Jealousy may be common, but it’s better to try to look at things from a different perspective because jealousy can rob so much from your life. The sad reality is that friends, coworkers, a partner and many others can be jealous of you. Worse than that, you may struggle with jealousy. Being jealous isn’t a healthy way to live, and it steals your life from you.

Jealousy robs you from living a triumphant life. Being jealous monopolizes all your time, focus and energy that you could use to cultivate a life you’ve always wanted, because jealousy causes you to get in a vicious cycle. You’re consumed with jealous thoughts that you kick over and over in your brain. The only way to get away from feeling this way is to change your thoughts and understand the truth about who you are and the world we live in.

Here’s how to stop feeling jealous:

Understand Who You Are

Most people who are jealous of other women don’t understand who they are. They tend to be insecure. They think that other women are better than they are, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every day, wake up telling yourself how amazing you are. This isn’t about saying you’re better than anyone. You’re not better than anyone, but you’re not less than anyone either. You’re just different, and that’s not a bad thing. Creating affirmations about yourself is about realizing the truth that you are amazing. There is only one of you in the entire world, out of everyone ever born. You fill a role in the world that no one else can in your own special way. Stop believing you are inferior. Unhealthy people will have you believe that, but it’s time to shine for everything you are.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone on this planet is beautiful, but some people are too unhealthy to see that. Many women have bought into society’s warped idea of what is and isn’t beautiful. This leaves women with the message that they’re not “enough,” which causes women to think they have less value. To clear things up, you have value for simply existing.

You need to recognize your own beauty, and be happy for it. Celebrate what’s unique about you. Dress in the way you love to dress. Do your hair the exact way you want to, even if that means others think it’s “weird.” Don’t be a copy of anyone, and let go of measuring up. Don’t hang around people or keep a partner that repeatedly reminds you that you don’t measure up. There is a difference in being jealous and feeling insecure about a relationship with someone who would purposely try to make you jealous.

Build Yourself Up

It’s good to know who you are, but you also need to cultivate a life you truly love. It all starts when you wake up in the morning. Your morning should start with happiness. Wake up to each beautiful day with hope, love and motivation. You have the ability to live each day exactly as you wish. Certain things will pop up, but you can always choose how you’re going to respond. Respond with gratitude for the things going right for you. Even be grateful for the “bad” because it’s teaching you something. If you’re busy living the life you truly love, you’re not going to think about someone else’s life.


Be Happy for Other People

People will say it’s normal to be jealous, but a lot of people tend to confuse “normal” for “common.” Yes, it’s common to be jealous of others, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When people are healthy, they aren’t concerned about how they compare to others. They’re happy for others’ success, and they are happy for their own. You can see another woman’s beauty and be happy for her. Don’t be happy that her beauty will get her something, but think to yourself, “Wow, that’s an awesome smile” or “I really like her hair.” Admiring another woman’s beauty doesn’t have anything to do with your own, so don’t make it about someone being “better” than you. Others are different and not better.

Life is wonderful. When you’re able to see that and appreciate that, you will live a much happier life.

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