10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem



If you’re down on yourself, feeling lonely, depressed or ready to give up on your dreams, read this! You’ll love the boost to your self-esteem!

It’s time to give your self-esteem a boost and realize that YOU are a beautiful, unique, talented creation of life and belong in a life filled with love for yourself and those around you.



Here are 10 ways to boost your self-esteem right now:

1. Compliment yourself.

The love you send into the world has to come from somewhere, right?  It comes from within you, and you’ve GOT to practice the self-love you deserve.  This is especially important when you’re giving your love to others.  One great way to give yourself love is through a practice called “mirror work” taught in depth by Louise Hay.  Walk right up to the mirror, and compliment yourself – it’s as simple as that.  It could be anything from “Your hair looks great today” to “I love the authentic, beautiful, unique person you are!”


2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

“I cannot say this too strongly: Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might.” – Daisaku Ikeda

Your self-esteem is your own unique piece of the Universe.  Our world is one big jigsaw puzzle full of pieces that fit together in many ways, but you are only one piece, and must play your unique part.  When you compare yourself to others, you are undervaluing who you truly are. Realize your true self-worth.  It may even help improve your net worth!

3. Smile more often every day.

Smiling is essential to happiness and improved self-esteem. Studies show that smiling more (even if forced) can genuinely decrease stress, and also has many other benefits.  Not only will your mood rise, you’ll do the same for others; remember, as we empower ourselves and smile more, we shine a light for others to follow. They will also give themselves permission to smile more.

Even if for no other reason than the fact that you are still here, smile!

4. Be gentle to yourself.


Be gentle with yourself – you can’t change where you are right now, you can only change your perspective on it to shift yourself into a different, and hopefully more positive place in the future.  Also remember to be kind to others – what you say to others you simply say to yourself.  Go into every situation with the mission of improving others’ day through kindness and compassion, and you’ll see that the energy is returned exponentially.


5. Focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.

There’s no known force in this world that can move an entire mountain without breaking it down into pieces first.  Nonetheless, it’s the pieces that you’ve moved that remind you how far you’ve come.  The finish line will always be there waiting for you to cross it, just take a deep breath and keep going.

6. Reach out and get support.

Having positive relationships with open channels of communication is healthy and needed for positive progress. A strong network, whether it be through your local community, family, friends, online, etc., will hold you accountable to your own health & well being.  It will provide you with true and caring people  you can count on if life takes a negative shift.  (Don’t forget about the awesome Power of Positivity community that will shine for you every day! )

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7. Look for special things that make your day.

Look for something that makes your day every day, and soon enough, every day will be filled with things that make your day. – Kristen Butler

Acknowledge the things that make your day. Whether that’s thanking someone verbally or thanking God. Allow gratitude for all of the positive in your life to fill your spirit and nourish your body with  energy and love.

8. Eat healthy, organic. whole foods.

Eating healthy foods has multiple benefits including better health, better moods, and a happier digestive system that will thank you for eating this way.  You’ll even be seeing more favorable numbers on the scale!  So get that special dinner outfit out of the closet and hang it on the wall for motivation – you’re on your way!


9. Stay active every day.

Much like the way the laws of inertia work, activity is required if you want to stay on top of your game. Physical, mental, and even spiritual activity all count – for flowing water is filled with vibrancy and life while stagnant water is the opposite.  You can exercise, do yoga, use apps for self-development, meditate, or even just read a few chapters of your favorite book to stay active.

10. Do what makes you happy and follow your passion.

Life loves when we are passionate because we’re in our happiest and most creative state. Passion with the right action leads to creation that exceeds our expectations.  When we follow our passion and it truly feels right in our heart and mind we can always be assured we’re on the right path. It’s not always perfect or easy, but it is worth it.

Read this to help discover what you love, and find your purpose in your passion!



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