Anxiety can be debilitating at times in your life. Learning how to counteract it will benefit your health. There is hope. You don’t have to be cooped up in your bedroom, alone and stressed out. A regular daily dose of good healthy exercise will aid in your recovery. Determine to take some steps to help yourself fix your anxiety. Face the anxiety head on and work through it to free yourself of its bondage.

One way you can beat anxiety is by engaging in some exercise. When you feel signs of an anxiety attack coming on, you need a plan already in place to attack it back. When you know you are prone to stress, make a pre-plan of how you can prevent it. The causes of an anxiety attack are an overly high level of stress, panic continuing past the point it is needed, avoidance of things in your life because of fears, and worrying to where it interferes with your life. When you have these signs, you know you need help.

Here are three exercises you can do to help alleviate your anxiety attack:

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Walking to Beat Anxiety

Schedule a 20 minute or more walk every day in your calendar. This will increase your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. The benefits from exercising daily have no negative side affects. Track your exercise throughout the week and the reduction in your anxiety attack. Get a walking partner, if needed, to stay motivated. You can sing while you walk, or walk in a garden. Whichever way you choose, make your walk enjoyable. If it is enjoyable, you are more likely to continue exercising regularly.

Here are some options:

  • Use a treadmill
  • Walk in the neighborhood
  • Go to the gym to walk the track
  • Use the local park for a walk
  • Enter marathons
  • Join hiking clubs
  • Use the local college track for walking
  • Walk on the beach

Swimming to Reduce an Anxiety Attack

Swimming is a good overall body exercise. It is easy on your knees, but still works your heart and your muscles vigorously. Having a change of scenery will do you good, and the water is refreshing too. Actively moving in the water will push your muscles to work and increase your blood flow. The water works as a resistance to your body. Just the simple act of changing into a swimsuit will get your mind thinking on things other than stress. It works like a signal to your mind that good things are coming, which reduces stress.
Swimming options are less available but still valid to check out:

  • Your pool
  • Friend’s pool
  • Gym pool
  • Community pool
  • College pool
  • Join a swimming team

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Biking When You Have Signs of Anxiety Attack

Taking a long bike ride can help suppress and push back your anxiety. The wind feels great blowing through your hair. The sunshine will give you vitamin D. The fresh air is great to breathe. You will sweat which is good for cleansing your body. You will also have time to cleanse your mind of all the stress that you have been fixated on. It also reduces your health risks of heart disease and cancer by about 50%. Bicycling is a great way to beat anxiety.

You could choose from different options:

  • Bicycling in the neighborhood
  • Taking a cycle class at the gym
  • Purchase a stationary bike
  • Bicycling with a group
  • Bicycle rides for charity

Whether you choose to walk, swim, or take a bike ride, your body will refresh itself with a good long exercise. Increasing your heart rate through exercise rather than stress is healing. It reduces your blood pressure which counteracts the increase it experiences due to anxiety. Everything about exercise fights your anxiety and its negative side effects. Exercise is a great resource you have at your fingertips. Exercise costs nothing to use too. Before you have signs of anxiety attack, get up today and begin a new trend on your health journey: exercise!