Have you ever met someone who has a hard dose of egotism? These folks have a larger-than-life view of themselves, and they come across as arrogant and rude. Some people say that arrogant people have a disease that affects everyone around them, except it doesn’t seem to infect them.

You’ll know when you’re in the presence of someone full of themselves, as it makes every person near them sick to their stomach. Everyone has moments in their life where they feel on top of the world and like they’ve done a fantastic job. However, most folks don’t let this go to their head or wallow in pride over a victory, as they know life has some defeats.

As soon as they turn around, life knocks you off your high horse, and you must begin the steady climb to the top once again. When an individual has much bravado and arrogance, it’s very off-putting to those around them. Some might call these folks difficult or toxic, and you wonder how you can sit around a table at another birthday party or family gathering with this person.

The main crux of the issue with this person is that they are so in love with themselves that they barely pay attention to anyone else or even care.

Eleven Signs of Egotism

Do you know an egoist or someone who has an inflated sense of self? Here are some signs of egotism. Do you think perhaps you need to humble your ego?

1. You’re All About Materialism

Life is all about buying the nicer car and the bigger house. You’re more concerned with what you attain than those you meet along the way. You’re all about gaining and climbing the corporate ladder of success.

2. Gossip Is Something Egotism Enjoys

If you’re involved in egotism, then you probably enjoy some unhealthy gossip. You love to talk about others and how they need to change or improve, which is another way to inflate your value once again in your mind.

3. You Were Praised Often as a Child

Many times, the self-centered person had parents that doted and praised them. They might not have been disciplined much for poor behavior or bad choices. Growing up thinking that you’re the most incredible person and you do no wrong can make your self-esteem soaring.

4. You Interrupt Others To Get Your Point Across

Conversations with you are demanding for other people, as you often interrupt. You have to say it is so vital that you have no problem cutting others off to get your point across.

5. Your Job Gives You a Position of Power

Part of the driving force for egotism is a powerful job. When you’re in a position of power and authority, it’s hard to turn it off when you leave the office. When you leave work, you wear a management attitude, and others don’t like the control tactics.

6. Others Feel You’re Overwhelming To Be Around

According to the Personality Disorders Awareness Network, more than 6.2 percent of the population suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. Perhaps, one of the reasons why so many folks think it’s overwhelming to be around you is because you’re so self-centered and use folks for your gain. All the classic signs of NPD can easily be found in a person with an inflated ego.

7. Egotism Creates Sore Losers

You don’t believe you should ever lose, and if you should fail at a game or a deal at the office, you’re very sore about it. You’ve been called a sore loser since childhood, whether playing a game of checkers or failing at a multimillion-dollar deal. It infuriates you not to come out on top, and you find it embarrassing to lose.

8. You Don’t Develop Healthy Social Connection

Healthy social connections are essential for life, but the egotism of the self-centered person is often a cue for others to stay away.Indeed, your social connections are essential as they tie to your immunity and mental health. One of the fundamental human needs is to be loved and wanted, and when your social connection is lacking, it can inhibit your life.

Sadly, most people run from self-centered people, who usually don’t have good relationships with family either.

9. Any Successes in Life You Take Full Credit for

Even if you worked on a team and the project was a team effort, you will credit the entire thing. You see it as you did all the work; everyone else was just on standby.

10. Egotism Can’t Admit Defeat

It doesn’t matter if you know you’re wrong; you will never admit it. You think everyone else’s opinion pails in comparisons. You know everything, and no one can tell you a thing.

11. Gratitude Is Not You’re Virtue

When a person isn’t grateful for the things they have, it’s because they don’t feel like it’s ever enough. Forget writing gratitude lists or thanking the Universe for your blessings, as you feel you haven’t been given a fraction of what you deserve.

Five Ways to Overcome Egotism and Humble the Ego

If you feel your pride starts to increase for something you’ve done, you need to learn how to remain humble. It’s not easy, as those times when you’re on the mountain top feel incredible. However, here are some ways to stay modest and realize that life cycles, and one day you’re a winner, but the next day you will suffer loss.

1. Realize That You Know Very Little in This Life

You would be sadly mistaken if you think that you know it all in this life. One of the classic signs of egotism is assuming that you know more than someone else. The truth is you learn new things every day, and you will gain wisdom as you age.

According to Lauren Edwards-Fowle, M.Sc., B.Sc. from the Learning Mind, thinking you know it all comes from insecurities in your intellect. Never speak down to and patronize others as it’s just not constructive.

2. Never Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty and Work

You will have several bosses throughout your life; some will have more impact than others. One of the most memorable and best bosses isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Have you ever been to a fast-food restaurant and seen the manager jump on the line, ringing up orders, or working the drive-thru? These managers know that when their team is suffering or overworked, their job is to get in there and help. Sure, they could play the card that they’re the boss, but they remember they’re nothing without the team behind them.

3. Understand That Everyone Is Equal to Overcome Egotism

You put your pants on the same way everyone else does in the morning. When you pass from this life, there isn’t a segregated graveyard for the rich and poor.

Everyone is born the same way, and everyone will leave this world by the grave. What you do during the in-between times is what counts.

4. Accept Responsibility

While egotism makes it hard to accept responsibility, you must admit when you’re wrong. You can learn and grow from these experiences, so it’s best to admit your faults and see what lesson is there for you.

5. Reach Out to Those in Need

If you want to humble your self-pride, learn to give back to others. Spending an afternoon at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen can undoubtedly give you a humbling experience. When you come face-to-face with the poverty and devastation around the country, you learn that life isn’t all about dollars and cents, and people are what matters.

Final Thoughts on Dealing with Egotism

Whether you’re prideful, arrogant, or egotistical, it’s time to change your ways. It’s not fun for you or those around you to deal with such toxic behaviors. There are times when you should speak, but there are more times when you should do nothing more than listen.