Affirmations are simple, positive statements that can help you appreciate your life. Appreciation influences a positive mindset and attitude, allowing you to see the good in the world. Living a life of appreciation and gratitude can help you make a habit of positivity, allowing you to live a happy life. It takes practice, but you can make positive thinking your default process.

Life can get hard, and you don’t always get what you hoped to have. However, learning to appreciate life no matter what happens can help with positive thinking. These affirmations encourage you to focus on the good parts of your life, even when things are imperfect.

What Science Says About Using Affirmations to Appreciate Life


The Law of Attraction states that what you put into the universe becomes your reality. Affirming your appreciation helps you exist in a powerful state of gratitude that offers positivity.

Science backs the work of affirmations, showing that they can help improve your well-being and mental health. Using affirmations to appreciate your life can get paired with writing a gratitude list.

Experts indicate lists can help increase happiness, positivity, and well-being. Pairing a list with affirmations is powerful and can encourage appreciation and joy about all the good parts of your life. Positive affirmations can rewire your brain to focus on positivity and resist negative thoughts. The more you practice repeating these phrases, the stronger your habits become.

How to Use Affirmations

You can use affirmations at the end of your day as you get ready for bed. The positivity from your phrases will stay with you throughout the night and help you start your day with gratitude.

You can also repeat the affirmations in the morning as you prepare for your day. It reinforces the positivity from the night before and encourages appreciation.

You can choose positivity or negativity, experiencing whichever thought cycle you decide. The only difference between positive and negative people is how they respond to their experiences.

You can learn to view a bad day as one situation rather than a reflection of your overall life. Likewise, you’ll learn to see the good things around you even in a difficult situation. You’ll know that tomorrow is another chance for a good day rather than a never-ending cycle of bad experiences.

When you begin practicing affirmations, you might feel self-conscious about repeating them. However, it becomes easier and more natural the more often you do it. You can also choose other options, such as journaling. Writing your affirmations is relaxing and reinforces the phrases you want to use to rewire your thought process.

Fifteen Affirmations to Help Appreciate Life

Using affirmations encourages appreciation and positivity while improving your well-being. Some phrases you can start with include the following:

1 – I am practicing self-love and self-care.

You’ll learn to appreciate life more when you care about and love yourself. It’ll help you see the good around you as you ease stress and accept things you can’t change. You’ll feel better physically and mentally, reassuring you that you can handle anything.

2 – I am learning and becoming the person I want to be.

No one is perfect, and you’ll always have more to learn. As you go through your day and things don’t go as planned, you can address what you can do better. From there, you learn and grow, getting closer to the person you want to be.

Each moment is a learning opportunity if you pay attention. This affirmation helps you find the good in not getting everything right the first time. It also allows you to show appreciation for each learning opportunity.

3 – I live a meaningful life with a purpose.

Remembering that you live with meaning and have purpose allows you to feel good about your life. It also helps you focus on positive thinking as you consider how you can move forward and get closer to your goals.

4 – I deserve beauty and excitement.

If you feel undeserving, you might let life’s beauty and excitement pass you by. This affirmation reminds you that you are a good person and deserve the good things in life. It’ll help you appreciate the world, embrace the opportunity, and love life.

5 – I have the tools I need to overcome obstacles.

You have everything you need to overcome hardship and setbacks. Use knowledge, expertise, and anything else you already have to keep progressing.

As you get closer to your goal, you’ll obtain more tools to help you along. When you acknowledge that you already have what it takes, you’ll experience gratitude for the chances that are open to you. Before you know it, your positivity and optimism will attract more of what you want and need.

6 – I am doing things that feel good for me.

You’ll enjoy life more when you do things that make you feel good. Whether it’s taking care of your physical or mental health, you must prioritize yourself. This affirmation can remind you that it’s okay to take care of yourself and do what you feel like doing.

7 – I am appreciating another chance to live and enjoy life.

Each day is a new chance to enjoy life and spread love. This affirmation reminds you of the gift of another day, allowing you to appreciate the very act of living.

It can be easy to forget this positive aspect, but this affirmation reminds you to appreciate it. When you can express gratitude for another chance, you’ll learn to express gratitude for the other small blessings in your life.


8 – I can create the life I desire because I have freedom and power.

Many things in life might feel like they’re out of your control, but you can choose the life you desire. You can change your path anytime and begin working toward the life of your dreams. This affirmation reminds you that you have the freedom and power to change your life and offers the motivation to do so.

9 – I am thankful for the small steps I take toward my dreams.

Every achievement gets you one step closer to your dreams. You might get discouraged if it seems like you haven’t made enough progress, but you must consider the small steps. Repeat this affirmation to encourage yourself and remember all that you’ve accomplished so far. It’ll help you appreciate your life and all the positivity to come.

10 – I am thankful for the people who make my life better.

Express gratitude to people who help you enjoy your life and support you. These people change your life in ways you may never realize. This affirmation reminds you to be thankful for who you have and recognize the positive difference they make.

11 – I appreciate every experience because it helped me become who I am today.

Your life experiences shaped your personality, thought processes, and values. Without the good and bad, you wouldn’t be yourself. While you may have wanted things to turn out differently, it led you to where you needed to be.

12 – I acknowledge the benefits of my daily life.

When stress weighs on you, this affirmation can help you think of all the good parts of your daily life. From the place you live to the food you eat, there’s always something to embrace and appreciate. Consider the things you enjoy most about your day and recall those as you repeat the phrase.

13 – I am thankful that forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor exist.

Without these positive aspects of life, it would be hard to get by. You might not immediately list them when thinking of what you’re grateful for, but they’re a big part of how life turned out.

Consider the times you’ve been forgiven, dared to do something scary, or when people have been grateful for you. Likewise, recall the love and humor you experience that helps you find joy and meaning.

14 – I accept challenges as opportunities for growth.

You won’t always easily accomplish your goals, and that’s okay. Each mistake, setback, or failure is an opportunity to grow. This knowledge can help you appreciate life because you can improve and learn more.

15 – I choose my reactions to what other people say or do.

You can’t control what others say or do, but you can choose how you react. Choosing your reaction allows you to take control of yourself and the situation.

Being able to decide is one of the best parts of life, and it can help you appreciate your situation more. It also allows you to ignore what people say about you or what you believe about yourself.


Final Thoughts on Affirmations to Help Appreciate Life

Using positive affirmations helps you appreciate your life, enjoy the journey, and focus on positivity. You can make it a habit, encouraging appreciation during the good and bad times. Once you commit to practicing affirmations, you’ll notice an improvement in your life. It’ll help you remember the best parts of your life and that things will get better when you feel lousy. Use the affirmations that resonate within you the most and add more or switch it up as you become comfortable.

You’ll love the difference that positive affirmations make in your life. It’ll help you find everything you’re looking for while also allowing you to appreciate your life.