When you connect with your soulmate, it means that you share a similar vibe with someone and that your lives mesh together well. You’ll likely share many of the same values and principles, and you’ll have similar goals and visions for life. It might seem like you’re viewing life through the same lens.

When you meet your person, they’ll quickly become your best friend as you have an instant connection. They’ll open up your mind to the possibilities of the future, and you’ll start to plan your life around them. Your special person will be a daily reminder of everything you strive to do and be in life.

While a soulmate doesn’t always have to be a romantic partner, it typically works out that way. When you want to spend all your time with someone, romance is bound to follow. Plus, there will likely be a strong attraction you can’t deny for long.

Fifteen Phrases That Can Help You Connect with Your Soulmate

If you’re having trouble connecting on a deeper level, you must find the right things to say. Tell your person how you feel so the truth is out there and you can take your relationship further. These phrases can help you connect with your partner and say everything you’ve been trying to get out.

These Phrases Help You Describe How Closely You Connect with Your Soulmate

connect with your soulmate

1. Things feel so right when we’re together.

When you use this line, it’ll help your partner understand how you feel about them. By saying that being with them makes everything seem right, they’ll know that you want to spend more time together. They’ll recognize that you choose them, and you’ll continue choosing them whenever you have the choice.

2. You’ve become my best friend, and I want to do everything with you.

One of the first signs that you’ve found your person is that they quickly become your best friend. You’ll feel a deep friendship even if the relationship is a romantic one. The two of you will balance one another out, and your lives will fit together seamlessly.

Plus, despite your differences, you’ll rarely clash. Make sure your partner knows you feel this way, and that you’re happy they are part of your life.

3. I just know that you’re my person.

When you find the right person, you’ll feel compelled to them. You won’t have to question whether they’re your person because you’ll know it. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them because you’ll recognize when you’ve found the person you want to spend your life with.

When you feel something profound, listen to your intuition. You might not find anyone else in the world who makes you feel like this person does. Don’t be afraid to let them know because they likely feel the deepness of your relationship, too.

Connect With Your Soulmate By Describing Your Affection for Them

4. I feel so respected when I’m with you because you’re attuned to my feelings.

Feeling respected in a relationship is one of the most important aspects. You’ll feel comfortable and safe when you’re with your person because you know that they respect you and your boundaries. Plus, they’ll seem to know how you’re feeling each moment you’re together.

You might notice that your person picks up on your hidden feelings, too. They’ll notice when you feel anxious, sad, angry, or anything else. Rather than pretend they don’t see something wrong, they’ll do what they can to comfort you and make you feel better.

If you have found this person, let them know you appreciate their respect and awareness. They’ll feel good knowing that you recognize their effort, making them want to keep doing it.

5. I love that our goals align with one another.

Pointing out that your goals align will help your soulmate see it, too. They likely already know, but saying it aloud will bring the two of you closer. Plus, it opens the conversation up to talk about the future.

After saying this line to your partner, you might find the two discussing the next step of your relationship. This conversation lets you see if you are on the same page and want similar things soon. However, don’t be disappointed if the conversation doesn’t go this far because your partner will still have it on their mind.

6. I feel a sense of calm and peace anytime I’m with you.

Finding someone who makes you feel calm and peaceful can be life-changing. You don’t want to spend most of your time with someone who creates chaos and anxiety. If your person brings these calming sensations to your life, make sure to let them know it.

Your partner will be thrilled to know that they have such a positive effect on your well-being. It’ll also encourage them to continue being this person for you because they know you appreciate it. Appreciation and acknowledgment go so far in a relationship that they can deepen the connection quickly.

Connect With Your Soulmate by Explaining How You Feel Safe With Them


7. I feel safe when I’m with you.

When everything flows easily between you, you’ll feel safe and at ease in their presence. Your feelings for one another allow you to trust them implicitly, knowing they would never do anything to hurt you. They’ll feel instantly familiar, allowing you to be vulnerable and open up deeper.

All of these sensations feel good, especially if you’ve never experienced them before. Share the way you feel with your partner so that they can feel good about it, too.

8. I love that I can always be myself around you.

It’s a blessing to let your guard down and be yourself. Knowing that you can say anything, express your innermost thoughts, and communicate your feelings without judgment is a good feeling. You’ll recognize that you’ve found your person when you feel like this with them.

You can’t be yourself around just anyone, so embrace this blessing and vocalize how you feel. It’s refreshing to have someone like this in your life.

9. I can hardly remember what my life was like before we met.

Meeting your soulmate is life-changing because it happens so quickly. You develop a close bond, and they quickly become a regular part of your life. Before you know it, you’ll struggle to remember what your life was like before them.

By telling your partner that you can hardly remember life without them, they’ll know how deep your feelings are. They’ll love knowing that you think about them so much and that they’ve changed your life in such a meaningful way. Plus, it’ll help them understand that you plan on sticking around.

Explain How You Connect With Your Soulmate and Look Forward to Growing More in Love

10. I’ve learned so much from you, and I can’t wait to see what else I learn.

Spending your life with someone you can learn from will lead to an exciting future. You’ll even learn from them when you disagree on something, and you’ll gain respect and understanding.

Having someone in your life that you can learn from and teach things to in return is a special feeling. While you likely have many things in common already, it’ll help you bond as you teach one another other things.

Plus, telling your partner that you can’t wait to see what else you learn reminds them that you want to spend more time together. You can find things to do that neither of you has done before, allowing you to learn together, too.

11. I feel like I can do anything with you by my side.

Your soulmate will make you feel like you can do anything. They’ll give you the confidence you need to do things you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Plus, they’ll encourage you to take chances and accept new opportunities that come your way. You won’t be afraid to try something new when you know you have their support.

12. I’m attracted to more than your physical appearance.

Your partner will be thrilled to know that you find them physically attractive, but there should be more to it. Being attracted to who someone is on the inside is even more special.

Show love by complimenting your partner’s wisdom, thoughtfulness, and other positive characteristics they have. When you’ve found your person, you’ll have plenty of non-physical aspects that you love about them.

Connect With Your Soulmate by Describing How Lucky You Feel

13. We met at the perfect time in our lives.

Saying this line to your partner will get them thinking about where you’re at in your relationship. Thinking about perfect timing and your relationship will get them thinking about where you head next. It also lets them know you think it was the perfect meeting time because you’re ready for the next step.

14. I feel like I’ve known you for so long.

When you meet your soulmate, the bond will happen so quickly that you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever. You won’t feel nervous or uncomfortable around them because everything fits well. They’ll make you feel at ease more than anyone else can, eventually becoming your comfort space.

15. I love how much you make me laugh.

Complimenting someone’s sense of humor is one of the best things you can do. When your person makes you laugh, ensure they know you appreciate and love it. It’ll remind them to take time to make you laugh, and it’ll encourage you to find humor in things, too.

connect with your soulmate

Final Thoughts on Phrases That Can Help You Connect with Your Soulmate

When you’ve found your person, you’ll want to find any way to connect with them. Never miss an opportunity to tell your soulmate how much they mean to you. They’ll see how much the relationship means to you when you voice what you love and appreciate.

These phrases will help you show love and deepen your connection. They might even open you up to a conversation about your future together. Either way, saying these meaningful things to your partner will boost your relationship.