Cosmetics are meant to make one appear beautiful. However, most times, these skin improving products end up having a destructive effect on the user. A study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) revealed that men experienced reproductive complications between 197o and 1993. These problems were as a result of overuse of cosmetic products that were made from harmful chemicals. This issue of skin problems has been left unaddressed for too long while the manufacturers continue destroying the end users of their products. The situation can be reversed only when women turn back to the use of natural beauty products that have no side effects.

One of the most underrated cosmetic products that is naturally available is oranges for skin. The benefits of using orange for skin products are almost inexhaustible, and women should wholeheartedly accept their use as it will significantly improve their looks.

The following are some of these benefits that the use of orange juice as a beauty product brings:

1. Source of nutrients

Oranges are a rich source of ascorbic acid, and one serving is enough to fulfill the body’s requirements for Vitamin C. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your skin, taking the juice will bring the additional advantage of improving your general health. In addition to Vitamin C, the juice is also a rich reserve of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and folic acid.

Folic acid greatly helps the body’s vital organs, such as the spinal cord, perform effectively. Taking oranges regularly has also been found to help manage weight loss. The health benefits of taking the juice are almost endless, and women who use it frequently are set to have a significant health improvement.

2. Minimizes skin pore size

The skin has pores that excrete waste from the body. At times, these pores can expand, and this makes a face appear oily. Application of orange juice can solve this problem. The juice causes the shrinking of pores, and the result is a smoother skin that is highly radiant. To get the best results, it is advisable to apply the juice, then wash it off with clean water after about three minutes. The large pores will be sealed in a short time, and your face will be left shining without having applied any commercial cosmetic product.

3. Eliminates acne

Nobody likes to have acne on their face. Many people with frequent acne try to establish a smoother skin with artificial beauty products. Unknowingly, the cosmetics end up causing the development of more acne, and if healing occurs, large marks are left. The solution to these problems lies with the use of natural orange juice. The juice contains citric acid. This acid is beneficial in removing the dead skin without leaving marks on the face. To gain the best results, it is advisable to apply the juice regularly. Your face will brighten like never before.

4. Effective bleaching without side effects

The other most commonly used beauty product is bleaching agents. Mainly, these products are used by people who want to have a lighter skin tone than their present one. Although the cosmetics are useful in giving the desired result, the after use effects can be adverse. Some people develop cancerous complications as a result of the application of these cosmetic bleaching products.

An alternative way of having a lighter tone without the risk of developing complication is applying a mixture of orange juice and milk. The curd mixture should be applied and then washed off after twenty minutes. Your skin will be bleached slowly without experiencing any after use effects, and you are free from contracting skin related cancerous complications.

5. Aging remedy

As one gets old, one of the first organs to change its appearance is the skin. However, oranges have been found to maintain young, vibrant skin that is free from wrinkles resulting from old age. This is because orange juice is rich in Vitamin C that is necessary for the production of collagen. Collagen is the chemical that is responsible for keeping the skin moist and free from wrinkles.


6. Body and skin detoxification

Toxic chemicals in the body result in pale skin. Therefore, there’s a need to continually expel the toxins for maintenance of radiant skin that is moist at all times. Oranges have been found to be an effective detoxifier that discharge all the harmful chemicals that give your skin an unattractive appeal.

7. Scrubbing

The skin peelings of orange are also helpful. They can be used to make scrub powder when dried that removes dead skin from the face. When mixed with hot water, these peelings form a spray that is useful in keeping the skin glowing at most times.

The benefits of using oranges for skin are immense, and the entire body will also benefit in the long run. Therefore, it’s advisable to turn to the use of natural skin care products, as their advantages are incomparable to the adverse effects brought about by the artificial cosmetics.