There are an ebb and flow that exists in life. It is part of our world and every day we have a choice on how we react to it. Some days we feel exhilarated and ready to take on the world, while other days our attitude may be more positive, peaceful, and calm.

Life is filled with doors of opportunity for the negative and positive. It is up to us which doors we pass by and which ones we enter. How long we stay in each room depends upon us and what we allow. Although, sometimes the illusion is that the door is shut, locked, and we are trapped.

Yes, negative energy exists, but it does not mean it needs to consume our lives and rob of us the abundance that is truly available to all of us.

For some, positive thinking may come easy. But, most people need to practice and cultivate it. It is possible for everyone.

“There is a little difference in people but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. – W. Clement Stone

The current state of your mind and your life can improve simply by making small tweaks in your daily habits. Over time, practicing new, positive habits will become second nature to you and will allow for better opportunities and growth.


Here are 11 Tips to Overcome Negative Energy & Be More Positive:

1. Bypass the Negative

“Turn your face to the sun and all of the shadows fall behind you.”  – Marori Proverb

If you truly want to turn a negative into a positive, skip the negative altogether and just be positive. You can override the negative with practice.  Look forward and focus on where you are going, not where you have been. Your soul yearns for growth and expansion for our highest good.

2. Realize you are stronger than you think.

Fear is a nasty negative emotion. It holds us in bondage and can rob us of our true potential and happiness. In addition, it tells us we are not good enough and that we are weak. It whispers lies in our ear and sometimes we believe them. The more we believe them, the farther away we travel from the life of our dreams.

To overcome the negative we MUST realize we are stronger than we believe. We can do more than we think. We are capable of so much more. Believing in ourselves is the first step. When we let go of limiting beliefs, we open doors of opportunity that we never once thought possible, and gain the courage and strength to enter those doors and do our best.

3. Practice changing your perspective.

There is always a positive perspective you can take from every situation. Yes, it’s not always easy but even the most negative and traumatic situations hold life lessons to move forward.

When you choose to habitually move forward from pain with a positive perspective your life will transform. You will release anger, blame and many other negative emotions, while opening your heart, mind and doors to new opportunities.

“See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” ~Dalai Lama

4. Smile more and walk with an uplifted disposition.

Have you ever looked at random pictures that someone has taken of you at an event or gathering? What does your normal demeanor and disposition look like? Do you look joyful or unhappy?  Are you smiling or do you appear stressed?

If you aren’t sure, consciously check in with yourself throughout the day. Be sure your face and body are relaxed and walk with a comfortable, upright posture. Smile as often as you like, even if for no apparent reason except for the fact that you are alive! 🙂

5. Focus on building the new.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
– Socrates

Switch to forward-thinking and release the held visions of the past. Learning from your past is helpful in building the new, but don’t keep your focus there or you will continue to repeat the same mistakes. Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone in faith, explore new horizons, and begin to create a life of your dreams.

6. Make the best of what the day brings – dress up and show up.

A positive attitude won’t protect you from all of the negative, but it will help you better manage how long it stays around. When a challenge arises, make the best of it. React to negative situations with peace, patience, an open heart, and an open mind.

If you wake up feeling down, dress your best anyway. Actually, it’s when you need it the most. Show up for yourself and you’ll instantly feel happier and more confident. Life loves when you step into your power and transcend the negative.  😉

7. Enhance your self talk. Speak about your worthiness.

“Like food is to the body, self-talk is to the mind. Don’t let any junk thoughts repeat in your head.”
  -Maddy Malhotra

How you live your life is largely determined by that “eency-weency” voice inside your head.  If that voice speaks down to you, it’s important to hush it and start speaking words of worthiness. Love yourself the way you want others to love you.

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8. Keep in touch with positive people.

We can’t do everything by ourselves and thinking that way will keep us from our highest good. We all need each other and daily inspiration from others. Neurons that fire together wire together, so it is vastly important that you allow yourself to fuel on positive energy from those around you.

Take a moment to consider the people you keep in touch wight he most– are they helping you along on your journey or are they stressing you out?  Allow yourself to connect with more positive people every day!

9. Spend time alone, but not too much.

Spending time alone can be rejuvenating. During this time you can meditate, read, do yoga, take a bubble bath, or just be. It’s very important to take this time for yourself every day (or at least a few times a week).

The key is not to spend too much time alone. Often times too much time alone gives you too much time to over think things. We all need human interaction, especially with those that we truly love.

10. Live in Gratitude.

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.– Brian Tracy

If something isn’t going your way, one of the first things you can do is think of all the things going right. Turning on the gratitude switch will help begin to turn it all around. After some diligent practice, gratitude will be so ingrained in your life there will be no need for practice.

You will wake up every day living with a thankful heart. Your beautiful, radiant positive energy will be picked up by others and inspire them. Gratitude is surely the quickest way to overcome negative thinking and transform your life.

11.  Be active daily and eat raw, whole foods.

Movement is good for the mind, body, and soul. It allows everything to move whether it’s our blood, oxygen or tension and negative emotions. Exercise of any form allows your mind to stop and focus to be placed in the now and on your breath.

In addition, fuel your body with raw, plant-based foods that contain energy not found in processed or cooked food.  There is a much higher level of positive, light energy in these foods and your body will thank you.  You won’t feel sluggish, tired, or full – you’ll feel energetic, revitalized, and satisfied!


12. Read positive quotes and articles daily.

What are you watching and reading daily? Be sure that it’s positive. For instance, listening to the nightly news could be switched to watching an inspirational documentary, reading a self-help book or watching GaiamTV.  One great way to receive daily inspiration is to stay subscribed to Power of Positivity on Facebook. By becoming a fan and being part of this fast-growing, positive community you will receive daily quotes of inspiration and connect with like-minded people any time.