When someone breaks up with you, you’ll experience many emotions. You might feel sad, angry, confused, and overwhelmed as you react to the breakup.

Relationships take hard work and effort, and breaking up can make you feel like it was a waste. Their decision might make you feel conflicted, still loving the person but being incredibly angry and hurt, too. You might want to lash out and hurt the other person, but staying positive will make you feel better.

If you don’t know what to say, these phrases can help when someone breaks up with you. They can help you get the answers you need, say anything you want to get out, and begin moving on.

Ten Phrases to Remember When Someone Breaks Up with You

You might not know what to say when someone breaks up with you. These phrases will help you find closure and start moving forward.

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1 – “I’m glad to have learned and grown in our relationship together.”

The end of a romance can be tricky. But this phrase allows you to see the positive in the experience. It’ll help you focus on your self-growth during that time.

You’ll be more likely to think of the positive aspects, which can be helpful when moving on. The other person will also be more likely to have fond memories of your time together. Even when ending a romance, remembering the growth you experienced shows that it was all worthwhile.

2 – “I hope you find all the happiness and love you need in future relationships.”

Wishing happiness to the other person when they end a relationship can help you stay on good terms. This phrase is helpful if you want your ex to remain your friend or cordial acquaintance. It also prevents you from saying hurtful things that you’ll regret later.

Caring about someone involves wanting them to be happy, even if it isn’t with you. You both deserve to live the life of your dreams, even if it causes pain in this experience.

3 – “I respect your decision to break up, although it isn’t what I wanted for us.”

You can explain to the other person that you thought you were working through your problems together. Lying and saying you’re okay with the decision won’t help, so take the chance to tell them how you feel.

It doesn’t hurt to mention that you believed you could build a future together. However, it’s not your choice in this case, so it helps to let the other person know you respect what they want.

4 – “Can we talk about why you don’t think we can be happy in a relationship?”

Getting answers is a fair request when someone breaks up with you. This phrase helps begin the discussion.

Open-ended questions help you gain clarity and allow the other person to explain their perspective. Even if you can’t be together, understanding can help you move forward. A discussion can also help you improve things in your next relationship and work on self-growth.

5 – “I’m grateful for all I learned during our time together and wish you the best.”

Expressing gratitude and wishing them the best can help make the blow of a breakup easier. Even if you don’t think you can be friends right now, you might want to be on speaking terms later.

Be kind through your pain because it can help you in the future. Gratitude and positivity can help you heal and start moving on.

6 – “I agree that a breakup benefits us both.”

Sometimes you’ll know that ending a romance is inevitable. You might have felt like you were drifting apart for a while, making the breakup the best for both of you. If that’s the case, telling your partner you feel the same way can be healing.

A mutual breakup allows you to move on without guilt or shame. It also makes a friendship possible for you two because you both realize you weren’t romantically compatible.

7 – “I didn’t see this coming, and it hurts, but I’ll be okay.”

If you want the other person to know anything, now is the time to say it. You might not get another chance to express yourself, so don’t hold back. While you might be sad, it won’t last forever, and you will be okay. Telling the other person these things can make the situation easier for both of you.

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8 – “Can we talk about this in person?”

Sometimes you’ll get broken up with via text message or phone call. When that happens, it’s unfair because it doesn’t allow for an in-person conversation. It’s also rude, especially if it was a long-term relationship, and doesn’t allow closure.

9 – “I’m thankful for everything we experienced together.”

Despite how or why your relationship ends, you had good times together. Even when you’re hurting, you can recall those experiences and be grateful for the time you had. It doesn’t mean you’re not upset, but it can help you heal as you don’t think negatively about the entirety of the relationship.

10 – “I still care about you, but it’s best for me to say goodbye and not try to be friends.”

Sometimes being friends with an ex is too complicated and can prevent healing. If that’s the case for you, don’t be scared to say so. Your mental health is the priority, so don’t pretend to be okay with staying in contact if it hurts you too much. Plus, saying a final goodbye helps you accept it as the time to move on.

Other Things You Can do When Someone Breaks Up with You

Knowing what to say when someone breaks up with you helps you get through the situation. However, you might wonder what you do from there. These tips can help you begin your healing process:

Take Deep Breaths Before Responding

When someone breaks up with you, it’s tempting to lash out and say hurtful things. Taking a few deep breaths before speaking gives you a moment to consider what you want to say.

Sometimes you might even want to walk away and take time to yourself before saying anything. Calming down before responding offers the chance to stay on good terms with your ex.

Talk to Someone You Trust About Breaking Up

Calling a friend or loved one to discuss your feelings can help you get through them. It can also prevent you from saying something you regret to your recent ex. Talking to someone you trust can help clear your mind and sort your emotions.

They can also advise you on how to respond or what to do next. If you don’t want advice, don’t hesitate to tell them you only want them to listen. Either way, it’s beneficial for your healing process.

Remember You’ll Be Okay

You might be hurt or depressed when your romance ends, but you’ll be okay. Remember you’re strong enough to get through anything, including when someone breaks up.

Focus on healing and moving forward; the pain will become a distant memory. One way to remember you’ll be okay is by repeating positive affirmations. Positive phrases will help refocus your thoughts and maintain a positive mindset.

Be Respectful of Their Decision

You might want to beg the person to change their mind and stay in a relationship with you. However, it’s disrespectful of what they want and can make it hard to develop friendships.

If you convince them to stay, you’ll know they aren’t happy with you. It’ll taint the relationship and keep you together for the wrong reasons. Your relationship will likely be unfulfilling and full of resentment.

Instead, be respectful of their decision no matter how much it hurts. It shows that you want them to find happiness and allows you to move on.

Set and Maintain Boundaries

Ending a romance comes with many mixed feelings. Your ex might want to continue intimacy with you, but it makes it hard to move on and heal. It might stifle the pain temporarily, but it worsens it long-term.

Instead, set boundaries and make it clear what you need from them. You might want to give in, but maintaining the boundaries can ease the breakup.

Hear Out Their Reasons

Asking questions might result in hearing answers that hurt you. If that happens, you should avoid interrupting the other person so they can say everything necessary. Interrupting them can cause them to shut down and avoid honesty to prevent another outburst.

It’s best to avoid blaming or insulting them because it can cause irreparable damage. Insults can also make you feel worse. Getting angry or defensive can also make it hard to discuss the situation.

Practice Forgiveness After Breaking Up

Forgiving yourself and your ex can make it easier to move on. Without forgiveness, you’ll harbor guilt or resentment that continually disrupts your mindset and well-being. It can also interfere with your future dating experiences.

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Final Thoughts on Phrases to Remember When Someone Breaks Up with You

It can be hard to handle the experience when someone breaks up with you. Breaking up triggers a roller coaster of emotions because ending a romance is life-changing.

These phrases can help during the discussion to end a relationship, helping you get through and ask the necessary questions. You’ll be okay if you focus on healing, so remember that you’ll find happiness and fulfillment again.