Do you have the “it” factor that everyone wants? Why do some people tend to have tons of friends and are so well-liked, while others struggle to find just one person they trust? The truth is that what makes someone “liked” is subjective, as each person has their view of what signifies a good person.

Some believe it has everything to do with one’s temperament, past experiences, sensitivities, or mood. Someone nice and friendly certainly would have a good attitude and be well-liked. Right? However, likability can have nothing to do with how nice a person appears.

One individual might do good in one group of friends, but their popularity wouldn’t be so high with another group. Simply put, many mitigating factors draw a person to you, equating to a well-liked person.

Ten Behaviors That Make Someone Well-Liked by Others

Do you have qualities about you that tend to make people feel drawn to you, or do you tend to be off-putting to folks? Some people make friends quickly, while others need people to take time to get to know them.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover; some people appear friendly but are nothing of the sort. Here are some characteristics that make someone a well-liked person.


1. Good Natured People Are Well-Liked

You want jolly folks when you choose the people for your inner circle. Everybody loves the person who makes you laugh, cracks jokes, and is a pleasure to be around. The good-natured personality of someone is a significant defining factor in whether or not they’re famous.

Take, for instance, Molly. She worked at the local donut shop, and customers made a memorable trip to see her on her shifts. What was fabulous about Molly making people drive and fight traffic to talk with her?

Well, each day, she made it her goal to smile, ask each customer how they were doing, and pause to listen to what they said. She remembers things too, as she took a personal approach with her customers. She constantly told jokes and never seemed to have a dreadful day, even though she certainly did.

So she always slapped on a smile and made her customers feel like they were number one. People loved her because she made each one of them feel special. She remembered their kid’s and pets’ names and was always a welcoming face.

So, being jolly and good-natured can win you some brownie points in the likability factor.

2. Well-Liked People Are Responsible

In life, you must be responsible, or you will be dubbed as an immature or careless person. If you had two employees, one of them always showed up on time while the other negated responsibility, which one would you like more? People like those who step up to the plate and act accountable.

3. Uses Non-Verbal Communication

Your non-verbal communication is just as loud as your verbal. For instance, have you ever seen someone that talked with their hands? Animated people often make a variety of faces, move their hands back and forth for effect, and tend to get involved in their conversations.

According to Marbella International University Centre, they’ve found that your non-verbal communication remains steady. It’s able to transcend various languages and dialects. People can understand you better when you use this type of communication.

While folks may not always understand every word that comes out of your mouth, you must never underestimate body language’s power.

4. Honest People Are Well-Liked

You like people you can trust. Remember that story about not judging a book by its cover? Well, it’s more important than you think. Consider this example.

Mr. Gallimore ran a small plumbing company. He often had issues finding good help, as the job required long hours. During one hiring phase, he had two candidates that applied. One man, Tank, was covered in tattoos and wasn’t a snappy dresser.

At first sight, Tank was rough around the edges and wasn’t the most business-professional. The other man, Stephen, showed up to the interview dressed to the nines. Gallimore was impressed that every hair was in place, and he talked a big game.

Doing what he thought best, he hired the man who looked presentable and as if he had it together on the outside. The man embezzled thousands of dollars within six months of working for him. He was the worst employee in the company’s history.

Mr. Gallimore ran into the man he didn’t hire and decided to give him a chance. Though Tank was still a bit rough by business standards, the exterior didn’t showcase the gem on the inside. He was the best employee.

He’s now part-owner of the company and carrying on the legacy. People like honest and trustworthy folks; you can’t always tell that just by looking at someone. You must get to know a person inside and out before you deem if they’re amiable.

5. Well-Liked People Display Self-Confidence

Someone who displays self-confidence knows the importance of taking care of themselves. They’re a kind soul who hangs with positive people. They don’t talk down to themselves or others as they know their worth.


6. Versed on a Wide Variety of Subjects

It’s engaging in communicating with someone who is well-schooled on various subjects. This person can fit in most crowds as they always have something to say. They keep up on current events and are open-minded about taboo topics like politics and religion.

This person is knowledgeable, a good conversationalist, and can teach you something each time they speak. Life experiences make for good topics, and they have plenty of them to report.

7. Excellent Listeners

While speaking and communicating is good, being a good listener is an even higher priority on the well-liked list. Don’t you hate when you’re trying to have a conversation and keep being interrupted because the person needs to interject something? Someone who’s a good listener knows that communication is a two-way street, and sometimes you must sit back and listen silently.

8. Keep Good Eye Contact

Many people let their nerves or anxiety get in the way when having a conversation. Have you ever seen someone who looks in the corner while talking? It may have nothing to do with why they’re acting this way, but it’s very off-putting that they can’t look at you when they speak.

Keeping good eye contact is very important in any communication. How often did your teacher tell you in school, “All eyes on me?” They wanted you to look at them as they know this is how to keep your attention.

So, being well-liked means, you need to learn the importance of good eye contact.

9. Well-Liked People Are Giving

While you should never be in a relationship based on what someone can give you, those with a giving heart are more endearing. There’s something special about a person that doesn’t look down on those in need, takes food to someone who had a loved one pass, and sends flowers to cheer someone up. Having a giving nature makes you more of a likable person.

10. Able to Prioritize

Lastly, keeping your priorities in order is as important as being responsible. When looking for a friend, you want someone who has things in order and doesn’t run around in a frenzy all day.

Applying These Skills to Your Life

Looking over this list can be pretty eye-opening. The good news is that you can use this information to your advantage. However, it would help if you understood that your amiability depends on the situation.

Have you ever seen someone who seemed so endearing in one circumstance, but when you met them again, they didn’t seem as pleasant? Additionally, each person has various qualities that they deem as easygoing. When applying this to your life, you mustn’t get hung up on doing things that will make you more well-liked, as there’s a good chance you’ll be wrong.

You must show vulnerability when interacting with folks. People like someone honest, so you shouldn’t try to fit into a proverbial box to make folks like you.

The best way to use your time is to be authentic. You will be endearing to some folks and not well-liked to others, but you find your niche in life. People will discover things about you they like and some things they don’t, but most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

Your self-esteem and sense of worth will make you more apt to be appealing to others.


Final Thoughts on the Behaviors of the Well-Liked Individuals

Folks who selflessly give their time to others are good conversationalists, humble, and can make you laugh. They’re often the ones you see as well-liked. However, many reasons why a person might connect with one individual or another.

Generally, it doesn’t always mean they check the boxes and fit into the cookie-cutter mold of a likable person. Some things are essential, like laughing at yourself, being passionate about the things you like, and giving back. You will be well-loved and respected if you can incorporate just these three things into your life.