When it comes to our health we know we should invest in quality foods, but sometimes it can seem like the cost of eating healthy is astronomically higher than that of eating a subpar diet, especially when you’re trying to eat plant-based or vegan foods. You know that eating healthier will have a positive impact on your life but you don’t want to spend your whole paycheck to do it! The good news is that eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank and there are many cheapest superfoods that pack a mighty antioxidant and nutrient punch, while still staying kind to your pocketbook.

Incorporating some of the cheapest superfoods into your diet…

You’re bound to see the effects of better nutrition; from a better functioning digestive system to healthier skin. You’ll also have more energy and feel a nice mood bump. These foods work best for your health (and budget)


Tea tops our list as one of the best superfoods that money can buy because it packs a hefty dose of L-Theanine, which has a tremendous ability to tame anxiety. Tea is also chock full of antioxidants for your health. Some varieties have anti-aging properties. It’s also difficult to underestimate the restorative power of simply holding a steaming mug of tea in your hands after a long day. Green tea tops the charts as the most healthy, but you’ll also benefit from Chamomile or Lavender teas, both of which tame stress and aid with sleep.


Almonds are packed with Vitamin E, which is something that many people lack in their diets. Vitamin E is also known as the beauty vitamin because of its amazing ability to restore cells and give the user a more youthful glow. While Vitamin E is found in many foods, almonds are simply brimming with it making them a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet. Almonds are also endlessly versatile and you can use them to make a butter, add crunch to a salad or even chop them up and add them to your vegetable stirfry.


You’ve heard that old saying that an “apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Apples are one of the most cheapest superfoods and they accomplish a very important function; helping keep your heart working properly. Heart disease is a massive problem worldwide and incorporating apples into your diet could help keep your heart working at its optimum functionality for longer and improve your overall health. The pectin in apples could be related to its heart-healthy attributes. Either way, stocking up on a sack of these delicious fruits is a good idea!


Not just for St. Patrick’s Day, cabbage is a winner all year round and this versatile, budget-friendly cruciferous vegetable has one very important quality. It can help fight different types of cancer. It’s also full of anthocyanins, which help keep your brain sharp. As if you needed another reason to rush out and grab yourself a head of cabbage, remember that it’s very low in calories, so it’s kind to your waistline also! That’s a win, win, win.


Lentils are one of the least expensive and best dried foods you can buy. They’re filling and easy to infuse with flavor. If you’re eating an all vegetable diet they can stand in for many meat products and you’ll never leave the table feeling anything but satisfied. You can thank the megadose of fiber that lentils give you for that full feeling. Lentils can be eaten hot or cold, so toss them in a vegetable salad with a little apple cider vinaigrette or put them in your crockpot for a stick-to-your-ribs veggie stew that will last months in the freezer.


Kale is one of those incredible foods that you can do almost anything with. For people who are exploring a vegetarian or vegan diet, kale is a godsend because it’s packed with iron. Many times, iron is tough to come by for people who don’t eat meat, but kale can come to the rescue in that area! Additionally, like most super foods, it’s really high in antioxidants and Vitamin K, which you need for strong bones and overall health. Even people who swear they don’t like kale will gladly drink a kale smoothie made with orange juice and citrus fruits. Sprinkle kale with some olive oil and sea salt and roast for delicious kale chips. The options are endless.


Oranges are a great citrus fruit. They’re packed with vitamin C and fiber to keep you nice and full. They’re also extremely portable and economical, as long as you buy them in season. Oranges keep for a long time in your vegetable crisper, so even if you eat them a week after purchase they will still be fresh. Citrus is also an amazing secret ingredient in the kitchen. You’ll add no fat, but tons of flavor to your food when you squeeze an orange over one of your favorite pasta salads. Beets and oranges are a match made in heaven, so this is one of the super foods that can seamlessly transition from breakfast to dinner.

Orange - cheapest superfoods

Peanut Butter

Vegans and vegetarians are always looking for protein, which makes peanut butter one of the best cheapest superfoods that money can buy. Pick up a jar at the store and your health will thank you because it’s absolutely delicious and can be incorporated into almost any dish. Spread it on celery sticks for a filling snack, or drop a dollop into your favorite vegetarian Pad Thai for an authentic kick. If you worry about preservatives or fillers, simply visit your local organic store to pick up a natural brand. You can also create your own peanut butter by blending peanuts, honey and some salt in your food processor. You’ll get the same nutritional punch either way.


It’s easy to see why carrots are a perfect food. Do you like what we did there? Budget shoppers will especially love that they can pick up these beta-carotene packed vegetables for a song. They’re full of Vitamin A and you can enjoy them raw, stirred into soups, heaped on top of salads or slow roasted to coax out their sweet, candied and deep flavor. Carrots are also a sure winner because they keep for a long time in your crisper.

Cheapest superfoods - Carrot


Oats are a powerful little food that are loaded with nutrients including such heavy hitters as Iron, and Folate. Get the steel cut ones for the biggest nutritional bang for your buck, and you’ll enjoy a creamy, delicious experience that you’d never get out of one of those little instant packets. Don’t have time to cook in the morning? Make yourself overnight oats by simply combining oats, liquid (yogurt or milk) and toppings of your choice in a mason jar. By the morning you’ll have a satisfying and healthy breakfast.

Getting superfoods into your diet can be easily done on a budget. You’ll benefit from the positive effects of quality food while keeping your wallet happy. Simply pick up a few of the options outlined here at your next grocery store trip and you’re on your way.