Wisdom teeth happen to be the last teeth to protrude from the gums and are positioned at each back corner of the mouth. In some cases, such teeth can become painful, resulting in a characteristic dull ache at the back of the gums. Research shows that around 85% of people with wisdom teeth have to get them removed. Pain results because by the time such teeth protrude, there is usually no room for them in the gum.

Therefore, such teeth may emerge at an awkward angle and can easily trap food, leading to the proliferation of bacteria. In some cases, wisdom teeth could become impacted resulting in tenderness, pain, and aches. Unfortunately, most people rarely have the opportunity to see a dentist right away. Therefore, there is a need to manage pain arising from wisdom teeth using certain home remedies before one gets the opportunity to visit the dentist.

This article discusses effective wisdom tooth pain relief strategies that one can use at home.

Warm Salt Water

Dentists usually recommend salt water as a temporary wisdom tooth pain relief until the next appointment. Salt water is known to have natural disinfectant qualities and numerous studies have shown that using salt water as a rinse for the mouth can significantly reduce bacteria. Therefore, the salt water can accelerate treatment, and thus, minimize discomfort at the wisdom tooth.


Clove is an effective home remedy for tooth pain. With its anesthetic qualities, clove can be used to numb pain. Also, the antibacterial properties of the herb can be utilized to prevent infections. To use clove, one can apply some clove oil on a cotton ball and hold it directly on the wisdom tooth and the gums around the tooth until the pain recedes. Another way to use clove is to chew whole clove, only spitting it out when the pain diminishes.


If the pain at the site of the wisdom teeth results in swelling, then it could be beneficial to apply an ice pack. With ice in a plastic bag and wrapped in a towel, it is advisable to place the ice pack on the swollen area because it can relieve pain and also reduce inflammation.


Ibuprofen is a type of pain relief medication usually dispensed over the counter that helps to reduce inflammation. The drug can be used to alleviate discomfort and pain around the affected teeth. Such medications act as temporary pain relievers until one gets the opportunity to visit the dentist.


Peppermint is regularly used as an excellent pain reliever for wisdom teeth. The leaves contain essential oils that have prominent anesthetic properties responsible for curbing pain. Such oils also have antibacterial properties that prevent infection. To use the herb for this purpose, one can soak a cotton ball in peppermint extract and apply it lightly on the affected area or directly rub the oil on the affected area. The additional advantage with peppermint is that the natural fresh aroma of the herb is pleasant and can significantly refresh the mouth.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is effective in relieving wisdom tooth pain. The oil acts as a powerful antibacterial agent that eradicates bacteria in the mouth. Since the remedy is highly potent, it is advisable to dilute it with coconut oil. For this remedy, one can rub the diluted tea tree oil at the site of pain. Usually, the remedy will dissipate pain on the affected tooth after a short while. It is crucial to spit out the oil once done because it is not safe to swallow it.

Numbing Gel

Numbing gel for the gums can be used to decrease the feeling of pain in the gums. Such gels are dispensed over the counter and can also be found in numerous online stores. The active ingredient in such gels is usually benzocaine. Usually, the dental gels are applied to the gums, but it is imperative to avoid such gels if one is allergic to benzocaine.


Vanilla is effective in alleviating the discomfort associated with tooth pain. Using a cotton swab, one can add a few drops of the extract and place it on the affected site for approximately fifteen minutes. The extract has ample amounts of antioxidants and has active numbing qualities. Also, it is allowed to apply to the extract using one’s fingertips.


Turmeric is a widely recognized antiseptic and antibacterial wisdom tooth pain relief remedy. For toothaches, turmeric can be massaged into the aching gum to alleviate swelling and pain. Alternatively, one can rinse the mouth with water that has been boiled with turmeric mixed with cloves.

wisdom tooth - Turmeric

Oregano Oil

Oregano is known as a potent healer because of its ability to eliminate bacteria. Consequently, it is regularly used to curb infection. Oregano is commonly used to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation. Due to its highly potent nature, it is advisable to dilute oregano oil by mixing a drop of the oil with a single teaspoon of carrier oil. Alternatively, one can use a cotton ball to rub oil on the gums.

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