Something about an emotional attraction keeps you connected with your loved ones. A romantic relationship is more than the physical connection between two people. Sure, that’s an important aspect, and it’s usually what brings people together. You see someone cute at a bar, so you approach them and initiate a conversation.

Not long after, you go on a first date with that person, and the rest is history. But the romantic side of the story can’t be written without the two people creating a connection. And, for that, it’s not enough to be physically attracted to one another. You also need to feel emotional attraction toward one another. Emotional attraction is the feeling you experience when you start bonding with someone on a deeper level.

It doesn’t have to be confined to romantic relationships, but it often is. Still, people can also be emotionally attracted to friends in the most platonic way possible. Fundamentally, emotional attraction is about connecting with someone because you are attracted to their mind and soul, not their body. But this attraction is felt most strongly in connection with people you are romantically interested in.

If you ever meet someone and feel like you’ve known them forever or bonded with them right off the bat, that’s because of emotional attraction. Sure, you can like people because of how smart or fun they are. But that doesn’t mean you’ve bonded with them. When you meet someone and feel you’ve connected with them in a way you’ve never connected with anyone before, this is because of an enhanced level of attraction.

What Is Emotional Attraction?

emotional attraction

Emotional attraction is that feeling that draws you to a person and keeps you feeling connected to them in a lasting way. It doesn’t always develop as soon as you meet someone, especially depending on how you meet them. Sometimes, you meet someone at a party, don’t even get the chance to talk to them, and write them off as a possible partner. And then you meet them sometime later, and you get the opportunity to have a conversation. That conversation can turn out to be the beginning of something special.

Why Emotional Attraction is Special

As opposed to physical attraction, it doesn’t have the same immediate spark. You don’t just lock eyes with someone and are immediately drawn in. You have to talk to someone before connecting on a deeper level. And, sometimes, it can even take a while before you create a bond. Some people don’t open up as quickly because they are shy, don’t trust people easily, or just find it hard to talk about themselves.

So, you must allow these people to feel comfortable around you before bonding with them. But when they finally let their walls down, and you get to know them, you’ll feel that you’ve known them forever. That’s why emotional attraction is so special. Also, as mentioned before, emotional attraction doesn’t need to be something you feel only toward a romantic partner.

More specifically, you don’t need to feel physical or emotional attraction towards the same person. You can, and when you do, it can be the best feeling ever. That’s a sign that you’ve found a potential partner. But you can only feel one or the other type of attraction. For example, you might find someone attractive but then talk to them, and there’s nothing there.

Or you can be attracted to someone’s mind, values, worth ethic, and personality and not be attracted to how they look. Physical attraction is something most people are familiar with, so you probably know how to identify it. But what about emotional attraction? What signs might you be forming a deeper bond with someone?

5 Signs of Emotional Attraction

Here are five signs that someone feels a deep connection with you.

1.      You Feel Like They Get You

You know how there are some people you know so well that you feel like you can communicate with just your eyes or through facial expressions? Well, that’s what it feels like to find someone who truly gets you without having to spell everything out for them. And feeling like someone truly gets you it’s a sign of emotional attraction.

There’s nothing better than meeting someone and clicking right away without any weirdness or forced small talk. A person you are emotionally attracted to will quickly become someone you can talk almost telepathically with. When you first meet someone, chances are the conversation will be slow, and you’ll have to push through a lot of awkward silences.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you don’t know that person yet and have no idea what you could ever have together. So, when you can start joking around with someone from the first second you meet them, that shows just how connected you are. It’s not a struggle to have fun together. It’s just something that comes naturally.

2.      You Never Get Sick of Each Other

Even if you’re best friends with someone, you can still get sick of them occasionally. Everyone has turned down an invitation to go out because they didn’t want to see that person on that day. And that doesn’t mean you don’t like that person. It just means you need a break from them for a few days, and then you’ll be happy to see them again.

This might sound bad, but getting tired of people occasionally is not disrespectful. If your personalities don’t mesh perfectly, you won’t always want to be around them. But that doesn’t happen with someone you are emotionally attracted to.

When you are attracted to someone on a deeper level, you’ll always want to be around them. Even if you see them every day, you’ll still want to spend more time with them. That’s because you feel comfortable around them and your personalities match. Instead of getting sick of each other, each time you see each other will make you want to spend more time together.


3.      You Have Compatible Values

Emotional attraction isn’t based on people being exactly the same person. You can be polar opposites, at least in the personality traits you outwardly show. An introverted and an extroverted person can be more emotionally connected than two people who are both extroverts. And that happens when those people have compatible values. Your bond will be strong from the get-go if you are fundamentally similar.

It doesn’t matter as much if you two act the same. After all, you could meet someone as loud or quirky as you are, but that doesn’t mean you’ll click. If that person has completely different values and sees the world in a way you disagree with, you won’t be able to create a bond. But, if you both have the same core values, that will do wonders for your relationship.

4.      They Make You Feel Safe to Open Up

Having fun and light conversations with people is always essential. But you can have fun with people without having an emotional connection. And, likely, you won’t feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable around those people. You probably have a lot of friends or people you casually hang out with that don’t know all there is to know about you.

It can be hard to open up, and only a handful of people will learn more about you than superficial things. But when you meet someone who you emotionally connect with, you’ll feel comfortable sharing everything about yourself with that person. You’ll find that you’ll have deep, meaningful conversations for hours.

In just a few days, you’ll be able to open up and tell them more things about yourself than you’ve told your own family. And they’ll also be vulnerable around you. This is because a strong connection makes people feel safe. You’ll know deep down that if you open up, it won’t backfire, and you won’t get hurt.

5.      There’s a Lot of Respect in Your Relationship

The people you hang out with probably have a high level of respect. But these people won’t make special efforts to treat you any differently than they would any other person. So they don’t try to learn about your specific boundaries and needs. Any decent person will be able to treat you with respect.

When you meet someone you bond with on a deeper level, that respect will also reach levels you never thought possible. There will be a conscious effort from both parties to make the other happy and ensure that no one gets hurt. Because of that, you’ll have serious discussions about your boundaries and how to ensure they don’t get crossed.

For example, they’ll try to find your triggers so they don’t make you feel bad by mistake. Even if it’s something as small as learning what your food allergies are so that they can take you out is a sign of them respecting you on a deeper level. And this respect will be reciprocated. You won’t ever feel like you are the only one putting in the effort. Both of you will work to ensure that your connection stays at strong as possible.

emotional attraction

Final Thoughts on Some Signs of Emotional Attraction

Whether with a friend or a partner, creating a deep emotional connection with someone is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. Even if you have all the money, nothing compares to having someone who makes you feel safe and happy. And this is precisely how you’ll feel when you meet that person who will attract you with their mind, personality, and soul.

But, sometimes, it can be hard to tell if you have a deep connection with someone. So, you have to be aware of some of the signs. When you have that strong bond, you’ll feel like they get you, and you’ll never get sick of each other. Also, you’ll have compatible values, even though you might seem completely different. This person will offer you a safe space to feel comfortable opening up. And last but not least, there will be a deep level of respect in the relationship.