Everyone is feeling stress and anxiety caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and doctors are sharing dance videos to spread positivity. Doctors aren’t the only ones sharing these videos, either, as other health care workers are joining in, too.

Through these videos of themselves and their colleagues dancing, they are hoping to boost hope and happiness. Many of them started dancing to relieve their stress and the stress of their co-workers. Once they realized it was making other people smile, too, they decided to keep doing it.

We could all use some positivity in our lives, and these videos will do just that. It will make you smile or at least feel happier, and it can help you appreciate health care workers even more. Aside from just helping to spread positivity, these videos can help you learn new techniques for shaking hands, too.

These positive videos are intended to help you boost your mood and improve your mental health. If you are struggling, these should help you cheer up. After you’ve watched the videos, you could try the dances yourself, because dancing can help ease your stress even further.

The Power of Using Dancing as a Way to De-Stress and Spread Positivity

Dancing is a powerful tool when it comes to easing stress and becoming more positive. This is more beneficial than many people realize, too. Dancing can help boost your mood, reduce stress, and lessen feelings of anxiety.

Researchers prove that dancing releases mood-boosting chemicals in your body. Dancing just one time can help boost mental health for up to a week. The effects are similar to that of regular exercise.

Dancing Doctors and Health Care Workers Spread Positive Videos

1. OHSU Doctor Dancing in Hospital Corridors

Dr. Jason L. Campbell, an Oregon Health and & Science University resident, spreads positivity by dancing with his colleagues in the hospital. His goal is to keep spirits up and offer fun ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Through dancing, he teaches fun replacements for handshakes such as bumping feet, otherwise known as foot shaking.

His dancing also shows how it is possible to dance and have fun with others while remaining six feet apart. He wants to remind people to stay optimistic and remind them that we are all in this pandemic together.

2. Hospital Staff Dance Together to De-stress

The staff of the Intensive Care Unit at this hospital do the popular dance called the Cupid Shuffle. They use it as a chance to spread positivity and help people smile during these hard times. It’s also their way of de-stressing together during their shift at the hospital.

3. Jefferson Doctors Use Viral Dance to Send Important Message

The health care employees on the Neuro ICU unit at Jefferson Hospital dance together to spread a message. They use their dancing to encourage people to stay home when possible during the pandemic.

4. Dancing Nurse Lifts Spirits at Hospital

Jill San Juan, a nurse at Texas Medical Center, shared a video of herself dancing during her break at the hospital. She was dancing to Janet Jackson’s song “All for You”, and caught the eye of Janet Jackson herself.

When Janet Jackson, a famous musician and former Vegas headliner, saw the video, she shared it with her social media followers. From there, it became a viral YouTube video that was watched by millions.

Her hope with the dancing video was to spread positivity. With all of the negative news that plays non-stop, she was worried it would continue to spread more negativity. She thought everyone could use something to make them smile and remind them to try and enjoy life.

5. These Nurses Showed Off Their Version of the ‘Footshake’ TikTok challenge

Two nurses at the Conviva Care Center created a fun video to show the “Footshake” that was mentioned in number one. This TikTok video became popular as the Corona Virus Pandemic reached its peak.

They started the video by pretending to shake hands, only to stop at the last second. Then, they began their dance that made thousands of people smile. The nursing staff cannot let the physicians have all the fun!

6. Hospital Staff Dance to Pitbull’s song ‘I Believe That We Will Win’

In this video, a large group of hospital employees comes together outside of the hospital to dance. The song they are dancing to promotes positivity and a reminder to keep fighting, despite any setback. With many dance moves, including the “Footshake”, this video is so much fun to watch.

7. Local Doctor Shows Off Dance Moves

A pediatric doctor at PM Pediatrics in West Hartford named Kari Edelson shared her dance moves to her Facebook page. It wasn’t intended to go viral, but it quickly did as the video was shared many times.

She shared the video to share positivity and have fun. Rest assured; she cleared the air by making it clear she didn’t waste any PPE during this video.

8. Dancing Nurses Boost Spirits During Pandemic

At one care center in Texas, nurses lined up to make a dance video for TikTok. It was quickly shared on YouTube and other platforms and became a viral video. This was their successful attempt at boosting spirits during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The dancing nurses are enough to boost someone’s mood, but there’s more to the video than you may initially see. If you look in the background, behind the nurses, you will notice a doctor participating, too. He may not be doing the same dance, but his effort and contribution is much appreciated and will bring a smile to your face.

9. City Hospital NHS Staff Dance in TikTok Video

At City Hospital in Birmingham, United Kingdom, the staff of Ward D11 shared their dance moves. Before they began their shift for the day, they decided to do this dance to bring a smile to their faces.

The nurse who sent this video explained that if they don’t find something to smile about, they’ll spend their shift crying. Caring for Coronavirus patients can quickly become overwhelming, so hospital staff has to find a way to cope. In their quest for a smile for themselves, they allowed thousands of others to smile, as well.

10. Philadelphia nurses go viral dancing to Ciara’s ‘Level Up’

Known as the “Swab Squad”, these nurses at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. boost positivity through dance. Jeffrey Salvatore, a member of the Covid-19 Testing Task Force team explains why they do it. He believes when patients come in and see cheerful nurses, it will help them remain as cheerful as possible, too.

When the team was first assigned to the task of testing patients at a drive-thru testing site, it was all new to them. They were working in the rain and cold, something they weren’t used to doing before. Testing up to 200 patients each day in the beginning, they were always busy and worried.

The “Swab Squad” initially began dancing to stay warm and boost their own spirits. They quickly realized that it was working to boost the spirits of others, too, so they continued it. Their dance to Ciara’s song ‘Level Up’ was the one that went viral and was even noticed by Ciara herself.

Other Ways to Spread Positivity During the Pandemic

Even if you aren’t a dancer, you can share joy. You may be able to think of some ways on your own, but if you get stuck there are many suggestions. Some of these options include:

  • Check-in on your neighbors (while remaining six feet apart)
  • Support local businesses by buying gift cards or ordering meals to-go
  • Send gifts to loved ones that you miss
  • Do a few random acts of kindness
  • Donate food to those in need
  • Write letters or send cards to patients in care homes
  • Tutor students virtually when their parents are struggling to teach them
  • Reach out to those who struggle with their mental health
  • Find a family in need and ask them specifically what you could do to help
  • Make casseroles or other freezer-friendly meals for health care workers

Final Thoughts on Dancing Doctors Spread Positive Videos During the Pandemic

While there is likely nothing that will completely ease the stress caused by Covid-19, these videos should have helped. Since a pandemic is something no one planned on or ever expected, it is even more of a shock. You can’t let the negative feelings control your life, however, so try to find things like these positive videos to make you smile.

If these doctor and healthcare worker videos inspired you, then try the dances yourself. As explained before, dancing can help boost your mental health and help you feel better.

These doctors and nurses truly care about people, even people they don’t know. Allow them the opportunity to make you and your loved ones smile. If one of these videos brought you happiness, be sure to share it with other people you know to spread positivity.