Bananas have got a bad wrap lately. Dieting experts say that they are loaded with sugar and one of the worst fruits you can eat. However, we know by now that you cannot trust everything the experts say. Remember what they said about eggs just a few years ago? Now eggs are hailed as a superfood that is full of protein and a great addition to any diet. So why are bananas being picked on so severely? They are full of potassium and resistant starch that can support weight loss. There are some other things about this fiber-rich fruit that you may not know.

Here’s how bananas are the key to weight loss:

1. Not Too High In Calories

While bananas may not have the low caloric content of strawberries, they certainly are better for you than a chocolate bar. If you need a sweet treat that is filling and helps satisfy that sweet tooth, then this fruit may be all you need. The average size of a banana is around eight inches, which has about 120 calories. A smaller six-inch banana is around 90 calories. Forgo the sugar-laden granola and protein bars that are overloaded with sugar, and reach for nature’s bounty instead. No one is going to get fat or throw off their diet plan because they eat fruit; it’s the other stuff that will derail you quickly.

2. Full of Nutrients

When considering a banana for weight loss, you must also be aware of the amazing nutrients it contains. First, they are packed with vitamin C and B6 and provide over ten percent of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients your body needs. These large yellow fruits are considered a low-energy-dense food, which means they are mostly water. Almost all fruits and veggies are dense because of their water content. They will help fill you up faster to promote weight loss.

3. A Great Support Of Digestive Health

Your digestive system is very finicky, and it seems to be extra sensitive when you are dieting. You need around 25 grams of fiber daily. Bananas provide four grams of dietary fiber. How does that help you with weight loss? Well, it slows your digestive system by making you feel fuller. They help to prevent blood sugar spikes and keep your insulin levels stable. You want your body to burn fat for energy and it cannot do that when your blood sugar levels are all over the place.

4. Full of Resistant Starch Your Body Needs

Most foods contain starches that are called complex carbohydrates. The body uses the sugar from those foods to fuel your energy levels. However, there are some foods that have a different type of starch that is called resistant. This type of starch does not fully digest in the body. Rather, it sits in your colon and ferments. The body absorbs less of it, so you don’t get all the sugars. Green bananas are better for you. As they ripen, the resistant starch levels decrease as do the added benefits. You will absorb fewer calories when you eat a green banana.

5. The Carb Content Is Not Too High

Why are all the experts picking on the banana? Did you know that an apple has about the same amount of sugar as one of these yellow cuties? You can expect to get anything from 23 to 31 grams of sugar from a larger banana. However, you must keep in mind that these carbs are not all absorbed by the body. The resistant starch plays a big hand in keeping you from getting all that sugar. Apples don’t have this starch, so your body feels the entire impact of the carbs. If it helps you, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study on this popular fruit. They found that they have a small impact on the overall body sugars because they fall into the low-glycemic range. So you have nothing to worry about.

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6. Everything In Moderation

Go ahead and eat a banana for weight loss! When it comes to the battle of the bulge, it’s all about moderation and keeping everything in balance. There is nothing in nature that is bad for you or that should be cut off altogether. If you ate these yellow fruits all day long, then you may have unhealthy sugar levels. The point is that you can enjoy all the fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into your diet no matter what your limitations.

You may be glad to know that bananas are good for you and provide many of the daily nutrients that your body needs to function. So have yourself one with breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s one sweet treat that has ample benefits.