What makes a great parent? Have you ever thought about this question?

Of course, there are the traditional answers:

  • “Giving them good moral values.”
  • “Making sure they don’t go without.”
  • “Ensuring they get a good education.”
  • “Teaching them to be polite.”

We could go on. All of these are wonderful pieces of advice (if a bit cliché).

“Children learn more from what you ARE than what you TEACH.” ~ Anonymous

Let’s get slightly more specific with the question:

Have you ever thought about how the “little things” you currently do influence the kind of parent you will be? 

Uh…that’s a different animal, isn’t it?

More than likely, most people haven’t actually considered this before. So let’s talk about it a bit!

By the way, every item on this list applies to both current and future parents!

Here are ten signs you are – or will be – a great parent!


1. You treat customer service people well

Who hasn’t been on hold before? Who hasn’t been on an excruciatingly long hold before? Uh-huh.

How is your demeanor once you get someone on the line? Do you go off on the person and vent your anger, or remain calm, collected, and polite?

Staying calm with people in emotionally charged situations demonstrates high emotional intelligence. “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions” is a vital skill for parents.

2. You have a few long-term friendships

Alisa Bash, a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Malibu, California, says:

“People with long-term friendships understand emotional intimacy. Their word means something, and they show up when they commit to things and to people, something that will mean so much to a child.”

So, if you’ve got a few ole’ chums, you may just bring a bit more to the parenting table.

3. You understand balance.

As you read this sentence, a parent is slowly killing themselves from work stress. And a child is wondering where their Mom or Dad is.

As defined by one prominent childhood educator, work-family balance is necessary ” to have the energy and patience to take care of their children in a fun, joyful, and loving way.”

4. You prioritize a healthy lifestyle

Speaking of work and speaking of balance. The crazy scheduling and resultant stress of modern life require that we monitor and take care of our mind-body health and lifestyle.

Many potential parents see having a baby as a fix to their problems.

Just … no. While things may be challenging, as adults, it’s our responsibility to take care of any pressing issues before bringing a baby into the mix.

5. You’re not afraid of self-sacrifice

If you’re reading these words, you’re either (1) a positive person or (2) someone trying to become more positive. Positivity is an admirable trait in a society that is so self-absorbed.

You are more likely to sacrifice yourself for someone else. Have you bought a stranger’s lunch before? Helped out an older adult? Lent money even when things were tight?

You get the idea. And if you’re a self-sacrificing person, odds are you’ll be a great parent.


6. You’re an empath

Empaths are the folks who make the world go round. We always need more of them and can never have enough.

Not only are empaths compassionate; they have an almost superhuman ability to see and feel what someone else sees and feels as if they were them.

That’s really all that needs to be said. You know who you are. Not only will you be a great parent, but a great friend, great lover, and a great influence on a planet that really needs you.

7. You’re pretty much a nature photographer

First things first – no, selfies and 500 food pics do not count! Sorry!

Photographers, regardless of their level of innate ability, are almost always penetrating, observant, and grateful individuals.

Perhaps their greatest gift is their talent for seeing the beauty in all of the “little things” around them. You know… the person who can melt your heart with a photo of some random bug on a leaf.

8. You’re on speed dial

Being a great (active) listener is a fantastic skill that can improve any aspect of your life.

Linda Lucas, a child psychologist in Leesburg, Florida, says, “More than almost anything, children need to be listened to.” As such, if you’re the one person someone calls for advice or anything else, you’ll probably make one heck of a parent.

9. You’ve “blueprinted” things

No matter if you’re the natural planning type. If you’re already seriously considering the who, what, when, where, and how you’ll raise your kid, you’ll probably be a pretty good parent.

This doesn’t mean daydreaming about names and pink outfits (though that’s pretty nice.) It means some deliberate planning. Of course, these plans may just go to the wayside once you have the little bundle of joy; but it shows your sincerity and seriousness about parenting.


10. You’re creative

In all sincerity, this world needs a bit more creativity in it. Creative individuals are open-minded, intelligent, and well-meaning in everything they do.

No reason to think they’d raise their child any differently. We need more people like you!