Blueberries are a tiny fruit that packs a healthy punch. If you’ve ever thought that everything sweet and delicious in this world is terrible for you, then perhaps you need to reevaluate this tiny gem. Look beyond the junk foods and discover the delicious, nutritious alternative that can soothe those sugar cravings and give you some well-needed health benefits.

They Aren’t Just for Muffins Anymore

When you get a craving for something sweet and don’t want to break the calorie bank, you can’t go wrong with blueberries. Like cranberries, these indigo treasures are native to North America, and indigenous people for centuries have prized them.

These sweet berries are an iconic ingredient for decadent treats like pancakes and muffins. However, many of these breakfast items depend on artificial colors and flavors, which is unnecessary. Once you enjoy natural, fresh blueberries, you will know they need nothing added to them to make them great.

A Berry Background

Since the times of European explorations, this small blueberry has been cultivated around the world. You will find blueberries growing wild in nearly all states, while some produce them commercially. The impressive growing season keeps them available in supermarkets all year.

In addition to the wild “highbush” or “lowbush” species, horticulturalists have produced scores of other attractive and delicious berry varieties. These varieties range from the familiar blue to shades of violet, pink, and almost white. Although each thrives under particular weather and soil conditions, most types are easy to grow.

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Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

Not only will you love these plump berries for taste and convenience, but you will be amazed by their versatility. Have a cup of them all-natural, or you can add them to your favorite smoothie. Here are 15 good reasons to consider adding these beautiful berries to your diet.

1. The Perfect Snack for Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle? It isn’t very easy to find snacks that are yummy and not loaded with a bunch of sugar. Did you know that a blueberry treat may curb your sweet tooth and help you lose weight?

Enjoy a whole cup of them for a little under 100 calories and 15 carbs. With the berries’ high fiber content, they are ideal for any meal plan, including low-carb or keto. They are a delicious addition to yogurt, oats, smoothies, or as a sweet kick with almonds.

2.Your New Friend for Radiant Skin

What you eat can affect your complexion. Have you ever noticed the tired, dry way your skin looks and feels with a steady diet of junk food? As part of a healthy lifestyle, nix the sugary snacks, and watch the difference it will make in your skin.

Blueberries are a rich source of Vitamin C, which is necessary for producing collagen. This vital protein keeps your skin smooth, healthy and boosts its elasticity. The nutrients found in berries can minimize dark spots and blemishes, making you look younger and revitalized.

Some beauty experts recommend homemade skin cleansers that contain berry juice. Many recipes are available online.

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3. Boost to Prevent Brittle Bones

Our bones can gradually weaken due to age, poor nutrition, and health problems. To avoid brittle bones and the chance of breaking them in a fall, doctors advise that you have a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. In addition to being rich in calcium, the blueberry is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that are the key to strong bones.

Just a serving of these little blue wonders may keep your bones solid for years to come. It may also help deter painful bone ailments like osteoporosis, especially if you are a woman.

4. Help with Diabetes Maintenance

Have you been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes? Not only do you face the daily challenge of maintaining a safe blood glucose level, but also finding sweet treats that are safe for your diet is often problematic. Before you make any changes to your eating plan, discuss them with your doctor or nutritionist.

Adding a blueberry serving may be just what the doctor ordered. Whole berries and fresh juice will not cause dangerous spikes to your glucose level as other fruits can. In fact, research demonstrates that drinking fresh blueberry juice may stabilize blood sugar in many people.

5. They Can Help Keep Cancer at Bay

Multiple studies and medical reports indicate that there is a link between eating whole foods and cancer prevention. Dark, colorful foods are a hearty source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that protect your cells from cancer-causing free radicals. No wonder so many doctors and nutritionists recommend that their patients’ food choices be a rainbow of color and flavor.

Dark berries, such as the blue variety, give your plate a delightful and healthy touch of blue. While no food has been proven to prevent or cure cancer, eating whole foods is a step in the right direction. Why not add some berries to your bowl?

6. They Are A Boost for Brain Power

Wouldn’t it be miraculous to find foods that would improve your memory and brain function? Some healthy foods, like the humble blueberry, have shown positive benefits. You won’t turn into a modern-day Einstein, but adding a serving of berries to your meals can nourish your brain cells.

Although research is still in its preliminary stages, positive correlations suggest that blueberry nutrients may benefit neurons in the brain. Such benefits could prevent neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. They may also improve mental clarity, which can help in the stressful world we live in.

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7. They Offer Cardiac Protection

It’s alarming to read that heart disease is one of the top killers in America. Chances are you have a history of cardiac issues in your family, and it’s possible that you already have an issue. Eating this humble fruit is a delicious way to give your ticker some added protection, consider adding a blueberry serving to your daily intake.

Their kick of Vitamin C and folate can help lower the bad cholesterol that puts your heart at risk for disease. The berries can also be a step to prevent clogged arteries, leading to heart attacks and other coronary issues.

8. They’re A Healthy Way to Minimize Inflammation

The tell-tale signs your body is fighting harmful micro-organisms and disease is inflammation. As the white blood cells rush to battle at the affected site, it becomes swollen, inflamed, and sore. Do you have a chronic inflammation disorder, like arthritis?

You may find relief with blueberry juice or whole berries. It can soothe the area and reduce swelling.

9. Improve Your Digestion

Blueberries have nearly four grams of fiber for one cup. Imagine what would happen if you ate two cups each day? The more fiber you consume, the easier it is to pass stool thanks to the enhancement they give the gastrointestinal tract.

10. Beat the Depressions Blues

Rather than reaching for antidepressant medications, it’s possible that blueberries can help you with your blues. The polyphenols in this fruit improve cognitive performance. Studies have proven that eating these berries has a noticeable impact on memory and overall brain health, and there are no nagging side effects either.

11. Sooth Urinary Tract Infections

If you get a urinary tract infection, you may reach for the cranberry juice. However, this is not the only member of the berry family that is known to help this common problem. The small, blueberry can also help to flush toxins from this area, bringing relief.

12. The Better to See You With

Did you know that this small berry can help to protect the retina in your eye? Additionally, eating them every day can help to safeguard your peepers from the sun. They are known to enhance the sharpness of your vision, and they can also allow a person to maintain optimal eye health.

13. Maintain Beautiful Hair and Nails

If your hair and skin are lackluster, then it may not be a bottle of some famous elixir you need. A small berry may do the trick. Blueberries are full of Vitamin B and proanthocyanidins, which are known to improve both skin and hair. Who knew you didn’t need to pay all that money for the latest miracle creams?

14. Detoxify Your Body

Because blueberries are so rich in essential nutrients, it’s believed that they have a detoxifying effect on your liver. When toxins buildup in the liver, it doesn’t work as it properly should. Many people walk around with fatty liver disease because they are overweight, and their body can’t flush the toxins quickly enough. However, eating some blueberries and a diet alteration may be all that is needed.

15. Improve Your Longevity

Who would think that a small blueberry could make you live longer? Well, because they are loaded with so many antioxidants and vitamins, researchers believe that this small berry can improve your longevity. The vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, manganese, iron, and a slew of others are helping people to live longer when consumed regularly.

blueberriesFinal Thoughts: One Small Fruit Can Change Your Health

Nature provides so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that have the power to heal and detoxify the body. Blueberries are just one of the fruits that you need to add to your daily diet. Since the blueberry is so versatile, you can put them in a smoothie, add them to your pancakes, muffins, or even have them in your bagels. The sky’s the limit when it comes to blueberries and their other colorful berry cousins.