Sometimes in life, you’ll struggle to find peace, but you can use affirmations to help you along. Finding inner peace and serenity is life-changing and can lead to more positivity. While you can’t control what happens around you, you can control how you react to it.

Even when the world around you seems out of control, you can stay calm and peaceful through it all. Focus on yourself and on building your inner peace each morning to start on the right note. Using affirmations for peace in your morning routine will help you face the day with positivity.

By starting your day with positive affirmations, you set yourself up for positivity throughout the day. It helps you remember to push negative thoughts away, preventing stress and emotional disruption. The more often you say affirmations to find peace, the better your results will be.

Find Peace in Your Soul with These Daily Affirmations

If you don’t know where to start with your affirmations, these examples can help. Read through them and find your favorite ones, then implement them into your morning routine. It might help to write them down or take a screenshot to reference later, too.

1. I embrace the present and let go of negativity from the past.

When you focus and embrace the present, you’ll have an easier time finding peace in your soul. Let go of any negativity from the past, and learn not to let it hold you back anymore. No matter what happened in the past, you can experience true peace rather than living with rumination.

2. I am considerate of others and act unselfishly whenever I can.

When you’re considerate of other people, you’ll find more peace in your own life. Don’t put others ahead of yourself, but work on being selfless whenever you can. Being considerate and acting selflessly will help you find happiness, peace, and joy within.

When you feel good about helping others, you’ll feel good about yourself. You won’t have stress or disruptions because of the way you treat others. Instead, you’ll always know that you treat others kindly and do what you can for them.

3. I look for lessons and learning opportunities in all situations.

No matter what you’re doing or going through, this affirmation can help you overcome. When you look for learning opportunities, you won’t be as aware of the negativity around you. Plus, you’ll have an easier time pushing away thoughts or feelings that disrupt your peace.

4. I treat people with understanding and compassion no matter what.

Even when you don’t agree with someone or have an ongoing issue, use this affirmation. Using understanding and compassion can help you connect with others. Plus, it’ll help ease tension and prevent further problems, helping you discover peace in your soul.

5. I accept and embrace my role in life right now.

If you find yourself filling a role that you aren’t thrilled about, use this affirmation to help you feel better. You might struggle with adapting to parenthood or your role as a caregiver to an aging family member. Whatever position you find yourself in, learn to embrace it to experience peace in your soul.

Use this affirmation to remember that this role will eventually cease. You will be able to identify yourself differently as soon as you get through this time. However, while you’re currently in the role, learn to embrace and accept it so that you can experience peace.

6. I choose to see the world differently and positively.

If you struggle with viewing the world in a positive light, try this affirmation each morning. It will remind you to look for the good in the world around you, helping you find joy and happiness. As you learn to see the world differently, you’ll quickly find peace within.

7. I am gaining wisdom, strength, and compassion in this situation.

With each situation you encounter, you become a better person as you experience growth. You will become wiser, stronger, and more compassionate each time you use this affirmation. It will bring feelings of peace within as you improve who you are as a person.

8. I acknowledge that every circumstance is an opportunity for growth.

No matter what you’re going through, you find an opportunity for growth. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of your experience, look for the joyful and good parts. Remembering that even the hard times are an opportunity for growth, you’ll quickly reach a state of peacefulness.

9. I exhibit thoughtfulness, compassion, and grace.

When you think of others and offer compassion and grace, you’ll experience peace within. People that exhibit these behaviors and characteristics tend to be happier and surer of themselves. You’ll feel better overall when you know that you’re a good person and treat others well.

10. I know that all hard times will pass.

All hard times that you go through will come to an end eventually. Use this affirmation to seek peacefulness in everything that you go through. The hard times will pass, and you’ll feel like yourself again as long as you stay positive.

11. I am grateful for the gift of another day.

Nothing is promised in life, and that includes waking up for another day. If you have no other positive things to think about, you can always use this one. By saying this affirmation each morning, you’ll experience peacefulness within as you go through your life.

12. I am capable of loving and being loved unconditionally.

If you ever feel like you can’t love someone or that no one can love you, this affirmation is for you. Those negative feelings can disrupt your soul. By using this affirmation each day, you can learn to find peace in your soul instead.

13. I am grateful for the peace within me as I experience compassion for the turmoil in the world.

Express your gratitude for the peace you have within you. Even if you can’t feel the peace right at that moment, it is still there. By expressing gratitude, you’ll allow the peaceful feelings to come forward, forcing negativity to dissipate.

14. I use kind words no matter what the situation is.

You might find yourself tempted to use unkind words when you’re upset or angry. If this ever happens to you, then try repeating this affirmation each morning. It will serve as a reminder to be kind no matter what, allowing you to experience peace in your soul.

15. I let go of control in some situations.

You can’t control everything, so learn to let go when necessary. When you keep trying to control something out of your hands, it’ll cause stress and disrupt your peace. By letting go of these things, you’ll experience peace in your soul once again.

Sometimes, admitting that something is out of your control results in a relieving sensation. You will feel better that you no longer have to consume your thoughts with the situation anymore.

16. I seek positives in every situation to find inner peace.

By looking for the positive aspects in every situation, you’ll always have inner peace. When you’re looking for good things that bring positivity and joy, you’ll find the peace that you’ve been searching for.

17. I choose to forgive myself and those who have hurt me.

If you struggle to forgive yourself or someone else, then this affirmation is for you. If you live with the regret of things you’ve done, it’ll stand in the way of your peace. Learn to forgive yourself so that you can heal and move forward peacefully.

If it was someone else that hurt you, choose to forgive them, too. Even if you don’t want the person in your life, you can still forgive what they did. With forgiveness comes peace from within.

18. I know that I don’t have to be right all of the time.

Even if it’s hard to admit, you aren’t always right, and you don’t have to be. If you can’t accept when you’re wrong, you’ll struggle to experience peace and joy in life. Use this affirmation each day to remember that you can find peace even if you weren’t right about something.

19. I embrace solitude and use it as a time for quiet contemplation.

For some people, being alone can cause a loss of peace. Use this affirmation to learn to embrace solitude and use it as a chance for self-discovery. When you’re in a quiet moment all alone, embrace the time for quiet contemplation and growth.

20. I am at peace no matter what is going on around me.

You can choose peace no matter what the situation entails. Even when everything else seems out of control and hectic, you can find peace in your soul. Use this affirmation to prepare for the unexpected.

Final Thoughts on Finding Peace in Your Soul with These Daily Affirmations

With all of the hectic, unpredictable situations in the world, it can be hard to find peace. By using these daily affirmations, you’ll become more resilient, happier, and joyful.

These affirmations can help you change your mindset, focusing on the good things in your life. Implement a few of them into your morning routine for the best results.