Everyone wants to be the gifted woman with everything going for her. Though they seem to be so put together on the outside, these ladies often suffer in society as they feel they don’t fit in. These beautiful gifts and callings on their life can become a significant challenge, but why do things have to be this way?

Why can’t they embrace the difference? Each person’s unique nature makes this world full of exciting people. Gifted folks often have strong values, go against the grain with stereotypes, and are prone to attacks from envious people.

Plus, they think differently than most other people. For instance, have you ever seen a gifted kid in school? They often face just as many challenges as those with special needs.

These children are often pulled from mainstream classes and put into a curriculum designed for their advanced minds. Gifted folks often have a real challenge engaging as they become easily bored when things are too simplistic to process. On the other hand, many are diagnosed with things like ADHD or anxiety, but it’s their internal drive that’s different.

NOTE: Women generally display these gifts more than men; thus, we address the behaviors of a gifted man separately.

Ten Things a Gifted Woman Does

There are some things that a gifted person does without even realizing it. Like many people get out of bed and have milk and cereal for breakfast without forethought, talented women become very disciplined. Here are the most common habits of the blessed.

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1. Her Thoughts are Complex and Deep

While everyone has deep thoughts on occasion, the gifted woman often ponders the big things. While everyone else is wondering what to eat for dinner or what’s on TV that night, she’s thinking of the meaning of the Universe and why they’re on planet earth. It’s easy to see this lady’s mindset is lightyears above her colleagues.

2. Her Emotions are Intense

The gifted woman takes her emotions to a whole new level. She feels things so strongly with every fiber of her being. She has empathy for those around her, and she can often come across as an emotional mess.

Those who are an empath and can feel things in the spiritual realm often takes on the sorrow of others. News of a death or significant sickness can affect them for days on end, even if it’s not close family.

3. A Gifted Woman Has a Passion for Knowledge

She is ever eager and always wants to learn more. She may have several college degrees because she constantly wants to expand her horizons. Some may say she’s overeducated, but she loves learning so much that school is appealing.

Since she’s so well educated and always wants to know more, she’s brilliant and keen. Her vast knowledge expands many categories, and she’s the one to call for help.

4. She’s Constantly Looking for Purpose

It’s not enough to get up and go to work each day. This gifted lady wants to know her purpose on planet earth. She wants to make a difference and not just do the 9-5 and go home.

You will often see these individuals working volunteer jobs in their free time, as they like to give back and help others. However, given her empathetic nature, these community helps can often be emotionally overwhelming to her.

5. She Seeks Patterns and Logic

The gifted soul is always looking for patterns or logic to things. They’re usually very scientific, but they’re also open to spiritual meanings. They may see numbers or patterns that hold significance to them throughout their lives.

Some folks have the gift of seeing spiritual number sequences or angel numbers. According to Learn Religions, the Light beings from the Higher Realms can communicate through such methods. However, someone gifted quickly picks up on these sequences and tries to make sense of them. Others may have overlooked them.

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6. She’s an Independent Thinker

Most people try to conform to societal norms and don’t want to cause too many ripples along the way. However, someone who is gifted likes to think outside the box. She has an internal set of unique values and isn’t afraid to shake things up a bit.

It’s not so bad to be so independent. Where would the history of this country be without folks who went against the grain? Remember Amelia Earhart?

It was believed that only men could fly planes, and women were more equipped to stay home and raise children. However, she thought she could do just as much as any man, so she traveled across the Atlantic and beat Charles Lindbergh’s record. According to the Irish Post, she did make it across the Atlantic Ocean, but she didn’t beat his record.

However, what she proved was so much more valuable to ladies throughout the generations. She was one of the first women to start the movement towards equality of men and women, though it would be the late 1960s before the Women’s Rights Movement was in full swing.

7. She Holds Herself to High Moral Values

Everyone has moral values that they use to govern their life. It just so happens that her moral stance is a bit higher than most. She doesn’t just preach one thing and live another. Instead, she holds her values near and dear to her heart.

She probably has a close connection with her family, and the things she learned as a child are significant to her. She doesn’t care what the rest of the world is doing or what is perceived as right, as she knows what is correct and acceptable for her to live a good life. Finally, she puts her head down on the pillow at night, knowing she’s living to the best of her abilities.

8. A Gifted Woman Feels Sad at The State of The World

Since the gifted woman doesn’t go with the flow, she often questions the state of the world. She isn’t afraid to challenge leadership, so her strong personality may be off-putting to some. On her job, she’s known for being an active participant in change, and she won’t rest until she fulfills her moral obligations.

9. Her Intellectual Capabilities Bring Meaning to the World

Being gifted puts someone on a higher plane with their thought processes and life. However, she uses her intellect to bring change and beauty. These women often have a creative outlet, like art, that they use to inspire others.

Take, for instance, the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She was known as a feminist icon, according to Biography. While she painted, few know that she was a trailblazer in her time.

She wasn’t afraid to join wrestling or be on a swim team, which was highly unheard of for a lady in those days. She didn’t start her painting career until she was in a terrible streetcar accident.

A car hit the streetcar, and it caused one of the steel handrails to come loose and pierce her body. She went home to her father during her recovery time, and this incident inspired her to paint. Most people would have laid and suffered in self-pity over the incident; however, she rose above it and turned her “ashes into beauty.”

10. She’s Adventurous and Dependable

One unique thing that the gifted woman does well is balancing her sense of adventure with her dependable nature. It’s not easy to do, but she knows how to prioritize her life so that she is the free spirit she longs to be. Still, others know they can count on her.

For instance, she might take an impromptu trip for the weekend to jam-pack history and sightseeing into one. However, she knows that it’s back to the grind on Monday morning, and she will be there for work. Those around her have come to love the adventurous side of her, and she’s often the first one called when planning a trip.

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Final Thoughts on the Gifted Woman

The gifted woman has unique traits that set her apart from other ladies. While some of these attributes might be due to her esteemed intellectual intelligence, most of them come from her creativity and successes in life. Her unique characteristics allow her to feel that she’s different than others, and at times she feels quite misunderstood and abnormal.

Many gifted women with these high aspirations notice from an early age that they’re different, and their differences make them special. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone were the same? You will often find that the gifted lady won’t fit the classic mold, and she busts through society’s stereotypes.

Still, some ladies don’t like to use the word “gifted,” as they want to feel just like everyone else. Standing out from the crowd is something that affects them deeply. They’ve always been different and always will be, but they certainly won’t conform to any molds no matter how they feel.