The kids are making Mom climb the walls. The dog is even hiding under the sofa. When Dad comes home, Mom runs outside for a couple hours. Sound familiar?

No one understands that Mom is chronically tired. Everyone blames the kids, the ringing phone, and daily life for her fatigue. The real culprit is the depletion of any healthful nutrients from the soil. Our food just looks good; it’s no longer good for us. Mom needs to feel fulvic acid benefits to set her body straight.

What Has Fulvic Acid To Do With It?

When something organic, like dead trees, decomposes, it goes back into the soil. Fulvic acid is released with this decomposition. This puts back into the soil the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, phytochemicals, and dozens of other nutrients necessary to foster all life.

What Are The Benefits?

The Basics

Fulvic acid is one of the best electrolytes ever found. It works behind the scenes with things like enzyme production, hormone makeup, as well as being instrumental in the use of vitamins.

Fulvic acid sets the stage for the body’s metabolism at the most basic level. It sustains the environment in which the decomposition and its resultant nutrients attract other such nutrients. This results in charging electrons which then become antioxidants, fighting off damaging free radicals.

It is the cause of enzyme activity. Enzymes are the building blocks of proteins, without which cells (or anything alive) would exist. Nutrients are enhanced, transported through the body and helped to be assimilated by the body.

What All This Means

Ongoing research is discovering that fulvic acid benefits may include fighting diabetes, inflammation that causes joint problems, and fatigue. Digestion, brain health, and cellular health are also benefits. Testimonials are available in which people explain the effects fulvid acid benefits had on them:

Improvement in arthritis pain

Disappearance of psoriasis

Migraine relief

Improved immune system and no allergies

Healed burns

Eight Benefits For Tired Moms

Now that we understand both Mom’s fatigue and fulvic acid, we should learn how it can be of benefit to Mom. Dr. Axe explains what Mom’s fulvic acid benefits are:

1. Gut/Immune Health

Poor gut/immune health is the basis of many chronic illnesses. Fulvic acid strengthens the cells supporting the immune system and the gut which means energy.

2. Digestion

Since fulvic acid allows the body to better absorb nutrients from the cells on up, then Mom will reap the energy benefits from her fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Boosts Energy

At the cellular level, the improvement of blood circulation and blood oxygenation fights fatigue. One of the most important fulvic acid benefits is a decided boost in stamina and energy for Mom.

4. Detox

Mom will benefit from her system being cleansed and detoxified of viruses, parasites, and toxins of all types. The energy from her food, multivitamin and other nutritional things won’t be used by these things to sustain themselves.

5. Thyroid Support

They thyroid gland regulates the hormones. These instruct the body to sleep, how much to sweat, if we are too cold or warm, when we are hungry, and if we are tired. Fulvic acid supports the thyroid, which also governs the metabolism. A slow metabolism means equals tired. A faster one equals energy.

6. Brain Medicine

The brain processes our information and memories from one day, files it away, and then sets itself up for tomorrow’s information and memories. It receives signals from the body’s systems, processes them, then sends messages back such as pain relief.

When the brain receives an influx of oxygen, endorphins kick in, making us feel like Supermom. Fulvic acid works from the cells up to the brain, giving Mom a big smile and more energy.


7. Inflammation

Inflammation causes most of the body’s illnesses such as joint pain, headaches, asthma and sinus troubles. Fulvic acid benefits ensure no inflammation. A Mom not hurting is a Mom with energy.

8. Muscle Health

Favoring tired or painful muscles takes more energy than just walking. Fulvic acid works from a cellular level to support the musculature, thus giving Mom a stride instead of a limp.

We have been robbed of essential nutrition by Big Corporations and their profits and farmers who have to pay their bills. Together, they have stripped any goodness out of the soil. Knowing this, people compensate with herbal supplements and organic foods.

It isn’t enough. We must help ourselves, because no one else will. Beginning at the most basic cellular level, we now have the tool to bring Mom to maximum good health.

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