What makes the difference between an average versus a gifted man? Is there something supernatural about their superior intellect and talented capabilities? Maybe it’s because they’ve learned how to use their gifts and turn them into expert skills.

Some people go to school for years and still lack basic understanding. On the other hand, some have successful lives without ever walking into a college classroom. It all depends on how they use their knowledge that makes the difference.

Bright guys won’t use their intellect to make others feel inferior. They realize that knowledge is a blessing to be shared by all. The men who understand this truth have real wisdom and know how to use it.

Have you ever wondered why you scored high in high school French but only remembered a few phrases? You may have high grades in foreign languages but lose them if you don’t use them daily. Likewise, men can’t be successful if they don’t apply themselves and be diligent.

NOTE: We acknowledge that gifted women have unique traits and habits and celebrate them in this companion article.

Ten Habits and Behaviors of a Gifted Man


Every brilliant male mind is different, but they still have things in common. They must practice daily to keep their brains sharp and to stay on their destined path. Here are ten things that exceptional men often do without thinking.

1. A Gifted Man Started Their Journey Earlier

Men who are gifted now were probably intelligent as children. According to an article published by Psychological Bulletin, you need the training to become an expert. However, genetic factors also play a role in all proficiency levels, from beginner to expert.

It’s typical for gifted men to reach their infant milestones early. Their parents may report that these guys learned to read and write earlier than their peers. Much of their intellect comes from genetics, and if the parents have higher IQs and are overachievers academically, it’s only natural that it’s passed on to the children.

Ironically, the second generation maybe even more intelligent than their parents. They may graduate from school and college but never stop learning. Their intellectual journey will continue their entire life.

2. Talented Men Ask a Lot of Questions

Have you ever heard the old saying that the only inappropriate question is the one that isn’t asked? Gifted men have lived by this adage since childhood. Their curiosity might have been exhausting for their parents and teachers.

They were never content with “because I said so.” Their hungry brains want reasons and examples. If someone can’t tell them why they’ll keep asking and working until they find the answer. Gifted children often need special classes in school and things like a 504 plan because they become very bored with traditional studies.

Their minds need to be challenged in ways the average student doesn’t require. It’s not uncommon to see behavior difficulties often misdiagnosed as ADHD in childhood, but it has nothing to do with neurological problems.

This attention issue comes from not being challenged and stimulated enough. They aren’t satisfied with the status quo and crave more knowledge. Plus, they make a habit of listening to others with more experience and skills to improve their talents.

3. They Have a Wide Range of Interests

One of the most celebrated minds of the Renaissance is Leonardo da Vinci. Not only was he a master painter, but he became proficient in many other studies, like math and science. Leonardo imagined and sketched 12 inventions that became a reality centuries after he passed.

Your fellow may not be Leonardo da Vinci or Mozart, but their interests are as varied as their talents. Gifted men don’t always concentrate on one specialty. Even if they have mastered one skill, they’ll work to become proficient in others.

4. A Gifted Man Might Have an Unusual Sense of Humor

A guy with the gift of laughter and good humor is indeed blessed. They often have an unusually dry humor that not everybody gets. Their plays on words, puns, and references sometimes aren’t intentional and can have the whole room laughing.

Conversely, men with brilliant talents don’t always understand other people’s humor. Have you ever told your man a joke that you thought was hilarious, and they looked puzzled? Everyone has their brand of humor, and you’ll soon learn how to laugh with each other.

5. They Have Vivid Imaginations

Gifted men learned long ago that imagination is a powerful tool. Where would the world be if it weren’t for the men and women who follow their dreams? Brilliant guys combine visualization, talents, and skills to bring their imagination to life.

They don’t just recognize their dreams and leave them dormant. Instead, they follow their instinct and think of ways to achieve them. You’ll probably notice that they are adamant about making lists and vision boards to stay on track.


6. They’re Often Introverts

Some of the most gifted minds aren’t among the noisy crowd. Instead, you’ll often find them alone, lost in their thoughts. They usually crave solitude to listen to their inner voice and create positive affirmations.

An article published by High Ability explains that although introverts are a minority in society, most are gifted people. At least 75% of individuals with an IQ above 160 are loners. They often go within to discover new ideas and abstract inventions.

These guys aren’t anti-social, as they can be just as warm and friendly as anybody else when necessary. However, they prefer to keep their distance and only be occasional extroverts.

7. Talented Men Are Passionate About Their Ideals

While many aspirational men are usually introverts, they still have a voice and know how to use it. Maybe they have strong feelings about injustice, poverty, or other global issues. They’ll use their passion as an inspiration to make a difference wherever they go.

These men will risk life and limb for what they believe. They’re not worried about being famous or offending others. They’ll use their talents, skills, and hard work to accomplish their ideas.

Consider men like Copernicus, one of the brightest geniuses in history. His elevated intellect and intense studies led him to believe in a heliocentric solar system. According to Britannica, Copernicus’ theory clashed with the scientific and religious views at the time of a geocentric one, where the planets go around the sun.

He was so passionate about his work that he was willing to risk ex-communication, jail, and possible execution for blasphemy. Such passion and direction bring a better understanding of the natural world. People with these abilities will continue to improve science, medicine, and other disciplines.

8. They Have the Mind of an “Old Soul”

Have you ever met a fellow who seems like he just stepped out of a time machine? Their appearance, fashion, and conversation aren’t congruent with the present. Listening to their ideas and dreams is like listening to a person who lived centuries ago. Most of these men will confess they’ve never felt comfortable in their own skin.

9. A Gifted Man Can Turn Adversity into an Advantage

Another habit of gifted men is their persistence and optimism. Consider how easy it would have been for Edison to give up after so many failures. Instead, he kept experimenting until his first light bulb was a success.

Another man of science to consider is Albert Einstein. While developing his theories of light, space, and time, his fellow scientists held him in contempt. According to History, their doubts fueled Einstein’s drive to continue his work and prove his theories.

Brilliant fellows don’t allow failures to stop them from trying. They view failures and adversity as rungs on the ladder of achievement. They usually shy away from pessimists who try to suffocate their positive energy.

10. They Are Highly Intuitive

Women are generally more intuitive than men. A study published by the University of Granada suggests that biology makes women more perceptive and less reflective. However, gifted men are often more sensitive than their average peers and may have stronger emotions.

Instead of conveying what they think, they’ll often go on feelings. They aren’t afraid to take chances and listen to their gut instincts. Not only are they often highly intuitive, but they can also be more empathetic than their friends.


Final Thoughts on Things Gifted Men Do

Since the beginning, men and women have used their natural gifts to improve their lives. Successful men train themselves to believe in their dreams and work hard to achieve them. Their talents and expertise improve their life, and it’s a blessing to others in their community.