Things are going well in your relationship; every time you’re with your partner, you get that spark of adoration for him. Perhaps you’ve even sensed that he’s close to popping that big question that every woman longs to hear. You’re probably wondering if it’s all hormones or if this man will make a good husband.

There are certain behaviors that a man will display if he is husband material. He has most likely been displaying these traits during your entire relationship. You just need to reflect and recognize them.

NOTE: If you want to learn the key behaviors that reveal a good wife, please check out our separate article on the subject.

Here are six behaviors that a man will display if he will make a good husband.

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1. He is a good leader.

Any man that is husband material will have the natural ability to be a good leader. He will be someone that you can trust to help you (as a team) make the right decisions for your family. If you need to, you could sit back and let him steer the ship and be confident that he will miss all the icebergs.

Don’t take this as saying that he should automatically be in charge. Any marriage is a partnership. However, a man, a real man, will just naturally ooze leadership material.

More importantly, a man wants to be a leader. It’s an instinctual trait that men have had from the beginning of time.

How can you tell that a man is a good leader, therefore making him a good husband? Here are a few leadership traits you can be on the lookout for.

  • He remains confident and composed in a crisis.

    A true leader doesn’t break down in the face of adversity. He can see the solution clearly and navigate to it without losing focus. He is a strong anchor in a storm.

  • He is level-headed and compassionate.

    A man who is a good leader rarely loses his cool. He can diffuse situations, calm down all parties involved, and, more importantly, understand everyone’s point of view. This trait is an invaluable skill when dealing with kids.

  • He can let go of the past and look forward to the future.

    No one is perfect, and a good leader knows that. You may have had some bumps in your path in the past, but a good leader can let that go and look forward to building a beautiful life with you in the future. A man who is a good leader and is husband material won’t dwell on the past.

These are only a few leadership traits that can indicate that a man will make a good husband. However, if your partner displays these traits, chances are he’ll have other characteristics as well. You can count on him to lead your marriage to succeed.

2. He works hard but still finds time for you.

You may love each other, but love doesn’t pay the bills!

A man who is husband material will have no qualms about working hard to provide for his family. There won’t be any type of debate or discussion needed. He’ll do what it takes to deliver. He works hard even without you prodding and nudging him to do it.

Even if he doesn’t have the highest paying job, he’ll still make it work. As his wife, he will try to spoil you and provide for your needs. Don’t worry, ladies. He won’t try to take away your “independent woman” vibe if that’s what you have going on.

A good man knows that when both of you work hard, that means you build even faster together. He’ll never make you question his work ethic, and you’ll know that you can depend on him when you need him the most.

At the same time, he will know how to balance work with the rest of his life. He will never make you feel second to his career. It’s a tough balancing act, but a man who is good husband material will handle it like a champ.

3. He is at peace with his spirituality.

When speaking of spirituality, keep in mind that this is different from religion. Spirituality is defined by psychologists and spiritual leaders as seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself and discovering feelings such as peace, balance, gratitude, acceptance, and more as a result. To be a good man, fit for a husband, he must have inner peace.

No one can lead a household when they are experiencing inner turmoil. No matter what a man’s beliefs are or what religion he associates with, his inner spirit must be calm, strong, and resilient. This strength is because his inner spirit will reflect outward on his marriage.

Spirituality can give a husband purpose and direction for his family. It can almost be like a road map on which path to take. A man’s wife and kids will be an extension of his journey, so he must be sure of where he is going.

A man who would make a good husband is already aware of this need to be in tune with his spirituality. He knows the path ahead of him, and he is ready to lead his family in the right direction.

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4. A good husband is great with finances.

As stated before, a household isn’t going to run off of love. It takes money and a lot of it. Even more importantly, it takes good credit.

A man who is ready to be a husband knows that financial planning is everything. He must be the provider. He must procure and maintain a household, take care of his wife and kids, and make sure they are prepared for the future.

A good man not only has a plan in place, but he’s probably been working on that plan well before marriage even came into discussion. You’ll know that a man is going to make a good husband if his bank account looks nice, his credit is in order, and he isn’t swamped with debt.

This detail doesn’t mean that only good men have their finances in order. There are good men out there that are currently working on getting their finances in order. That counts also.

You can see that they understand how essential finances will be in a marriage, so they’re taking steps they need to take to improve the situation. That’s a sign of a man who is ready to be an excellent husband.

5. He has excellent character.

A good man will have good character and good morals. It’s imperative to have these two things when you’re planning to lead a family. A good man knows that everything he does and believes in is a reflection of his wife and children, so he will always put his best foot forward.

He will be kind, compassionate, and have a desire to do the right thing in most cases. He will lead by example and be someone that others look up to. This trait is especially important since his children will absorb everything that he does.

Having good character shouldn’t come after marriage. You should be able to see this in him all through the dating and relationship process. A person’s good personality will shine through like the brightest star in the sky.

This concept doesn’t mean he has to kiss babies and pet puppies. It just means that he should be honest and able to get along with others. This will make you comfortable as his wife, knowing that your well-being and livelihood are secure.

6. A good husband is very respectful of women.

This is one of the most important behaviors you should pay attention to. How does your man treat women? Not just you, but all women.

Start with his mother. Does he cherish her and respect her? Does he listen to her? Do they have a close relationship?

Of course, you don’t want a “mama’s boy.” There is a fine line between that and respect. However, if a man doesn’t treat his mother with respect, you can be sure he won’t treat you with respect.

Pay attention to how he treats women in public. Waitresses, cashiers, or even random women around you. Does he hold doors open? Does he speak to them intelligently?

A man who will make a good husband can make women feel special, even if they aren’t his “special” ones. Simple acts like helping a woman with heavy bags indicate that he is great husband material.

You’ll also want to make sure he doesn’t objectify women. He is being respectful but not staring at their assets or flirting. If he can do this, you’ve got a good one.

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Final Thoughts on Behaviors of a Man Who Will Make a Good Husband

There is no one size fits all formula to determine if a man is great husband material. However, some traits just make sense. The six behaviors above are a place to start when determining a man’s husband-worthiness. He’ll display these traits and plenty more if he is a good man. Go with your female intuition. It’s usually pretty accurate.