Say Goodbye To Damaged Hair : Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Say Goodbye To Damaged Hair : Essential Oils For Hair Growth

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One of the most frustrating things about trying to maintain a lustrous mane of hair is having to battle the damage and split ends. It seems no matter how much we trim and treat our hair; the elusive split end continues to haunt our heads. Over the years we’ve just come to except that damaged hair always comes with the territory of coloring, straightening, and curling.

Sometimes we can combat permanent damage by taking intermittent breaks in-between coloring and putting unnecessary heat on our hair. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could keep our hair healthy and looking great at the same time? It’s a little-known secret that you can achieve this with essential oils.

The following is a list of those essential oils and how to use them to their fullest potential.


Though it may have a bit of an off-putting sent, using the bergamot essential oils for hair growth can be very beneficial. Bergamot oils help to promote a healthy amount of blood circulation. This considerable increase helps to generate hair growth for even the most damaged hair follicles.
In addition to hair growth, this essential oil is mainly used to soothe and calm anxious nerves. It’s a great way to relieve some nervous tension when inhaled through a diffusor if you are prone to anxiety or panic attacks.


Many would not even consider rosemary as anything other than a great spice to season roast chicken. Rosemary oils are a fantastic source of antioxidants that may prevent your hair from turning gray and thinning out.
Rosemary essential oils are also an excellent flake buster. If you happen to suffer from a dry, itchy scalp, you may want to consider this particular oil as it is excellent for clearing pores and evening out the scalp’s production of sebum.


Peppermint is one of, if not the best essential oils for hair growth. Like it’s fellow herb rosemary, it works to unclog pores and prevent a flaky scalp. It’s most predominant power, however, is the amount of blood flow it can generate to the scalp upon application.
It’s also a great stimulator of the mind as well. When inhaled through a diffusor, peppermint can help to wake-up the senses and increase your vigor to get things done.


If peppermint is the go-getter, then chamomile is the ultimate relaxer. There’s nothing better for the soul than a hot cup of chamomile tea right before bed. It’s soothing properties, and faint apple scent are a great bring-me-down after a rather invigorating day.
The oils made from the plant are an excellent conditioning agent that will shield your hair from further damage. You can even use chamomile oils as a leave-in conditioner as it is much less greasy than most oils and does not leave behind a sticky residue.


Lemon is a great clarifying essential oil. When we think of lemon, we generally think of clean or sanitized. This is because lemon is an organic antiseptic which will help to clear up any excessive shampoo residue that may be lingering in your hair after washing. When hair is not weighed down by heavy product, it is given the freedom to grow on a more regular basis.

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