Dating can be exciting and fun, but it can also be exhausting. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a break, and some singles prefer it this way.

Finding the person you want to fall in love with is hard and a big commitment. It’s even harder if you’ve experienced heartbreak in the past, making you want to guard your feelings. Finding your person sometimes requires taking a break from dating so that you can heal from your past.

Going on endless dates looking for the right person can sometimes be demoralizing. You might lose yourself in rejection, waiting for texts, awkward conversations, and other things that can knock your self-esteem. Some singles want to take a break to recover from these situations and focus on themselves.

Why Some Singles Take a Break from Dating


There are many reasons some people want to take a break. These reasons can include the following:

1 – A Break From Dating Improves Their Chances of Finding a Healthy Relationship

Experiencing too much negativity or stress with dating can lead to not showing the best version of yourself. You might miss out on a great person because you had a negative mindset during the date.

When you keep having bad dates, it can cause disappointment, rejection, and awkwardness. Taking a break can help you release those emotions and regain hope. Then, when you’re ready to find love, you’ll be more open and make a better effort.

2 – It Renews Their Spirit

Dating can make you depressed if it seems none works out for you. If you start to feel this way, it might be best to take a break. Taking a break allows you to renew your spirit and helps you experience emotional and mental fulfillment.

3 – A Break From Dating Helps Them Heal and Learn What They Want

Taking a break can help you heal from trauma and see what you want. After getting out of a long-term relationship, experts suggest taking a break before putting yourself back out there. It allows you to heal and understand what you want in a relationship.

A break can provide clarity, giving space to focus on the essential things. Spending time alone allows you to learn about yourself. Plus, it gives you time to figure out who your ideal partner is.

4 – They Learn How to Be Comfortable on Their Own

When you spend time alone, you learn to be comfortable with yourself. You’ll know when you should figure things out and how to handle them without an external influence. It also allows you to feel and process your emotions, promoting overall well-being.

Being alone helps you learn to love yourself, making it easier to love someone else. You can work on self-love, healing, growth, and becoming the best version of yourself.

5 – A Break From Dating Makes Getting into a Relationship Easier

Spend time alone to focus on other essential aspects of your life, including your career, family, friends, or home. When the right person comes along later, you’ll already have the rest of your life in place.

Focusing on the other parts of your life helps you understand when you’ll be ready and when it’s the right time. The relationship process is easier when everything else seems settled the way you want. It can also help you understand when someone isn’t good for you, helping you choose a better option when the time comes.

If you keep dating when you should take a break, it can prevent you from finding a good person for you. You might not recognize them when you meet them, making choices out of habit rather than doing what’s best. Taking a break allows you to recognize when someone is different from others and when they might be a good fit for your life.

6 – They Can Do Whatever They Want to Do

When you’re single, you can do whatever you want to do. This experience means you can focus on planning trips you’ve always dreamed of, learning a new skill, or doing anything else that inspires you. Being single allows you to do these things without discussing with someone else or upsetting them when you want time alone.

Being in a relationship can prevent you from doing some of these things, as you’ll have to consider another person. The cost of taking someone with you increases, and they might not want to do what you dream of. Being single gives you the opportunity for anything that comes to mind.

Not only do you have to factor in another person when you’re in a relationship, but you also must spend time with them. Plus, you’ll sometimes worry about things not going well and interfering with other areas of your life. It leads to adapting parts of your life that you enjoy accommodating another person.

7 – A Break From Dating Helps Them Save Money

Dating takes money, with studies showing that it can cost over $1,000 yearly for a single person to date regularly. If you don’t find the right person to settle down with, you’ll continue paying for dates and doing things to impress others. Taking a break saves money and improves other areas of your life.

8 – Spending Less Time on Their Phone

Taking a break from dating also allows you to spend less time on your phone. Dating often involves messages and online apps, taking precious moments where you could have focused on something else. You can take some time to enjoy your life without worrying about missing communication from a potential partner.

9 – To Focus on Personal Growth

Dating can interfere with personal growth because it requires focusing on relationships and meeting new people. Sometimes it leads to trying to force unhealthy relationships, interfering with more of your time and energy.

Trying to make relationships work doesn’t allow you to become a better version of yourself. However, taking a break leaves time to focus on yourself, build your skills, and heal from trauma.


Nineteen Signs You Need a Break from Dating

Some signs can help you recognize when you need a break from dating, helping you put your well-being first. These signs might include the following:

  1. disappointment after every date
  2. feeling that no one will live up to your expectations
  3. insecurity
  4. questioning your decision-making skills
  5. feeling like you’ve already dated everyone
  6. dreading going on another date
  7. feeling overwhelmed by the idea of meeting another person
  8. wanting to give up on love
  9. feeling like dating consumes your life
  10. feeling scared of being single
  11. not healing from past hurt
  12. assuming the worst about everyone you meet
  13. dreading looking at your phone
  14. feeling like you need time alone for a while
  15. losing sleep over thinking about it
  16. feeling like you’re doing a chore when looking for a partner
  17. lacking focus on other parts of your life
  18. taking things personally
  19. questioning your self-worth

Six Things You Can Do When Taking a Break from Dating

Taking a break from dating can leave you with more free time. Finding things to do during that time can help you resist the urge to return to looking for a potential partner. Some of the things you can fill your time with include the following:

  1. Learn something new: Commit some time each day to learning something new. Learning can help you feel satisfied with yourself and promote personal growth. You’ll feel more confident in yourself by the end of your hiatus when you’ve spent the time bettering yourself.
  2. Date yourself: Taking a break from other meeting new people doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time out. You can take yourself on a date, get dressed up, and go somewhere you enjoy. It helps build confidence and resist the fear of judgment.
  3. Say “yes” to other experiences: When you’re not committed to dating in your free time, you can agree to other experiences. You won’t have to turn down invites from friends or co-workers because you can focus on doing what you want.
  4. Practice meditation: Practicing meditation is a beneficial option to fill your free time, especially when trying to avoid dating. Mindfulness meditation can help you become aware of yourself and your inner thoughts.
  5. Go for a walk: Going for a walk allows you to get fresh air while exercising. It’ll improve your overall well-being and help you fill your time with something other than dates.
  6. Take a road trip or vacation: You can do anything you want when not focusing on meeting new partners. Visit all the places you’ve always dreamed of and get to know yourself better while you do it.


Final Thoughts on Psychology Explains Why Some Singles Take a Break from Dating

Dating can be fun, but it can also be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. You don’t have to stop forever, but taking a break can help you recover and think about what you want.

After a break, you can return to dating with a renewed spirit and positive mindset. Plus, you might find the person you want to spend time with without trying. Focusing on yourself offers many benefits, and you never know what will come from it.