Do you know people who always seem so easy going? They just let it wash over them and come out with a smile and no stress no matter what happens. It’s such a desirable and impressive way to live life, and for many, it isn’t easy to achieve!

Easy going individuals like that uniquely live their lives. If you’d like to emulate their energy, learning about their habits and behaviors can give you some insight into how to do so. You can also avoid some of the pitfalls they may fall into if you understand their actions! Here are five things easygoing people do without realizing it.

1.      Easy Going People Focus On Positive Things

Easy going people always seem to be happy. Their minds are naturally optimistic, focusing on good things over bad. They can maintain healthy groundedness and realism without losing themselves to pessimism and negativity. Here are some ways that they manage to do this:

·         They’re Always Grateful

Gratitude is a huge predictor of life satisfaction, according to studies. The more grateful you are, the more grateful you can become. This is because the ability to be thankful for silver linings continually rewires your brain. It trains you to continue to seek out positivity in the world around you and the situations you’re in. That’s why easy going people find a way to immerse everything in gratitude.

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·         Easy Going People Don’t Engage In Negative Self-Talk

Of course, easygoing people can experience self-doubt, and many will still struggle with an inner critic! But they can keep it low-key by putting a positive spin on their negative thoughts. Over time, this habit diminishes negative inner voices and replaces them with self-kindness.

·         They Smile And Laugh A Lot

Easy going people know that humor is the best way to get through various difficult situations. This doesn’t mean that they engage in toxic positivity! No, it’s quite the contrary. They want to laugh, smile, and find reasons to be happy to make their lives easier and more fulfilling. When difficult times are upon them, maintaining the capacity to smile can be very powerful!

2.      Easy Going People Have Positive Interactions With Others

Look for these behaviors in personal interactions and communications.

·         They Take An Interest In Others

Easy going people are entirely genuine in their interactions with others. They ask lots of questions to the people around them to get to know those they spend time with. Research shows that people naturally find question-askers to be much more likable. And, of course, easygoing people listen well to the answers to their questions. They ask all these things because they genuinely have such a deep interest in the people around them! That kind of authenticity can’t be faked.

·         They’re Not Clingy

Easy going individuals aren’t needy with those in their lives. While some degree of clinginess isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can become toxic quickly. Easy going people aren’t at risk of this. They’re happy to go with the flow, and they respect that others have their own lives. Why? Well, because they value their fulfillment, too! They want others to be able to enjoy that satisfaction.

·         They Support Others

Easy going people don’t let envy and selfishness control their interactions with the people around them. They give others genuine compliments and are great cheerleaders. They see the value in surrounding themselves with positive people and know that they also have to be positive to fit into those circles. And they do so effortlessly!

·         They Are Reliable

If you need someone you can trust, easy going people are a fantastic go-to. They’re not flaky, they follow through on their promises, and they’re happy to be there for those in need. Many people consider easy going individuals to be pillars of strength, and that’s quite an honor in any group of people!

3.      Easy Going People Don’t Internalize Their Problems

Life is filled with various stressors. Easy going people don’t allow those stressors to drag them down completely. They have wisdom that will enable them to relax in the face of difficulty.

This is not to say that easy going people never become anxious or overwhelmed! They’re human beings, too, and they have emotions and are affected by different issues. But they never take that pain too far to the point that it becomes internalized. This reaction means they don’t overreact and prefer not to take things overly personally. Instead:

·         They Are Proactive, Not Reactive

They pause when faced with difficulties and take a deep breath before taking further steps. They are willing to process their thoughts in silence before taking any action and value objective perspective.

·         They Maintain Mindfulness Throughout Various Stressors

They know how to allow events and words to wash over them, viewing their emotions as passing clouds. This habit allows them to absorb input calmly, with kindness leading them.

·         They Know This Isn’t Permanent

They have a concept that “this too shall pass,” and as such, they do not dwell significantly on complex emotions. They know that pain and suffering are temporary and take each day one step at a time.

