Though the average woman would typically be taken aback by the very idea of putting acid anywhere near their face, fulvic acid benefits for skin and hair are almost endless. When digested, the acid will help the body to absorb the nutrients we take in through our food source. It will also help to use the nutrients to their full potential.

If there ever were an anti-aging potion, the first ingredient would have to be fulvic acid. The acid is easily able to enhance the way the body’s cells take in and use up things such as antioxidants and electrolytes. Because of its high power over the cell, fulvic acid has become well-known for slowing the aging process. The original chemical structure of the acid is what allows it to improve digestive functionality and protects cognitive brain health.

Here are the fulvic acid benefits for your skin and hair:

It Doesn’t Burn

Anything that ends in the word ‘acid’ sounds like it would be undoubtedly harsh on the skin, but fulvic acid doesn’t strip your skin at all. In fact, you probably wouldn’t notice it in your everyday moisturizer or cleanser.

It doesn’t burn; it actually has the exact opposite effect. Fulvic acid benefits the skin by helping the surface to absorb more water and oxygen. It’s been proven by modern science that acid-based products are more beneficial than alkaline-based products. Alkaline-based skincare can completely throw off the skin’s acidic pH balance, which can cause inflammatory acne. By mimicking your skin’s natural pH levels, the fulvic acid-based products will help prevent and treat your acne, while also working to restore your damaged skin.

Sag No More

Fulvic acid is essentially a metabolite that is generated by the soil bacteria that accumulates during the decomposition of organic plant matter. One of the best fulvic acid benefits for skin is the way it smooths out wrinkles. If you experience wrinkles, fine lines, or sagging skin you stand to benefit abundantly from this acid. The natural antioxidant property held within the acid is known to show significant progress in smoothing away those unsightly lines that develop on the face.

fulvic acid benefits

It penetrates the skin so efficiently and without any help from other compounds. A boost in the skin’s tightness will surely be noticed if you stick to a skin care regimen that includes fulvic acid. The next time you are in the market for a new cleanser or moisturizer, be sure that fulvic acid is included in the first few spots in the listed ingredients.

No More Coffee

One of the more uncommonly thought of fulvic acid benefits is the fact that it gives a significant boost in energy. More energy from the acid means reaching for the coffee mug less and less. Drinking fewer cups of coffee each day means whiter teeth and more pleasant breath. The acid is a natural electrolyte that helps to awaken and energize nearly every biological process in the body.

What About My Hair?

Fulvic acid benefits way more than just facial skin. It is also very beneficial to hair growth. Using a bottle of shampoo with fulvic acid included in the ingredients can increase the thickness of your hair, as well as generate and pursued the follicles to produce more strands of hair. It also helps to get essential nutrients to the scalp.

The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of the acid may help to prevent alopecia and male pattern baldness. Because the acid can increase the absorption of nutrients so seamlessly, it is also a great supplement to take if you experience brittle nails that you would like to see grow strong.

Fulvic acid benefits are truly endless when it comes to skin and hair. It also improves the health of your gut and builds up your immune system. It helps to detoxify the body and lowers free radical damage, all while repairing and protecting the skin.

You can get fulvic acid in several convenient forms to target specifically what you’re aiming to improve. Some supplements work great for cognitive and digestive health. There are shampoos and essential oils for hair and nail growth. The list of fulvic acid benefits goes on and on. Who would have thought that the acid derived from the Hungarian Moor mud would be so wonderful?