To be biased means being prejudiced about something, someone, or a group of people. Everyone is a little biased, even if they don’t want to be. The good news is that although the biases don’t just disappear, you can free your mind of biased thinking.

If you ever find yourself in favor of or against someone or something, it is a bias. Sometimes these biases are formed based on past experiences. Other times, preferences are developed based on personal history.

No matter how biases form, they can weigh on you. They may overcome your thoughts when you don’t want them to, and it could interfere with your behavior. Biases could stop you from experiencing new things and meeting new people.

The key to freeing your mind of unbiased thinking is to change your mindset and treat everyone with kindness. Spend time trying to learn about things you don’t understand, and surround yourself with diversity. Plus, many positive affirmations can help you to free your mind of biased thinking.

Positive Affirmations to Help You Free Your Mind

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1. I can think with an open mind.

Thinking with an open mind is essential to changing your thought process. To free your mind, you have to open it and experience new things.

2. I will not make assumptions.

Making assumptions is being biased, so tell yourself you won’t do that. If you tell yourself not to make assumptions, you’ll be less likely to think that way later. Repeat it to yourself as often as is necessary because making assumptions could cause problems.

3. I have mental clarity.

Being able to think clearly can help free your mind. You can be kinder and relate to others more, and you will be able to listen and learn. Plus, when your mind is clear, you will be more open to new things and ideas.

4. I am empathetic.

Being empathetic means being able and willing to see things from someone else’s perspective. It is a way of feeling what the other person feels and understanding them better.

Try to figure out what others are thinking and learn their motives and behaviors. Then, imagine how you would feel if you were in their shoes. Doing this can help you become more unbiased.

5. There are no limits to my mindset.

The more you learn, the less biased you will be. Your mind has no limit, and you can continue learning and growing all the time. Take in information whenever you can, and make it a habit to say this affirmation daily.

6. I enjoy spending time with people who are different than me.

If you aren’t used to people who are different than you, it might be uncomfortable at first. With this affirmation, you will be more positive and open-minded going into it. This affirmation will help you enjoy the time you spend and make you want to do it again.

This means that you have to get along with people who aren’t like you. They may think and act differently, or they may have different views than you have.

7. I am controlling my thoughts.

You are the only person in charge of your thoughts. If you feel these thoughts creeping in, change your mindset and start thinking positively. Before you know it, you will be associating that bias with something positive.

8. I will learn about things I do not understand.

To overcome bias, you have to learn about things you don’t understand. Become aware of the world around you and learn about the things you have a bias toward.

9. No two people are the same, and that is okay.

If everyone were the same, the world wouldn’t be a fascinating place. Stop putting people into categories or comparing them to other people. Everyone is unique, and this affirmation will remind you that being different is a good thing.

10. I will treat everyone equally.

Even if your thoughts aren’t perfect or you aren’t where you want to be with your biases yet, the way you treat people is most important. Treat everyone the same, and you won’t have to worry about biased thinking taking over. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and speak to everyone the same way.

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11. I can think with an unbiased mind.

By telling yourself you won’t have biased thinking, you can free your mind of these thoughts. Hearing yourself speak the words out loud will help your brain process them. This will help you as you go throughout your day, allowing you to stress a little less.

12. I will find answers for myself rather than relying on others for information.

When you get answers from other people, you may not be getting the complete information. Go to the source and find solutions to form an opinion on your own with an open mind. Then, you can rest assured that your thinking isn’t biased.

13. I will ask any questions that come to mind so that I can understand.

Asking questions is the best way to learn. Make sure to ask someone who knows the answers and not someone that only vaguely gets it. Listen when the answers are given, and take in what you are told.

Remember always to ask the questions respectfully. Most people don’t mind explaining or sharing details when someone is curious, but you must be kind as it you ask.

14. I listen to what others have to say before I make up my mind.

If you made decisions based only on your negative thoughts, the findings wouldn’t be for the greater good. Instead, listen to what others have to say and hear them out as they explain. Take their thoughts into consideration along with your own before you make up your mind.

15. I treat everyone with respect, even if I disagree with them.

Treating people with respect is essential to freeing your mind of biased thinking. If you treat everyone like they are necessary (which they are), you can think with an open mind.

Disagreeing with someone doesn’t give you a valid reason to disrespect them. Disagreements are a part of life, and you can still interact positively with someone you disagree with. Show respect in all situations, and you will be able to clear your thoughts of bias.

16. I do not let biases affect my thinking or change my behavior.

As explained before, everyone has biases, and the tendencies don’t merely disappear. You can’t let those biases change your behavior or the way you treat people. Think positively, treat others well, and always behave in a positive way.

17. I am friendly to everyone.

Even when you don’t agree with someone, you should be friendly to them. Being kind to everyone opens you up to more knowledge and will further free your mind. Don’t hold back on being familiar with someone just because they are different than you or because you don’t understand them.

18. I think positive thoughts in the presence of others.

When you are around other people, you should focus on keeping your thoughts positive. Keeping your thoughts positive is especially important when you are around people, things, or groups you may have biased thinking about. If you can keep your thoughts positive, you will free your mind of those negative thoughts.

19. I embrace the things that make people different.

The things that make people different aren’t bad, and no one should be made to feel like they are. There are beauty and happiness in all people, and you have to look for it to find it. Always remember that the things that make people different are what make life so exciting.

20. I am kind and compassionate.

If you are kind and compassionate to everyone you interact with, you will be freeing your mind of biased thinking. By being kind, you are making it clear to yourself that everyone deserves kindness. Practice compassion by trying to see the world from their view.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations to Help You Free Your Mind of Biased Thinking

As much as you would like to be unbiased, it just isn’t possible. All humans tend to be biased in some regard, but the way you react to your biases is what matters. If you are kind, compassionate, respectful, and friendly to everyone, you can free your mind of biased thinking.

Before you begin each day, say some of these positive affirmations aloud to yourself. They will help you overcome biased thinking and clear your thoughts. Having an open mind will help you accept others and learn more about things you don’t understand.

Don’t let your biased thinking stand in the way of new experiences and meeting new people. Embrace life and all it has to offer and learn to be positive even when you aren’t entirely comfortable. Remember these positive affirmations and repeat them anytime you need to free your mind of biased thinking.