Mental illness is a common condition that does not spare even the world’s top celebrities.

For example, the 2020 statistics show that at least 52.9 million adults in the United States suffer from a mental illness. Therefore, the probability of you finding one mentally ill person among five individuals is high.

For this reason, mental health awareness is important to understanding mental illnesses. The government invests more in sponsoring awareness months to conduct research and collect data on mental illness. However, they forget the power of opening up in crumbling the stigma of mental illness.

Nowadays, renowned media personalities, musicians, and other celebrities are sharing more about their mental and emotional well-being. Such bold moves are increasing awareness and enhancing efforts to encourage people to seek help. The following fifteen celebrities shine a light on mental health to raise awareness.

15 Celebrities Who Shine A Light on Mental Health to Raise Awareness

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1 – Lady Gaga Wrote an Essay to Shade Light on Mental Illness

She penned a powerful message during the world’s mental health celebration day. Lady Gaga focused her message on the need to avail resources to those suffering mental illness. Her message touched on the most traumatic sign of mental illness: suicide.

She wanted the concerned bodies to address the issue of stigmatization. Also, she mentioned that the mental health emergency room lacks the resources to handle the mental problems. Together with her co-writer from the World Health Organization, they state that mental illness is a problem and that bold action that is long overdue.

2 – Michelle Williams Took to Her Twitter and Instagram To Announce She Was Getting Mental Treatment

The renowned child actor decided to take her advice after years of advocacy for mental health awareness. Michelle Williams publicly acknowledged on her social media account that she had chosen to lead by example. Fortunately, she was candid enough to encourage more people to follow her example.

She wrote in her post that she felt happier and healthier after getting help from a team of professionals. Michelle further vows to continue spreading awareness and empowering people. She also tirelessly continues helping people to recognize when its time to ask for help to prevent severe mental illnesses.

3 – Ariana Grande Tweeted About How Therapy Saved Her Many Times

Therapy is essential when dealing with mental illnesses. Therapists do a great job of helping you identify your problem and take you through the rough moments. A therapist can help deal with depression in constant pain and even guide you in processing trauma.

No other person knows the power of therapy better than Ariana Grande. She goes through tough times of public dissection as a musician. The later can cause depression or anxiety if not handled well.

Ariana publicly acknowledges how therapy has saved her life many times. She responded to a fan’s tweet inquiring about her therapists. In her response, she said people should not fear asking for help.

4 – Gisele Bundchen Shared About Suicidal Thought in Her Book

Having suicidal thoughts can be a sign of mental illness. For instance, people suffering from panic attacks, such as supermodel Gisele Bundchen often contemplate ending their life.

Gisele Bundchen acknowledges she narrates how she wanted to jump off the balcony to end her suffering. She eventually overcame her fears when she learned that seeking help could be possible. She encourages readers to also open up about their struggle to get help before it is too late.

5 – Taraji P. Henson Spread Awareness of Mental Health Illness Among the African American Community

This celebrity formed a foundation that swore to eradicate stigma in the African American Community. Taraji P. Henson targeted health issues such as post-traumatic stress. She encourages people to seek help.

In one of her letters, she speaks about her father’s condition after the Vietnam war. Her primary concern was to change the African-American fears that sharing problems is a sign of weakness.

6 – Halsey Shaded Light on Her Bipolar Disorder to Encourage People to Seek Help

The famous women’s issues advocate shared how she manages her career and bipolar condition when she was in an interview with Marie Claire. She narrated how she attempted suicide after her first medical diagnosis. At that time, she was only 17.

She spoke up about the need for people to ask for help to manage their mental illnesses.

7 – The Famous Actress Shannon Purser Shone Light the Importance of Therapy

Teen Vogue published an article about Shannon’s OCD condition. She acknowledged her battle with OCD Despite starring on different tv shows such as Riverdale.

Purser described in her article how she suffered compulsions that originated from fear or even from unwanted thoughts.

However, she acknowledges that therapy helped her. It equipped her with how to master her obsessive thoughts and act healthily. She learned to accept herself and believe that she could analyze her thinking positively.

8 – Camilla Cabello Also Shared in An Interview How She Managed Her OCD To Shade Light on This Condition

Camilla Cabello’s first remark was that people with mental illness need to accept the condition as the first step towards healing. She narrated how it is challenging to manage OCD. And she recounted how something that was stressing her could be repeated in her head.

Nonetheless, a therapist and diagnosis helped her manage her OCD.

9 – Mariah Carey spoke up About Living with Bipolar Disorder

Mariah Carey was diagnosed with bipolar 11 disorder in 2001. However, she kept it a secret until April 2018, when she revealed it. All this time, she lived in fear of public stigma. She did not know how her fans could respond to the news.

Sadly, she acknowledged that she lived in denial for a long time. She isolated herself from reality. Things changed for the better when she decided to open up, accept therapy, and take medication.

10 – “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson Acknowledged Suffering from Depression

It is often difficult to find a person such as The Rock publicly saying they suffered from depression. The wrestler who has turned actor now disagrees with the misconception that is talking about your mental issues is a sign of weakness.

An interview with the British newspaper quotes him saying the depression does not discriminate. He tells people that the key to dealing with it is opening up. He is also reported in the same interview discussing personal feelings such as his mother’s suicide attempt.

11 – Kristen Bell Shades Light on Her Depression

Kristen Bell revealed her depression experience in 2016 in an article published in the New York Times. She says discussing it with others helped her deal with depression and anxiety.

She vowed to continue advocating for mental well-being. Kristen Bell is one of the most prominent celebrities to speak candidly about depression and is willing to share with her social media fans.

12 – Demi Lovato Never Shys From Discussing Her Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato is an ambassador of mental health wellness. She is always willing to spread information about drug abuse and bulimia, besides discussing her bipolar disorder.

She is one celebrity who proudly talks about rehabilitation. Furthermore, she also supports various mental wellness programs.

13 – Emma Stone Revealed Information About Her Struggle with Anxiety and Panic Attack

Emma Stone from the movie Superbad is another celebrity suffering from mental illness. She suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Emma has been an advocate for mental health wellness.

She uses her connection to media outlets, such as the independent, to share her experiences on her struggles with her mental state. In addition, she reaches a vast and diverse population due to her celebrity status. Many people learn from her bravely and want to share their mental struggles.

14 – Ryan Reynolds Is Also Another Celebrity Who Shares His Struggles About Depression and Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds is a Hollywood superstar with a history of mental illness history. He speaks openly about his struggles right from his childhood stage.

Also, he acknowledges that he has had anxiety in his life, which has not yet deterred him from progressing in his acting career. Ryan Reynolds also shared how therapies such as humor and excise helped him improve his mental wellness.

15 – Shawn Mendez Shared His Anxiety Disorder

He spoke to the sun and acknowledged that he suffers from an anxiety disorder. He further says that anxiety disorders inspired the lyrics in songs such as the hit In My Blood

In the same interview, he highlighted how it is difficult to open up and share your experiences. He did not see the need to share his problem with someone who did not have his condition. Initially, he said it could be a waste of time because such people could not understand.

For example, he recounted instances when he could shut his friends and family from his life. However, isolation did not help him battle it. Instead, he had to accept his mental illness and ask for help to overcome it.

Final Thoughts: Celebrities with Mental Illness  and Share Stories and Decrease the Stigmas

It is inspiring when celebrities share mental health struggles and experiences. Stars like those listed above prove that mental illness can affect anyone. Therefore, do not be ashamed to ask for help or explore other ways to help you treat mental illness.

If you are worried about your mental wellness, do not ignore their common signs. Explore your mental health and see if the 15 celebrities can influence your choice to ask for help.