these woeful reports and give yourself a media break. The world will not stop if you don’t watch the 24/7 news feeds. In the evenings, spend quality time with your loved ones and put your phone, TV, and computer on hold. You can replace negativity with a fresh supply of positive thinking.

15. You’ll Increase Positive Thinking When You Practice Mindfulness

It isn’t easy to comprehend that the past and future don’t exist. There’s nothing you can do to alter history you don’t know challenges lie ahead of you. What does exist is present, and you have the power to make a difference at this moment.

You can improve living in the present with mindful practices like meditation or yoga. These ancient tools help you bring your thoughts into captivity and, for the moment, “be.” As you let go of depression from the past and anxiety for the future, you create a positive frame of mind.

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Final Thoughts on Using Mental Hacks to Increase Your Positive Thinking

You can’t control every situation, but your attitude remains in your control. Deciding to overcome negativity with positive thinking can make a difference in all aspects of your life. You can soon realize the blessings of your divine heritage.