Alfred Lord Tennyson wisely observed that it was better for people to lose a lover than to have never loved. Matters of the heart can be a blessing or a disaster, depending on the relationship. If you or someone in your circle is a heartbroken woman, what are the tell-tale signs?

A Reuters poll reveals how approximately 60 percent of Americans have experienced love at first sight. It’s that inner voice that tells them they’ve found their soulmate. However, they quickly point out that it’s probably more infatuation than committed love.

Over the years, you’ve probably been in and out of love several times. The person you thought was “the one” may not have been. No doubt, you’ve spent many nights crying yourself to sleep over someone who broke your heart.

Just because you’ve experienced breaking up many times doesn’t make it any easier. Parting ways with a lover is a significant loss, and people grieve accordingly. Even if the shattered relationship were toxic, the survivor would often feel a painful loss.

Don’t worry, gentlemen. We do not forget about your broken hearts. We have an article for you, as well. However, we separated the two posts because men and women process the loss of a relationship in very different ways.

Ten Tell-tale Behaviors of a Heartbroken Woman

Many people are private and don’t want others to know about their destroyed relationship. So, they try to put on a smile and go about their day as usual. How can you help yourself or a friend who’s going through this turmoil?

Everyone grieves and recovers differently, so there are no set guidelines. It’s essential to deal with some of the issues before they damage your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Here are ten signs of a heartbroken woman to observe.

heartbroken woman

1. A Heartbroken Woman Feels Physically Ill

If you’ve ever been a heartbroken woman, you know it’s an apt description. When her mate has betrayed her, the mental anguish can cause physical pain. The brain goes into survival mode and dumps stress hormones into the bloodstream.

These extra hormones can result in acute headaches, digestive disorders, joint pain, and other discomforts. Ironically, a heartbroken woman may often complain of intense chest pain. If left untreated, these physical pains can lead to serious health problems.

2. She Avoids Socializing with Friends

Think back to when you and an ex-flame were always an item on the town. You were probably a social butterfly who enjoyed going out with your friends. They knew you would always be upbeat and tell them how wonderful about the beautiful person in your life.

Your social calendar probably changed after the big breakup. Women who’ve had a broken heart often avoid their friends. The subject is too hurtful to discuss, so she retreats into solitude in hopes of healing.

3. A Heartbroken Woman Can Experience Problems at Work

It’s challenging to stay strong and wear a brave face when you’re grieving over a broken relationship. If you or a friend is a recently heartbroken woman, it may take every ounce of strength to face the stress and questions at work.

You may constantly be on the verge of tears with a box of tissues at your side. It can be hard to concentrate, so that you might make simple mistakes in your tasks. Your coworkers may notice that you are uncharacteristically withdrawn and snippy.

4. A Brokenhearted Woman Might Not Care for Herself Properly

Good personal hygiene is usually a sign of a well-balanced person. It shows others that you care enough about yourself to stay clean and presentable. However, grieving over a broken relationship may interfere with your usual grooming habits.

Saying goodbye to a toxic partner can destroy your self-esteem and turn into self-loathing. You may wonder why style your hair or wear trendy clothes if nobody cares? A heartbroken woman may give up bathing and other necessary personal hygiene in worst-case scenarios.

5. She Ruminates About the Past

After a breakup with your romantic interest, it’s usual to be stuck in the past. You remember all the dinner dates, vacations, and joyful events you both shared. Unfortunately, you may also ruminate about painful conversations, vicious arguments, and cruel mistreatment.

An article published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience explains that rumination becomes a symptom of significant depressive disorder. Perhaps you’re lost in useless thoughts of “what if” or “if only.” Staying in the shadows of the past hinders you from stepping into the light of today.

heartbroken woman

6. A Heartbroken Woman Might Lose Her Usual Motivation

Have you always been a positive person who has goals and knows how to achieve them? People who are comfortable in their skins are usually highly motivated and dependable. If you are grieving over lost love, your drive may not be as strong.

If you or a friend is a heartbroken woman, your energy may be dwindling, and little excites you. After you say goodbye to an ex, you’re also watching your shared dreams disappear. Such pain and disappointment can be enough for you to give up on trying anymore.

You may no longer be interested in your favorite hobbies and other activities. When the ex you thought was a dream come true turns out to be a nightmare, you may stop dreaming. It can cause you to lose faith in your strengths and abilities.

7. A Brokenhearted Woman Has Changed Eating Habits

Your appetite is an excellent indicator of your physical and mental state. The grief from leaving a relationship will probably manifest on your plate. It’s why many people who are mourning a broken relationship often become malnourished.

It may seem like food has lost its appeal, and you’ve no appetite. Besides, it often reminds you of your ex’s favorite foods and dishes. It’s not unusual for a brokenhearted woman to lose weight drastically.

On the flip side, you may be an emotional eater who uses food for comfort. Thinking about your broken relationship may cause instant cravings for high-calorie comfort foods. A noticeable weight gain may also be a sign of grief.

8. Her Moods Are All Over the Place

When you and your lover have parted ways, you suddenly face a new reality. You go from “we” to “I,” and everything is different. Since romantic breakups are a significant loss, you’ll experience a host of emotional grief.

At this moment, you may feel confident as a newly single person. Later, something reminds you of your ex-lovers’ incompetence, and you’re seething with anger. You’re so frustrated with the whole situation, yet you miss them and start to cry.

These flip-flopped emotions are natural as you search for normalcy again. If your mood swings begin to disrupt your daily activities, it can signify depression. You may need professional intervention to help deal with your emotional distress.

9. A Heartbroken Women Might Not Sleep Well

According to an article published by the Centers for Disease Control, adults need about seven or more hours of sleep per night. Most people have an occasional sleepless night. However, chronic sleep deprivation can cause severe physical and mental problems.

A brokenhearted woman often has sleepless nights because of racing thoughts. Your comfortable pillow may gather your tears as you cry for what was. If you’re used to sleeping with your partner, being suddenly single can be a shock to your system.

When you’re sleep-deprived, you may drag throughout your day in a brain fog. Or maybe you’re like some brokenhearted women who sleep too much but still feel tired. Either way, grieving a breakup can cause an upset to your sleep cycles.

10. She May Develop Substance Abuse

Human beings detest pain and anxiety and do almost anything to relieve it. If you or a friend has experienced a painful breakup, your anxiety level may be unbearable. Your brain will automatically seek a remedy, such as self-medication.

The most common self-medication for hurting people is substance abuse. It’s a double-edged sword for those who have an addictive personality. After a breakup, you have a bottomless hole in your heart that needs to be filled with something.

Instead of filling the void with positive actions, many grieving people treat it with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food, or other vices. If you are already addicted, a love loss may drive your cravings even higher and risk your health and other relationships.

How a Heartbroken Woman Picks Up the Pieces

Whoever said that time mends all wounds was sadly mistaken. Turning away from someone you used to love will leave permanent scars on your heart. There’s no magic cure that will make you feel better immediately.

If there’s any good news, it’s the reassurance that you are still beautiful and worthy of love and respect. At some point, you’ll embrace the lessons the past relationship taught you while you discard the rest. Nobody has the power to reduce your value as a person unless you give it to them.

Is someone in your circle dealing with a devastating relationship? Be there for them and actively listen without judgment. They need your presence and compassion, not your advice.

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Final Thoughts on the Healing Process of a Heartbroken Woman

Grief is often the price of loving and letting that person go. Remember that it’s okay to cry, and it’s a sign of being human with a broken heart. Once you allow yourself to grieve after a breakup, you can start your first step toward healing and loving again.