Intuitive empaths have deep, beautiful souls and can easily read the energy of those around them. They tend to have a complex emotional world and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Empaths are highly sensitive beings that have incarnated during these times to spread love and light in the world. Some believe they have a responsibility to help everyone around them heal and upgrade to a higher frequency.

However, they tend to pour so much energy into their relationships that they neglect self-love and compassion. They relate deeply to others’ suffering and want to eliminate it whenever possible. But they sometimes must remember to extend this generosity and nurturing toward themselves.

Intuitive empaths must protect themselves from negative energies if they want to make a difference. Learning how to live in the world without being overwhelmed by it is a lifelong lesson for an empathetic person. Once they figure out how to control their energy, the empath can create positive changes for others.

Do you relate to the intuitive empath? Many people in these times seem to identify as an empath, which isn’t surprising. Lightworkers incarnate in droves when the world appears turbulent and chaotic to help balance the energy field. And many types of empaths exist to bring this dream to fruition. Below, we’ll discuss these intuitive empaths and their typical traits.

4 Types of Intuitive Empaths

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1. The Highly Intuitive Empath.

This type of intuitive empath utilizes highly evolved intuition to understand and read others’ emotions. They can see right through a person even when they have obvious barriers put up for protection. Because of their innate ability to empathize with people, some might feel overly vulnerable around them. However, intuitive empaths use this gift to their advantage and try to help others when they can.

Unfortunately, this gift can easily become a curse as empaths can become overwhelmed by chaotic or overly stimulating environments. Highly sensitive people must often recharge to feel prepared to meet the world head-on.

2. Claircognizant Intuitive Empath.

People with extrasensory perception can perceive events far into the future and have profound psychic abilities. These empaths have an innate knowing before something happens and can gain insight into people or locations effortlessly. Clairvoyance lets them know if someone has underlying intentions and informs their decisions in challenging situations.

3. Emotional Intuitive Empath.

This type of empath greatly resembles the highly intuitive person because of their ability to understand complex emotions. Even if someone doesn’t say how they feel, they can easily read their emotions from body language and energy. The intuitive empath takes this one step further and can absorb the other person’s feelings as their own. Doing so helps them understand how to sympathize and offer support in difficult times. However, these types of empaths can get lost in others’ emotions if they neglect their instincts and personal needs.

4. Animal and Plant Intuitive Empath.

Empaths don’t just make emotional connections with people — they also have a beautiful relationship with animals and nature. Sometimes, intuitive empaths may have an even stronger connection to nature because of its peace and tranquility. When highly sensitive people feel frazzled in the modern world, they retreat to nature to find themselves again. Many people who meet this type of empath instantly feel at ease around them because of their calm disposition. Animals like dogs, horses, and other creatures with complex emotions may also gravitate toward them.

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5 Characteristics of Intuitive Empaths

Various types of empaths exist, but they all share several traits. Let’s discuss some characteristics that most intuitive empaths tend to exhibit.

1. They’re highly sensitive or shy.

Most empaths have a highly sensitive or introverted personality type, preferring solitary activities. From a young age, they’ve felt different, as if they have a few layers peeled back and can feel everything more intensely. These emotions can become overwhelming for the sensitive person, hence their need to withdraw so much from the world.

2. They have a persistent feeling of not belonging.

Also, highly sensitive people often feel they have landed on the wrong planet. They have difficulty fitting into any particular group and always feel like outsiders looking in on the world. Intuitive empaths may resort to spiritual practices to find purpose and identity.

3. Intuitive empaths feel overwhelmed in large crowds and noisy environments.

Intuitive empaths usually shy away from hectic environments where they can’t even hear themselves talk. Sensitive people prefer activities where they can converse with people one-on-one or in a smaller group. Plus, they like more intimate settings because they’re not as prone to sensory overload.

4. They feel drained easily in social settings.

Even when they’re around a small group of people, intuitive empaths quickly lose their energy and desire to socialize. Just like a battery gets drained after a while, empaths also feel exhausted from expending energy conversing with people. They may leave parties early or even politely decline invitations at times to recharge and decompress.

5. Intuitive empaths prefer spending time in nature or with animals.

It’s not that empaths dislike people — they just prefer the company of trees, mountains, or a furry, four-legged friend. They need ample quiet time in peaceful places to maintain their sanity in our hectic modern environment. After work or on the weekends, you’ll find them communing with nature rather than shopping or hitting the clubs. Empaths are old souls who crave a simple existence and often feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of life.

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Final Thoughts on Traits that Reveal Intuitive Empaths

You’ll notice several glaringly apparent characteristics if you’ve ever known an empath or identified as one yourself. Intuitive empaths are vulnerable, emotional people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They don’t hold back when they feel something and can easily relate to others’ emotions. They also tend to steer clear of crowds and noisy places that can throw their delicate nervous systems out of balance.

In short, empaths prefer spending most of their time alone to recharge and find peace. We could take a few notes from them about how to live authentically, helping others in the process.