It might not come as a surprise to hear that men and women don’t exactly pay attention to the same things. Some people might even say that women are more observant. But that’s not necessarily true. Men can also pay attention to details. Just not the details that women look out for. Men tend to be more practical and notice when something is out of place.

They usually will know what route to take to get home quicker and how the prices for their favorite snacks fluctuate. But women tend to be more attuned to people’s emotions and moods, so they tend to pay attention to aspects of the people around them.

That’s not to say that men and women are different because they are opposite sexes. DNA doesn’t have much to do with the things that people pay attention to. However, some traits, such as enhanced empathy, also result from biological differences. And, because women are more empathetic, they tend to pay more attention to others’ emotions.

But the things that truly determine what women pay attention to as opposed to what men pay attention to are our environment and how they were raised. For example, most parents raise boys to be practical. They always play with cars and even get fake sets of tools for birthdays. This is why they become more analytical and pay attention to practical details. But girls are raised differently.

They play with dolls, which they take care of and for whom they create pretend lives. And they are raised to focus more on emotions and be more sociable. The reasons men and women don’t usually pay attention to the same things are clear. But what are some of these things women notice but men don’t?

10 Things Women Pay Attention To (That Men Don’t)

Before we dive in, we also recognize that men (generally speaking) pay attention to things differently than females. So we have addressed that in a separate article discussing male behaviors.


1.      They Notice Changes in the Atmosphere

When a woman enters a room, she always takes in the atmosphere around her. She notices whether people are happy or sad or whether there’s a mixture of emotions. This is because women have a higher emotional intelligence than men do. Plus, women quickly notice changes in the atmosphere and try to turn the mood back around.

If things get tense, they will try to lighten the mood by cracking a joke or changing the subject to something more upbeat. This is why having a woman around is always good, especially when hosting public gatherings. And it’s also why women make great hosts. They put everyone at ease and can only do that because of how much attention they pay to others’ moods.

2.      They Pay Attention to People’s Appearance

On the surface, this might seem too shallow to pay attention to. And, if taken out of context, it is. But appearance doesn’t always mean looks or signs of wealth. Women don’t look out for what kind of watch you wear or how expensive your haircut might look. But they pay attention to whether you look like you are taking care of yourself. Moreover, such details can tell much about the people around them, whether they are romantic interests, friends, or family.

There are two reasons why appearances matter. First, you can tell a lot about how much someone respects themselves by appearance. They don’t have to be rich or stand out in any way. If they care about themselves, they will keep up their appearances. The second reason is that you can tell much about how someone feels based on their appearance. Even the wealthiest person can look disheveled when they are not feeling well.

3.      They Care About Words and Tone

Words matter more than most people might believe. You can use them to persuade people to do what you want or to weasel your way out of a sticky situation. And men are usually not very concerned about what words they use. They care more about getting the point across efficiently. But women always pay attention to what words they or other people use.

Because women listen more intently and analyze the women they hear, they can pick up on things other people can’t spot. Plus, the tone is something that can entirely change the meaning of a phrase. While men might not pick up on subtle changes in tone, women hear even the slightest sign of annoyance. This can help them communicate better and understand whether they are being lied to.

4.      They Notice When They Are Not Wanted

Women are always quick to notice when a group of people does not want them. No one has to tell them to their face that they should leave. They can pick up on the weird tension and whispered remarks in no time. On the other hand, men usually don’t have this ability, and they linger even when they shouldn’t.

This happens because women are more likely to consider other people’s moods and not assume they are wanted because they are there. But that doesn’t mean women will always care whether they are wanted.

5.      They Notice Body Language

Body language can tell you so much about someone that some even become experts. But, if there’s one sex that is more naturally inclined towards understanding body language, it’s the fairer one.

Women pick up on small touches or little facial movements. For example, say a man is leaning towards them; they will pick up on that and figure out the man is interested. But, if someone seems to inch away, they will take that hint and go away. All these little signs are things they will pick up on and use to navigate social interactions.


6.      They Can Tell When Someone Needs Help

Men are usually too busy analyzing some problem in their heads to notice when someone needs help. That doesn’t mean men don’t care about other people. It’s just that they usually need to be told that someone needs help. Otherwise, they’re not likely to notice it.

This is not the case for women, who always watch how other people are doing and always try to see if anyone needs help. Being highly empathetic, they are more likely to share someone else’s feelings and will be hurt if someone else is down. So, if you need help, they’ll know.

7.      They Pay Attention to How They Present Themselves

Most people care about the first impression they make when they meet someone new. But men are also more likely to loosen up and give up on maintaining an image once they get to know someone. And this is entirely rational, as there’s no need to keep up appearances in front of friends.

But women always pay more attention to how they present themselves, even if friends surround them. This is because they know that while being genuine is good, it’s also important to let people know only what they need to know.

8.      They Notice What Other People Like

Knowing what the people around you like is essential to create strong social networks. And this is usually a trait that only women have. Some men don’t even know what they want, so there’s no way they’ll ever be able to tell you what others like.

Whether it’s something as trivial as someone’s favorite dessert or as big as their lifelong aspirations, ask a woman, and she’ll give you the information you need. This is because women listen and store this information out of sheer empathy for the other person. And, if it turns out that it’s valuable knowledge, that’s even better.

9.      They Pay Attention When Other People Speak

Again, it’s not like men don’t even pay attention to what other people say. It’s just that they are more likely to tune out if the conversation turns uninteresting or doesn’t pertain to them anymore. Women don’t have this tendency. They care about paying attention when others speak because they want that person to feel like their words matter.

As mentioned a few times, women are more empathetic than men. And this compels them to be more caring and attentive to all people, even when what those people say is the most boring thing they’ve ever heard. And it usually turns out to be a good decision on their part, as it’s a way to create stronger bonds with people.

10.  They Pay Attention to the Vibes People Give Off

Of course, if someone gives off a full-blown creepy vibe, both men and women will likely pick up on it. That said, women are usually quicker when picking up on small signs. Men need a few more interactions before fully picking up on someone’s vibe.

On the other hand, women are more perceptive and can tell someone’s true intentions even if they aren’t upfront about them. Even if they’ve just met someone and that person is trying to lie about their true nature, women usually look deeper and figure out what someone’s true vibe is. Sure, they can also fall victim to manipulation, as can everyone. But they are better at spotting signs that someone likes them or wants nothing to do with them.


Final Thoughts on Things Women Pay Attention To (That Men Don’t)

Women and men are not built the same, especially regarding what they are likely to pay attention to. Women usually care about the emotional and social details, whereas men are more interested in the practical aspects.

Because women are more empathetic and usually have higher emotional intelligence, they notice shifts in people’s moods or if someone needs help. They also pay attention to how people, even themselves, appear on the outside and the vibes they give off. Women aren’t inherently superficial, but they care about appearance and words.

They gather all this knowledge and use it to create better connections. But fundamentally, women care deeply about the people around them being happy and healthy.