The Best Foods to Eat (And Avoid) to Lose Weight

The Best Foods to Eat (And Avoid) to Lose Weight

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Losing weight is difficult in our modern society full of sugary temptations and fast but nutrient poor foods. So what foods will help us to lose weight? What foods that contribute to weight gain should we avoid? Choosing your nutrition, making lifestyle changes, and exercise help in weight loss. We are what we eat. It’s important to make our nutrition a priority for our optimum longevity and health. Here are some foods to eat that will enrich your health and help in maintaining a balanced diet, as well as foods that you should avoid.

The Best Foods To Eat (And Avoid) For Weight Loss

Foods To Eat

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds make a great on-the-go snack, plus they provide plenty of essential fatty acids, like Omega-3 and 6. Hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and hazelnuts taste great and give us the nutrition we need while keeping us full and satisfied.


Leafy Greens

Leafy green veggies are perfect for weight loss, as they are low in calories but high in fiber and nutrients. The fiber makes you feel fuller without adding calories to your diet.



You might think of a starch as bread, cake, or something else processed, but starches straight from the Earth provide great nutrition with fewer calories than processed starches do. Eat things like potatoes, brown rice, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and other whole starches if you want to lose weight.


Cruciferous Vegetables

Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts are low in calories, high in fiber and also contain a decent amount of protein. Like leafy greens, they make you feel fuller without adding calories.

Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are a rich source of protein, fiber and resistant starch. They make you feel fuller while the protein helps you burn fat.


Most of the foods that are low in calories and high in fiber are also high in water content like fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply by adding water to your food and making a soup, you can feel more full and consume fewer calories.


Fruits, while high in sugar, actually have a very low energy density. The fiber in them takes them longer to digest and, therefore, releases the sugar in them slowly. While they fill our need for sugar, they do so in a way that keeps blood sugar even and gives us vital nutrients we need for survival.


Foods to Avoid

Processed Sugar

Foods high in processed sugar have a high energy density, and it is easy to consume a very large amount of calories in a very short time and still feel hungry. Processed sugar increases blood sugar and increases resistance to insulin, which is the body’s method of metabolizing sugar. Eating large amounts of processed sugar can lead to things like diabetes and heart disease. So, avoid those candy bars, cookies, cake and hard candy.

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Potato Chips and Fries


Potatoes are rich in nutrients, but they are also rich in starch. Starch is easily converted by the body into sugar. While eating potatoes is good for you, overindulging in potatoes can lead to higher blood sugar and a less nutritious diet overall. While whole potatoes are good for you, fries and chips are not, as most of their nutrients have been leeched out during the cooking process and are fried in unhealthy oils.

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Sugary Drinks


Sodas are not only high in sugar, making you put on weight rather than losing it, but the caffeine and phosphoric acid may be responsible for bone loss. If you just replace soda with something more healthy like milk, water or unsweetened tea, you can cut your calories and increase bone health.

White Bread

White bread is low in nutrients and high in added sugar. It is made from very fine white flour, and eating white bread can lead to spikes in blood sugar. Instead, try to eat wheat bread, corn bread and rye bread.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is highly processed and contains almost as much sugar as a soda – the only difference is, juice contains fiber and some nutrients. However, you should still eat a fruit instead of drinking one, as you won’t have the same insulin spikes that you’d get from the fruit juice.

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