20 Signs Reveal That Your Partner Is Your Forever Person

20 Signs Reveal That Your Partner Is Your Forever Person


You’re smitten with someone and believe they may be “the one” you will love forever. However, the classic question remains how do you know for sure? Is this the person your one true love or soulmate?

Twenty Signs You’ve Found Your Forever Person

Contrary to popular belief, making a relationship work takes more than love. You need honesty, compassion, loyalty, and hard work. If you listen to your heart, you’ll notice these 20 signs that reveal you’re with your forever person.

1. You Have a Simultaneous Love Connection

Maybe in past relationships, you were the one who fell in love first, or vice-versa. What if you and your current mate fell for each other simultaneously? It’s a good chance that this loving relationship was in the stars, and you’ve found your forever person.


2. You are Best Friends With Your Forever Person

Using “friends” in a romantic relationship is poisonous for most people. However, you’ve discovered that your partner truly is your best friend. Shouldn’t friendship be as much part of a loving relationship as a physical?

Research published by the National Library of Medicine suggests that friends-first initiation may be more prevalent than the romance between strangers. Of course, it may have been love at first sight for you. Either way, a loving relationship usually develops into one of the deepest friendships imaginable.

3. You Don’t Have to Say a Word

Love is just as much a language of the heart as a verbal one. Consider how often you look into your partner’s eyes and know what they are thinking. They also amaze you when they understand your feelings and needs without you saying a word.

Sure, such subliminal communication isn’t a substitute for verbally expressing your love, needs, and concerns. It’s just a beautiful touch of spiritual grace in a loving relationship. These are the times you know you’re committed to each other body, mind, and spirit.

4. You Can Be Genuine Around Your Soulmate

An article published by the Review of General Psychology states that authenticity facilitates your psychological well-being. Most couples would also agree that genuineness is essential for a lasting and loving relationship.

When you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll discover that you can be yourself with them; they feel the same when they’re with you. There’s no need for facades or hiding your real emotions. Your loving acceptance of each other encourages authenticity and honesty.

5. You Gravitate Toward a Forever Person

The law of attraction also works with finding your soulmate. Since like attracts like, you naturally gravitate to someone like you. They share some of the same interests and want similar things in life.

6. Your Spiritual Vibrations Get Higher

Did you know that everything in the Universe is tuned to a specific frequency? The more spiritually minded you become, the higher your frequency. When you’re in the right loving relationship, you’ll notice more positive and higher vibrations.

7. The Spiritual Paths Soulmates are On Target

Your life’s path is just as unique as your fingerprint. However, when you find your soulmate, the merging of your paths shows similarities. You share some of the same dreams and aspirations and the desire to share their journey.

8. You Feel Like You’ve Known Your Forever Person Your Entire Life

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt you’ve known them a lifetime? Some may say that it’s dé·jà vu or connecting with a lover from a past life. You know you’re with the right person when your spirits resonate with attraction and familiarity.

9. You Meet Them at the Perfect Moment

One of the most beautiful gifts of the divine is meeting your lover when you need them most. Maybe you were experiencing a devastating loss or crisis of faith. You’ll probably discover later that they needed you just as much as you needed them.

10. Your Inner Voice Confirms: They Are Your True Soulmate

Do you take time to listen to that small, still voice that speaks to your heart? Your higher self knows you better than you do yourself. When you’re in a loving relationship, it will confirm that you’re both on the right path.


11. You Respect Each Other’s Opinions

Wherever there are two people, there will always be a difference of opinion. If a couple doesn’t respect each other’s thoughts and ideas, the relationship won’t last. You feel secure when you and your significant other can disagree but still respect and love each other.

12. Forever Partners Bring out the Best in Each Other

Does your mate encourage you and make you feel like you can conquer anything? This supportive love is a significant component of a forever relationship. You do the same for them, striving to be the best versions of yourself.

13. You Love Them Even at Their Worst

Nobody is perfect, and even the most charming soulmate can have bad days. How does your partner react to your mistakes, shortcomings, and emotional meltdowns? If you can see each other at your worst and still be in love, you can be sure it’s real.

14. You Listen to Each Other

Too many couples go through the motions and just “hear” each other. Their partner’s conversation goes in one ear and out of the other. Then, they wonder why their relationship falters due to poor communication and misunderstandings.

In a healthy, loving relationship, you actively listen to each other. You don’t interrupt and think about their statements before you reply. You mirror the other’s emotions and maintain receptive body language.

15. You’ve Finally Released the Past

Let’s face it; everybody has a few skeletons in their closet that rattle from time to time. However, you can’t fully bond with your soulmate if one or both of you are shackled with past baggage. You know you’re with the right person when you can finally leave the past and walk with them into the present and future.

16. You’re More Compassionate with Yourself

How many people would be in your circle if you treated them like you treat yourself? You’d probably be losing relationships left and right. Thankfully, you learn to give yourself a break when you’re with your forever person.

You become less judgmental, and you are more accepting of yourself. When you make mistakes, you apologize, make amends, and try to improve. You follow your lover’s example by being compassionate towards yourself.

17. Forever Partners Pick Each Other up When You Fall

Anybody can be madly in love when everything is going their way. The sun is shining, and the world’s a perfect place. It’s another story when the storm clouds roll in, and problems and mistakes darken your outlook.

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