9 Ways to Make A Home Gym (Without Expensive Equipment)

9 Ways to Make A Home Gym (Without Expensive Equipment)

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There’s never been a better time in your life to get in shape, regardless of your age. Whether you’re doing cardio, aerobics, or stretching workouts, you needn’t go further than your living room. Exercising in a home gym is convenient for busy people like you to stay fit and healthy.

Your first experience with exercise and a gym was probably in school. There was plenty of room for running, stretching, and working out. The gym teacher taught you basic movements like sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks, and leg lifts. No fancy equipment was necessary, and you learned fitness skills to last a lifetime.

Training young people in health and fitness isn’t a new concept. According to an article published by World History Encyclopedia, the first gymnasiums were established in Greece around the 6th century BCE.


They were training sessions in the open air for young men. According to the article, the Ancient Greeks valued muscular bodies, so they honed running, wrestling, discus throwing, and gymnastics skills.

Although most global cultures valued strength, agility, and war training, the Greek gymnasium established the general concept. Later, the Ancient Roman Empire embraced the Greek gymnasium style and integrated it into their iconic Roman bathhouses. Eventually, the idea spread throughout the modern world.

Nine Ways to Make a Home Gym Without Purchasing Expensive Equipment

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Whether they’re called gymnasiums, fitness, or health clubs, they are a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide. An article published by Statistica says that this global industry is worth about $98 billion each year and is increasing. As of 2019, 70.36 million Americans reported that they had gym memberships.

Are you one of those people in the gym statistics? You value your health and want to be in decent shape. Exercising in a fitness center may be great for your body, but not so wonderful for your time and money. What benefits are you receiving from your health club that you couldn’t get from a home gym?

The good news is that you needn’t attend an expensive gym for your daily exercise routines. Did you know that you don’t have to buy a bunch of expensive equipment to get in shape? Here are nine easy ways to create your home gym without fancy equipment.

1. Claim Your Space

In her iconic essay, author Virginia Woolf espoused the need for a successful writer to have a dedicated space. The same rule can be applied to setting up a home gym. It’s as simple as assigning a room or even a corner with enough space to move around safely.


Finished basements and garages make ideal workout places, especially if you want to add some inexpensive equipment. What if you live in a small apartment with minimal space? You can rearrange a couple of pieces of furniture temporarily for a spot.

If possible, try to find a space with a window. It offers you a lovely view of nature while you exercise. Also, you can open this window when you need a little fresh air.

2. Establish Your Purpose

Once you’ve claimed a suitable space, what’s the purpose of your home gym? Does your daily routine include running in place, jumping, or stretching? Maybe your exercise of choice is yoga or another meditative workout. If you’re adding simple equipment, how can you arrange it most efficiently?

3. Set the Mood

Have you ever noticed the appealing décor in gyms and health clubs? They’re often painted in bright colors and have accessories to inspire and motivate clients. The music is pumping, and everyone’s on natural energy high.

Part of having a home gym is creating an inviting space that will draw your attention. If you have an entire room, use your imagination, and paint the walls your favorite energizing colors. Hang posters, art, or inspirational words that encourage you to keep exercising. Play some of your favorite tunes and get with the beat during your fitness sessions.

Do you wonder why they hang full-length mirrors in fitness centers? You can easily see if you’re doing an exercise right by your reflection. Adding a mirror to your gym will keep you motivated as you see your body morph into better shape.

If you enjoy watching exercise videos or tutorials, you may consider mounting a tv on the wall. Also, keep track of your fitness goals with a hanging whiteboard. You can create the refreshing ambiance of a fitness club in your own home.


4. Identify Your Equipment Needs

While many fitness regimens don’t require equipment, it’s up to you if you need some for your home gym. When you’ve established the purpose of your exercise routine, you can decide what equipment you need, if any. Keep in mind how much space you have and any storage capacity.

Regardless of your routine of choice, simple equipment can help. A comfortable exercise mat, a few dumbbells, and some stretching bands won’t cost much. They can easily be stored in a container in a closet.



If you do decide to add equipment to your gym, try to keep it simple. Don’t pay a fortune for expensive, bulky machines that you don’t use and will end up in next summer’s garage sale. You can find high-quality used equipment for your purpose at bargain prices online.

Instead of buying gimmicky equipment that can only be used for one exercise type, invest in a piece with multiple functions. It can help you boost your routine. Plus, you want equipment that will fold up easily for storage if space is an issue.

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