Easy going people are also very good at determining whether or not something deserves their attention. Because they don’t internalize how they feel, they don’t prioritize things that they deserve. This means:

  • They ask themselves if something matters in the long run before dedicating a lot of time and effort to them. If these things won’t matter tomorrow or in a week, they move on and focus on taking things step by step. This behavior allows things to roll off of them.
  • They don’t dwell on the things that they can’t change. They see no point in internalizing problems related to the weather, random events, or various risks. Instead, their attention is focused on what they can do in those situations, instead of blaming themselves.
  • They build up their personal feelings of self-esteem so that they can handle various issues with confidence.

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4.      Sometimes, Easy Going People Get Taken Advantage Of

Easygoing people sometimes don’t realize that they’re going too far for others. Their relaxed nature means they tend not to notice various forms of negativity until it’s too late. In some ways, that laid-back, low-key personality works against them. It’s unfortunate, but many easy-going individuals need to learn to set firmer boundaries and enforce them well. The trouble is even noticing that someone’s taking advantage of them, to begin with!

Some struggles like this include:

  • Having to be a mediator between more headstrong individuals.
  • Often being considered a pushover or a doormat.
  • Having their opinions dismissed or ignored because they’ll be most likely to be willing to compromise.
  • Not wanting to stand up for themselves because they’d rather keep things low-key.
  • Constantly being the person who has to be strong or relied upon.
  • People believe they’ll be fine and happy with anything and everything.
  • Trying to avoid drama but being relied upon as a good and reliable ear anyway.
  • People ignore their boundaries because of how relaxed they are, believing they won’t care.

This is not a statement against easy-going personalities, of course! It’s a positive trait in most situations. But, like all human beings, those who are easy going have their weaknesses. Naturally, being so relaxed makes them more susceptible to the unsavory motives of those who want to take advantage of them. They’re able to counteract this by building sound support systems and not feeling compelled to please others.

5.      Easy Going People Live A Carefree Life

Easy going people live a happy, carefree life. Their daily habits are all centered around belief in a low-key but fulfilling experience. When their whole life is so immersed in easy-going routines, it’s only natural that this shows in their personality and actions! Here are some ways that they do this:

·         They Make The Choice To Be Happy

Being happy isn’t easy, but easygoing people know how to achieve that. Research shows that this is true, and the effort put into being happier already makes you happy! Even when faced with mood disorders, easy going people are determined to live happy and fulfilling life. They may stumble and struggle, but they have no interest in sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves. They have taken personal responsibility for their happiness.

·         They Don’t Care What People Think

There’s so much power in knowing that your opinion is the only one that matters most in your life. Easy going people have learned this skill well. They don’t care what others say of them. They know someone will always have something negative to say, and they know they can’t please everyone. Yes, there are people that easy going individuals do care about the opinions of. But those are the people who matter to them – their loved ones, mentors, and sources of inspiration. Not the opinions of the status quo or random acquaintances!

·         They Make Time For Their Passions

Hobbies are what keep you alive and thriving. Easy going people spend their time on things that they love and enjoy. This makes them happier in the long run. Sure, there are some necessities they don’t like, but it’s counteracted by all the passions they can pursue with joy!

·         They’re Spontaneous

Easy going people are excellent at going with the flow. They say “yes” often – within their energy means – and love going through arbitrary decisions! They don’t push against the tide unless they need to. This isn’t to say that they never forge their path. They know how to pick their battles and can ride the waves well.

·         They Make Time For Themselves

Self-care is so often overlooked – but not by easy going people! They always make time for themselves, taking care of their bodies and treating themselves with kindness and balance. Furthermore, they engage in their spiritual and mental health. They make time for “me-time,” and they love their own company!

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Final Thoughts On Some Things Easy Going People Do Without Realizing It

Easy going people are often happy and relaxed. They know how to deal with various complicated features of their life and don’t let themselves get dragged down. Learning to practice their traits in mindful and aware ways can help you become more easy going in your life, too!