Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if all the good people of the world had halos and those with bad intentions had horns? It would be a lot easier to distinguish who you would allow in your life and those you would avoid. Unfortunately, that’s not an option, and you must watch for red flags and use your intuition to make choices in your inner circle.

Since the beginning, the world has had a diverse mix of good and bad people. Sometimes good people make bad mistakes, and even the most morally corrupt individuals can do a random act of kindness. Nobody enters a personal or professional relationship to be taken advantage of or burned.

Maybe you’re like a lot of folks who think there’s good in everyone and will take your chances. Conversely, you may have survived a toxic relationship that resulted in you building a wall of defense and mistrust. How can you tell if a colleague or a new love interest doesn’t have good intentions?

No one is perfect, and anybody can make a bad decision that unintentionally hurts someone. The difference in character is noted when the person in the wrong apologizes and makes amends, while the toxic individual attempts to shift the blame to you.

Trusting your professional career or your love life to other folks is a gamble. Some people may seem incredible at first until you realize they are really snakes. Their toxicity may bite you before it’s too late.

10 Warning Signs That a Person Has Bad Intentions

You may not see halos or horns to differentiate the good folks from the bad, but there are clues. Some of them may be more subtle than others. Here are ten ways you can spot people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

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1. They’re Habitual Liars

Anyone who says they have never told a lie is not being honest. Who hasn’t told a little white lie or stretched the truth a bit to save face or avoid hurting someone? However, it’s a red flag if a colleague or a new love interest is a pathological liar. When everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie, and you’re constantly catching them in mistruths, be assured there are more lies their hiding.

The strange thing about pathological liars is that they will lie about the most insignificant things for the sake of lying. To hide their mounting pile of falsehoods, they must tell more untruths. You may get a significant clue if you hear them telling friends and family things you know aren’t accurate.

2. They Enjoy Other People’s Pain

Someone who derives pleasure from other people hurting is bound to have dark psychological issues. If they’re rolling with laughter after you fell down the stairs or cut your finger, you’re dealing with a toxic person. These types of characters also find great amusement when others make painful mistakes or have a series of misfortunes.

Toxic people are often bitter and jealous of the world. They see people who are happy and prosperous as the enemy who causes their misery. When these perceived enemies have a crisis, the toxic person is often smug and delighted that their misfortune is avenged.

3. They’re Cruel to Animals

Whether it’s a beloved pet or the livestock grazing in the meadow, there is no excuse for animal cruelty. Countless studies on incarcerated murderers show a common link with the animal brutality that morphs human abuse and homicide.

Anybody who could be sadistic enough to harm or torture a defenseless animal would have no qualms about hurting a human. How do they treat pets or animals in the wild they come across? Do they cheerfully hit the accelerator in the car to kill an innocent creature crossing the road?

The first hint of animal cruelty or neglect should be enough for you to stay away from this person and report them to the authorities.

4. They Give Bad Vibes

Although science can’t explain how it works, human intuition is a powerful survival instinct. Have you ever been around people who just left you with a weird impression? Maybe it was nothing apparent, but your gut instinct told you to “beware.”

How do they make you feel when you are together? Do you feel natural and relaxed, or does their presence make you tense? When they touch you, do you feel butterflies in your stomach, or are you overcome with weirdness?

Do yourself a favor and trust your intuition when you have doubts about someone’s character. Some of your trusted friends might be getting the same vibes. Toxic people prey on those who are gullible, so listen to your gut feelings and walk away from the toxicity and bad intentions.

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5. Their Humor is Hurtful

Remember the immortal words of Shakespeare that many truths are said in jest. Almost everyone loves people who have a good sense of humor. Even some good-natured teasing is okay if it’s between two close people.

However, toxic people frequently make crude and hurtful remarks while ending them with a “just kidding.” It’s unacceptable for somebody to degrade and hurt you in the pretense of a joke. The same goes for back-handed compliments that add even more humiliation.

These bullies use perverse humor in their evil intentions to control and degrade others.

6. They Show No Remorse or Guilt

While a sociopath is usually someone who has inappropriate emotions in public before thinking, a psychopath’s evil intentions are planned. Suppose you work with someone or have a love interest who is devoid of empathy, you better lookout. They could be a classic psychopath who can deliberately hurt someone without any remorse or guilt.

Not only are people like these toxic in a relationship, but they can also be dangerous. A blend of psychopathy and another severe mental illness could create a perfect storm for a homicidal person. At the first hint of remorseless behavior, you should run.

7. They’re Blatantly Sexist or Racist

Some toxic people don’t even try to hide their hateful sexist or racist attitudes. They may try to justify their obnoxious views by twisting religious texts. You can never be happy around a person making inappropriate hate speech about gender or race.

Keep your distance from people with bad intentions who thrive on creating an atmosphere of ignorance, hate, and intolerance. Refuse to be part of their damaging war against individuals who are different. These people are their own worst enemies, and you don’t need their company.

8. Most People Avoid Them

Over time, toxic people with bad intentions are discovered and shunned. Like most folks, you probably have an obnoxious relative who everybody avoids at family gatherings. Fortunately, you needn’t tolerate a loud and vulgar old uncle but once a year.

You’ll find that many toxic people burn bridges with others in a series of broken relationships. They may not have many friends or relatives who want to be around them. While many people are loners because of preference, toxic people are usually abandoned because of their bad intentions.

9. They’re Users

Beware toxic people who just use others for gain and then toss them aside. If you have a potential love interest, is the new relationship mutual or one-sided? Are you generous with your time and money, but your kindness is never reciprocated?

The classic case of a person with bad intentions is one who plays on your sympathies. They would like you to ignore his toxic and unacceptable behavior, and they will use guilt on you. If you don’t break ties, they will drain you physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

10. They’re Manipulators

People with bad intentions are usually master manipulators. Oftentimes, they will gaslight their partners so that they can have control. They may subtly try to get you to doubt yourself while shifting any blame to you.

It won’t be long, and you will have severe issues with self-confidence and your sanity. They may be accepted initially, but you must watch for subtle clues that they’re trying to manipulate you. Perhaps they will try to make you look bad in front of your family and friends. Someone who loves you doesn’t need to control your life.

One of the greatest mistakes people make in a toxic relationship is staying to change the toxic person. Not only is this plan unrealistic, but it also can backfire and keep you shackled in a relationship that is painful and possibly dangerous.

Even if they don’t display all ten of these warning signs, one should be enough to get your attention.

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Final Thoughts on Spotting People Who have Bad Intentions

You should never be part of someone’s evil personality or bad intentions. Let these red flags be a warning that tells you not to get involved. When you look for the signs of toxic people and follow your gut feelings, you may save yourself many heartaches and possibly your own life. You don’t need the drama or the toxicity.