Repeating positive phrases to yourself to stay happy seems like a strange activity. But positive affirmations can offset negative feelings and low self-esteem. So, what are some positive affirmations to make you feel instantly happy?

20 Positive Affirmations to Brighten Your Spirits on a Dark Day

Try repeating these mantras to elevate your mood. Scientists agree that positive-self talk helps change your mindset.

1 – I choose to be happy today

Today is a new day. Happiness is a beautiful choice to make. Anyone can choose to be bitter and angry. It takes strength and confidence to choose happiness. I can change the world today by my happiness!

2 – I’m who I was meant to be

It’s not a problem to be me, every part of me is just perfect. I can accomplish things that no one else can because I’m me. I don’t need to compare myself with anyone else or feel like I’m inferior to them. They are who they are and I’m who I am. That’s the secret today-I’m me and that’s a good thing!

3 – People don’t define who I am

Other people have views of who I am, but they don’t define me. I am who I choose and what I want to be. And I won’t accept any negative thoughts about me or change for others. If they are not happy with me, I can kindly tell them, thanks but no thanks. I will define myself.

4 – I love to learn new things.

This positive affirmation reminds you of the exciting prospect of learning new things today. I’m curious, I’m smart and I’m able to learn hard things. I won’t back down when things are challenging. I can work hard and learn anything I put my mind to.

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5 – I’m free

I’m free to live without fear or worry. I am free from the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’m free to be who the Universe made me to be. Permission self-granted to feel free from feeling less than worthy. I’m free from other people’s opinions, they don’t make me who I am. Most importantly, I’m free from doubters and haters who don’t understand my life. Today, I’m free to be me!

6 – The Universe is bigger than my problems.

The earth isn’t spinning out-of-control today. My Creator is here and is bigger than any problem I may come up against today. The Universe cares for me. So, I can connect with nature to appreciate all the beauty that’s so much more vast than I am.

7 – My contributions are important to me and to others

This positive affirmation serves as a valuable reminder.

I have something to share with my world. Those around me need my contributions no matter how small they may seem. If I hold back, someone will lose out. My mind is strong, I’m able to problem solve. People need my gift. I will contribute with confidence and purpose.

8 – Everything will be okay as I trust the Creator

Trusting in the Creator is a good thing. I don’t need a crutch; I need a supernatural, all-seeing being who set the stars in place. He’s bigger than the world and bigger than the doubters. He’s there for me and I have confidence in Him as he uses me to do great things today.

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9 – I can laugh today

The adage tells us–laughing is always the best medicine. So, I will laugh and receive its good healthy medicine for my soul.  I will laugh at the things I can’t control. And I will laugh at the things I can control. I will laugh at my weakness, my mistakes, and my human nature. Laughter triumphs over feeling bitter and pessimistic about life. I will not let the fear mongers tell me to hide and be afraid to live.

10 – I choose not to worry

I will not worry, because worry kills. Worry kills joy. Moreover, worry tells me the worst-case scenario. Worry keeps me from trying. It steals my life. Worry is boring. I refuse to worry about things out of my control. Definitely, I will not worry about things outside my control. I choose not to worry because it won’t make me a better person.

11 – I choose peace, not hate

I choose to have peace when everything around me is chaotic.  My choice is peace instead of revenge. I choose peace instead of hate. I choose peace and faith in the goodness of others instead of manipulation. During visualization, I breathe in peace and breathe out fear.

12 – Nothing is impossible for the Creator

Here’s a positive affirmation that makes one think deeply.

Our Creator is bigger than any problem I have. He’s bigger than any hate I face. He’s able to keep me from falling. He hears me when I cry out to him. No one can keep me away from his love and protection. Nothing is too hard for him to accomplish in my life.

13 – I’m not perfect, and that’s okay

Perfect is for sunsets, not for people. No one is perfect, no matter what they tell you. There is no perfect body or face or brain or job. Life is one big imperfect experience, and that’s okay. People are imperfect beings. I am happy not to be perfect, that would be boring. I’m okay with the way I am!

14 – I am strong and able to get the job done

I can do anything I put my mind to. I am capable, strong and a hard worker for getting the job done. No one can take that away from me. I’m stronger than I was yesterday and I will be stronger tomorrow. I will get the job done in my way on my time schedule.

15 – I am accepting of others who fail me

I accept other people’s imperfections. I won’t let their failure make me disappointed or sad.  That’s on them, not me. I don’t need them to succeed to find my peace or joy. I will not lean on others to find my happiness. If they fail me, I will still accept them.

16 – I am a loving person, even when those around me are not

My love for others isn’t dependent on their actions. I don’t love people for what they do for me, but who they are. If they fail or get angry or even yell at me, I don’t need to be sad. They don’t define my love for them. I can be loving but firm. I can set boundaries for them, that’s a loving thing to do. Finally, I can correct them, and that’s also a loving thing to do. To be quiet and ignore their bad behavior isn’t loving, that’s hateful. I will stand up for myself, that’s loving. This positive affirmation will reassure you that you give love to those who matter.

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17 – I’m a work in progress, and that’s okay

Today, I may fail. I may mess up big time. That’s okay because I’m a work in progress. Today I will grow and change, I will learn as I make mistakes. I will own my mistakes, I will take responsibility for my mistakes. Most certainly, I won’t grovel, I will be strong and not worry if I mess up. We learn from failures–it’s how you bounce back that counts!

18 – I’ll never give up, even when things are hard

If things get hard today, I will not give up. Never will I allow self-pity or play self-blame games. I can do challenging things. I can take my time and finish the task in front of me. And I will do what I need to do, in the way I want to do it. Most importantly, I won’t give up when someone tells me I can’t do it. I won’t give up when someone says they are better than me. That may be true, but I won’t give up trying to improve myself and the world around me.

19 – I’m creative

Today, I can be creative. I can find unique solutions to problems that come my way. I can think outside the box. My creativity looks different from other people’s creativity. I may not be an artist, but I can draw something that inspires. While I may not be a musician, I can sing a song to comfort someone. Finally, I may not be a writer, but I can write a letter to encourage a sick friend. I am creative, it’s special to who I am.

20 – No one can steal my joy

My joy is secure. It’s not dependent upon other people’s acceptance or perception of me. Nor does it depend upon how many likes I get on my latest social media post or how many followers I have. My joy is not based on others, but on me–and me alone. My joy is secure because it can’t be taken away!

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Final Thoughts on Using Positive Affirmations to Feel Happy Today

Tell yourself these things…

I am who I am. There’s no one like me. I’m not patterned off of anyone else. I can’t be duplicated or copied. I’m one of a kind. The Creator knows who I am, and he’s happy He made me. He gave me the eyes, ears, nose, and hair I have, and that’s good. And then he gave me my sense of humor, my funny voice, and my personality. I’m a rare jewel set among other gems. So, I feel content, secure, and happy.

Positive affirmations improve your sense of well being. As you affirm yourself, it actually helps you have compassion for others. Being happy with yourself helps you and affects others at the same time. Stay positive with these 20 affirmations. Read them and believe them!