Did you know that there’s a difference between happiness and joy? Happiness can be fleeting and come in spurts. For instance, you can be happy because you got a new car or a bonus at work, but joyful people have something down deep inside of them that doesn’t fluctuate.

When you have joy down in your soul, then it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world around you, as you find contentment. Someone who has fun doesn’t let life get them down, as they have enough security within themselves to withstand life’s storms.

It’s shocking to learn that some of your personality and overall outlook on life can be genetic. A study reported by Springer Link found that about 40 percent of your overall happiness is genetically linked. This means if your parents were grumpy and pessimistic, there’s a 40 percent chance that you could also have this personality.

However, if one or both of your parents were joyful folks, the chances increase that you too will have a similar disposition. It’s odd how genetics work, but you do have the power to change things with a positive mindset and determination. If you tend to be negative, you can make effective changes to alter your perception for the better.

Fifteen Habits of Joyful People

Would you consider yourself a joyful person? Some say joy comes from within your heart, and it’s there to stay once it gets inside. However, here are some things that joyful people do without even realizing it.

joyful people
1. Smile

One of the surefire ways to tell if someone has joy is by the expression on their face. If you’re happy down inside, then it radiates to the outside. You don’t have to tell joyful people to smile as they beam.

It’s because they’ve reached a place that someone with negativity and fleeting happiness can never understand. So, if you want to see if someone is content and happy in their life, look at their facial expressions.

2. Their Eyes Beam

You’ve probably heard that your eyes are the window to your soul, and it’s an accurate statement. Start doing an inventory of your friends and their eyes. When someone is sick, the eyes are one place you can tell how they feel.

If a person didn’t sleep well the night before, their eyes would let you know. Joyful people also have a distinct look within their eyes, a light of sorts. It’s a glow that radiates from their soul that shows the world what’s on the inside, and it’s hard to deny.

3. Practice Gratitude

One of the most significant ways to identify a joyful person is by their gratitude. When a person is satisfied, they find that every little thing they have is a blessing. You could hand them a card during the holiday season instead of a gift, and they would be content.

See, they don’t get caught up in material possessions and all that superficial stuff that usually comes with huge price tags. They’ve learned that the key to being content on this earth is all about people and the blessings they’ve been given. Most joyful folks don’t get caught up in trying to live like the elite, as they are so thankful to have what they’ve been blessed with in this life.

4. Optimism Is Key

When you ask someone with joy how their day is going, they will always respond well. They tend to see the cup as half full rather than empty. Sure, they may have a headache, an upset stomach, and feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life, but they won’t focus on those things.

The joyful individual has an optimistic outlook that keeps them going. You won’t hear them whining and complaining about things, as that’s something they avoid. These folks stay on the sunny side of life.

5. Forgive

Remember, just because someone has joy in their heart doesn’t mean they aren’t human. They will get their feelings hurt like the next person. The key is that joyful people are eager to forgive those who’ve done them wrong.

Holding grudges is not their thing, so they will forgive you and hope you make better choices the next time. They won’t let that hurt fester into bitterness, but they will use it as a lesson to educate you on how to avoid such interactions the next time. They forgive you and themselves easily.

6. Practice Spirituality

To have true joy down inside your being requires divine intervention. Many joyful folks have a connection to a higher power that brings them comfort. They know that when times of trouble come knocking on their door, the Universe has their back.

When someone is connected to their spiritual being, their joy doesn’t go up and down like the stock market. According to Beyond Today, when you fill the spiritual void in your life with the belief in something bigger than you, it gives you hope, peace, and joy. Additionally, the fruits of the spirit, as found in Galatians 5:22-23, are also on display in these individuals.

7. Make Friends Easily

Joyful people have no problem making friends. People flock to them because their bubbly personalities are infectious. While it’s easy to stay far away from those who tend to be negative, the joyful individual is never at a loss for friendships.

Just because so many people want to be their friends doesn’t mean that this individual will allow them in their inner circle. The joyous one is very particular about the ones they let get close, as they don’t like to hang with negative people who tend to be constantly downtrodden.

joyful people
8. Resolve Conflicts Quickly

Anyone knows that the longer you let a conflict brew, the more powerful it becomes. A joyful person is eager to resolve any conflicts promptly. They don’t need this negativity hanging over them.

9. Apologizes

Part of conflict resolution is being able to admit when you’ve done wrong. The happy person will be more than willing to say “I’m sorry” when they’ve done something to offend you. They don’t want anything hanging over them and remember they like to resolve matters quickly and move on.

10. Live Balanced Lives

One of the primary reasons why people are so unhappy in life is because they’re unbalanced. The miserable folks usually don’t have enough time for self-care, family, friends, and other things besides work. However, joyous people know that they need to have a proper balance between staying happy in life.

11. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Some folks wear their emotions on their sleeve as they’re super sensitive. However, the joyful person tends to let things roll off their back. They know that they’re going to be miserable if they take every single thing that happens to them to heart.

So, rather than getting all worked up about every little thing, they tend to go with the flow. Joyful people learn to manage their emotions.

12. Help Others

One of the most beautiful things about joyful people is their desire to help others. They’re the person you see singing and bouncing around a soup kitchen, eager to help the person in need. They’re the people who randomly pay for someone’s groceries in front of them just because they feel like doing a good deed.

These folks live by the Golden Rule, and they’re always ready to do unto others things that share a bit of their happiness.

13. They Laugh

Laughter is something that tends to make the dark clouds seem unnoticeable in life. When you’re laughing, you’re releasing those feel-good hormones that your body needs, according to the National Library of Medicine. It’s often been said that laughter is the best remedy for what ails you, and as you can see from joyful folks, it’s genuinely one of the best medicines.

14. Engage in Self-Care

One thing that the happy individual does is make time for their personal needs. They know how important it is to have self-care, and they make time for the things that bring them joy. They are eager to go shopping, see a new movie, read a good book, or sip a glass of wine in a bubble bath.

This person realizes that they won’t be nearly as content and joyful if they don’t take time for their needs.

15. Manage time

Time management is an important aspect to learn in life. The joyful person knows that you will be rushed, always late, and irritable due to poor time management. So, they like to show up early to events, so they don’t engage in those negative feelings.

This person also knows that they can’t be their most productive when they’re late and stressed out. They like to be one of the first people at work or an event so that they can make the best of each moment.

joyful people
Final Thoughts On The Habits Of Joyful People

Did you see anything on this list that you already do? Do you think you fit the classification of a joyful person, or do you have much work to do? Whether you’re checking all the positive boxes or want to make improvements, you can do it.

What can you do today that can help change your tomorrow? Are there any small things that can help make you a better person for yourself, your family, and your friends?