Most people know what a birthstone is, but they don’t realize that it can reveal quite a bit about their personality. Once you find your birthstone, you can figure out what it means about you. If you identify any of the characteristics in yourself already, you can use them to your advantage.

A birthstone is a gemstone associated with your birth month or zodiac sign. Birthstones were discussed as far back as the Bible and continue to play a role in society. The modern gems differ from the original ones, but they can still hold deep meaning.

Some people are drawn to other birthstones, and if that’s true for you, make sure to read about that one and your actual stone. The stones you are attracted to can also say things about your personality, so don’t ignore them.

What Your Birthstone Reveals About Your Personality Traits

Many people base their gem on their birth month, but others match them to astrological signs. Either way, they can say so much about your personality.

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January or Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): Garnet

People born in January likely have an ambitious personality but struggle with overthinking. They are usually intelligent, outgoing, generous, and courageous, too. Women with a garnet stone tend to be motherly as they are always there for support.

Additionally, people born in January are often calculating and analytical while still compassionate and loving. These characteristics make them an intense force to go up against. These people are loyal and do whatever they can to protect their loved ones.

However, they are also hard to get to know but are easy to spend time with. People with a garnet gemstone are often emotional. They can feel confused and make irrational decisions when emotions are running high.

February or Aquarius Personality Traits (January 21 – February 20): Amethyst

Those born in February are often known for being pure and positive. They have a calm and mellow personality, and they tend to be more spiritual than others. These people are courageous and can shield others from evil and negativity.

People who identify with the amethyst stone prefer peace and do whatever they can to keep it. Because of this, they tend to be non-confrontational. Their stone is also associated with protection, victory, intelligence, and wise business knowledge.

Those with February birthdays like to think of the big picture and view the world on a greater level. However, they can come across as flaky, but it’s only because they feel much more long-term than others. They aren’t great at opening up to others, but they care deeply for the people they love.

March or Pisces (February 21 – March 20): Aquamarine

Aquamarine indicates calm and peace and is associated with luck, love, and happiness. They prioritize harmony and always look for ways to overcome hardships within their relationships.

People born in March tend to be purifying because they are healthy, youthful, and loving. They lighten the mood and prevent situations from becoming too intense.

Those with an aquamarine gemstone are good at communicating their thoughts and feelings. They open up quickly and value the strength it takes to be vulnerable. Plus, they are honest, even when it isn’t an easy feat.

April or Aries (March 21 – April 20): Diamond

A diamond is tough and valuable, just like those born in April. These people are strong and resilient, overcoming any adversity in their life. They are courageous and don’t give up no matter how many times they fail.

People born in April tend to be committed to their romantic relationships and prioritize love, happiness, and forgiveness. They represent unconditional love and loyalty, even as they value independence.

Those with diamond gemstones are also stubborn and stick to their beliefs and opinions no matter what. They are driven and desire success over anything else, so they always look for ways to grow.

May or Taurus (April 21 – May 20): Emerald

People who associate with emeralds tend to have a good memory and public speaking skills. They are ambitious, intelligent, optimistic, patient, passionate, and honest. Plus, they typically have witty responses and accurate observations of every situation.

People with May birthdays are often known as the person that holds a group together. They unify people and can bring many different personalities into the same group.

These people love unconditionally and are compassionate, allowing people to be themselves. They are also faithful and loyal, so their friends and loved ones know they can count on them.

June or Gemini Personality Traits (May 21 – June 20): Pearl

Pearls signify health and protection, and those that identify with them are often patient, loyal, and thoughtful. People born in June are incredibly unique, making it hard to pinpoint just a few characteristics. However, they are known for innocence and naivety, and they don’t always recognize their self-worth.

Those with a pearl gemstone are in tune with nature and value positive morals. They aren’t afraid to speak up when they don’t agree with something, but they don’t force their opinions on others.

People with a June birthday often have a barrier with other humans but share a special bond with animals. These people try hard to be perfect and take their mistakes to heart. Plus, they value stability, allowing them to be a calming presence.


July or Cancer (June 21 – July 20): Ruby

Rubies are the birthstone for those born in July, and they indicate courage, insightfulness, and clarity. People who identify with the ruby gemstone take action and focus on achieving their goals. They also tend to be confident and never back down from a challenge of confrontation.

While they are confident, those with ruby gemstones are also fragile. They often keep moving forward without paying attention to the present until something terrible happens. Then, it’s too late, and their lack of focus holds them back, causing them to start over.

However, even with setbacks, people with a July birthday keep trying until they find success. When they say that they’ll do something, you can count on them to get it done. They follow through no matter what, but they can be dramatic when they become overly passionate.

August or Leo (July 21 – August 20): Peridot

Peridot is associated with happiness and hope for the future. Those drawn to it tend to deflect negativity and bring joy to unhappy situations. They’re also energetic, outgoing, and enthusiastic.

People with August birthdays enjoy taking risks and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there in the world. They are friendly and talkative, having an easy time befriending anyone they meet. When making friends, the other person’s background or situation doesn’t matter, either.

Those who identify with the peridot gem are easy to get along with. They are known to be charming and can quickly solve problems with those around them.

September or Virgo Personality Traits (August 21- September 20): Sapphire

A sapphire indicates wisdom and honesty. Those who identify with it are usually calm and relaxed no matter what situation they wind up in. They’re also intelligent and often find themselves in authoritative positions.

People born in September have difficulty opening up to others, and it takes time to earn their trust. They are complex and like to spend time alone, even on solo adventures. However, they also struggle with prioritizing their happiness.

October or Libra (September 21 – October 20): Opal

Those drawn to opal tend to be enthusiastic, spontaneous, and intelligent. They quickly become restless, so they always look for something to do. However, it’s easy for them to fool you because they give off a calm and quiet vibe.

People born in October try to remain inconspicuous but often attract attention anyway. They don’t fear newness, so they’re always moving forward and willing to take on the unknown.

Those with an opal gemstone are also compassionate and optimistic. They see the good in those around them, even allowing it to get them into trouble sometimes. However, they quickly overcome adversity and continue moving forward despite anything else.

November or Scorpio (October 21 – November 20): Topaz

Those with a November birthday often appear creative, peaceful, energetic, and joyful. They’re also compassionate, hopeful, and thoughtful. These people are strong but feel things deeply.

People with a topaz birthstone take everything to heart. They struggle to let go of things, even when it’s become clear that they should. However, other people don’t see the struggle because they put up a front to hide their pain.

December or Sagittarius (November 21 – December 20): Turquoise

Turquoise is associated with peace, and those drawn to it tend to be healthy, positive, graceful, and generous. They exhibit humility while remaining confident in who they are. These people are also supportive and protective of the people they care about.

People with a December birthday are loyal, but they don’t forgive easily. When someone does them wrong, it is hard for them to trust again. However, they love to make those closest to them smile and laugh.


Final Thoughts on What Your Birthstone Reveals About Your Personality

Learning about birthstones is fun and exciting. When you identify your birthstone and the personality traits, you’re sure to have some of them. Don’t forget to read about other gemstones that you are drawn to, though, because there’s a reason you’re attracted.

You might not have all of the qualities discussed for a specific gem, but find the one that best describes you. Incorporate it into your life, and you can focus on all of your best qualities and learn to make them work for you.