Editor’s Note: Previous references to ACV being a possible preventive for cancer have been removed from this story. While ACV has been shown to impact stomach cancer cells when applied directly, there is no current delivery method for ACV to be applied directly to the Cancer, and further research is required to make the claim that ACV can be a possible preventative for cancer.

Apple cider vinegar is often celebrated for its wonderful benefits, but most people aren’t sure what those benefits are exactly. Apart from being an effective cleaner with a pungent odor, most people don’t know what to use ACV for.

About Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

While you may have never considered adding ACV to your diet, after reading, you might. Though it certainly has an off-putting taste, apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest remedies in the world.

While it is undeniably harsh thanks to its acidic content, ACV offers a wide variety of benefits to those that use it. Wondering how to use ACV in your own life? Keep reading.

1. Regulate Your Blood Sugar

We all need to regulate our blood sugar. Depending on the foods and beverages we consume, our body has to metabolize this glucose to produce more insulin in order to convert this into energy.

Individuals that have the second kind of diabetes either are resistant to insulin or don’t produce an adequate amount to maintain healthy glucose levels. WIth ACV, diabetic individuals can lower their blood sugars as this aids in the digestion of starch.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension and high blood pressure are recorded to affect more than 80 million people in America. This blood pressure can cause heart failure and coronary disease.

Thankfully, ACV’s acetic acid can be used to lower one’s cholesterol levels as well as eliminate triglycerides inside blood vessels. This helps to prevent the narrowing, hardening, or thickening of artery walls.

3. Support Weight Loss

Want to lose weight faster? Start using ACV to boost your body’s ability to stabilize your glucose. Additionally, this will help to prevent. your body from producing too much insulin, as this will otherwise leave you craving foods high in sugar that can lead to further weight gain.

Additionally, ACV can make you feel fuller faster. When used in tandem with a steady fitness routine, you’ll find it easier to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

4. Aid in Detoxification

The human body is incredibly effective in eliminating any toxic waste that may make one sick.

This natural detoxification process focuses on removing impurities in the blood via the lungs, skin, kidneys, and the lymphatic system. Rich in enzymes that stimulate liver function as well a lymphatic drainage, ACV can help your body with its natural detoxification process. The acetic acid can bind toxins to itself, aiding your liver in this detoxification process.

5. Prevent Osteoporosis

ACV can be used to prevent osteoporosis as it helps the body absorb certain essential minerals that are used to grow stronger bones.

Use ACV to increase your body’s ability to absorb calcium and you’ll be able to enjoy the apple cider vinegar benefits of increased bone density.

6. Balance pH Levels

The body has a delicate ecosystem that is maintained through the process of homeostasis. As healthy pH levels are between 7.35 and 7.45, most people’s balances tend to be slightly more alkaline rather than acidic.

The acetic acid in ACV ironically exhibits alkaline properties within the body. Individuals that consume a more acidic diet tend to benefit the most from adding ACV to their diet in this respect.

7. Prevent Acid Reflux

Anyone that’s experienced the inconvenient feeling of heartburn and acid reflux knows how unnerving these conditions feel.

While the taste of ACV may be initially off-putting, taking it regularly can help your body brace its pH levels with the naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes that help to reset your acid balance. Essentially, the apple cider vinegar will help improve your stomach’s alkalinity.

Additionally, heartburn that occurs as a result of lower stomach acid can be treated with ACV. This helps to prevent heartburn and bloating.

8. Kill Candida

Candida is the culprit behind most yeast infections found in mucous membranes like the nails, skin, vagina, and mouth.

Candida can present itself in the form of fatigue, sugar cravings, joint pain, as well as chronic sinus issues.

WIth ACV, you can kill the yeast caused by candida. The ACV will work to bring your body to more alkaline levels, making the environment less favorable for this bacterial infection.

9. Combat the Common Cold

ACV is also used to boost immunity.

Suffering from the common cold? Dealing with massive amounts of congestion? Start drinking diluted apple cider vinegar to benefit from these immunity-boosting abilities.

As this vinegar is rich with probiotics, you’ll be actively working to eliminate these viruses and bacteria that are making you sick.

10. Improve Your Hair Health

Ever learn about the acidic film covering your skin to protect it from viruses and bacteria? This is known as the acid mantle. With your hair, this acid mantle helps to keep your hair shiny and moisturized.

Since many hair products tend to be higher in alkalinity, they can inadvertently remove this acid mantle on your scalp. Use an ACV rinse to restore your hair’s pH levels. This will almost immediately improve the feel and look of your hair, in addition to preventing itchiness and dandruff.

11. Ingest Healthy Bacteria

The bacteria in ACV is good bacteria. We all need good bacteria to be healthy.

Encourage the growth of good bacteria in your body by making ACV part of your meals. Whether you drink ACV as part of a cocktail or cook your meals with a splash of ACV, you’ll be working to cultivate more good bacteria in your body.

12. Improve Your Mood

Believe it or not, you can take ACV to help improve your mood. Strangely enough, the more healthy bacteria you consume, the more neurotransmitters this will produce.

These neurotransmitters are rather similar to hormones, except for the fact that they specifically target the brain. These neurotransmitters are directly responsible for mood regulation, wakefulness, and focus.

Increase your good bacteria with ACV and watch your mood improve as well.

13. Monitor Your Energy Levels

Feeling weak and lacking energy lately? Before reaching for that second cup of coffee, try to focus on the bacteria you are consuming.

Just as you can boost your mood with good bacteria in the gut, you can raise your energy levels as well. Making ACV a regular part of your diet will help keep you energized and motivated.

14. Improve Nutrient Absorption

It isn’t uncommon for most people to have several deficiencies when it comes to certain nutrients. This happens as a result of a particular diet as well as genetics.

Failing to take care of these deficiencies can result in lower energy levels, as well as poor health.

Instead of living life with lower nutrients, you can consume more ACV to improve your body’s abilities to absorb nutrients. 

15. Improve Your Cholesterol

Reduce your levels of bad cholesterol with ACV. As ACV works to reduce unwanted LDL cholesterol, making a habit of consuming this vinegar will help to boost your good cholesterol levels.

This good cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein or HDL.

Use this good cholesterol to improve circulation and reduce the chance of developing serious conditions and heart disease.

16. Keep Your Skin Looking Young

The antioxidant properties of ACV make it a perfect all-natural remedy to fight the effects of aging.

Use ACV to fight the effects of free radicals. These free radicals are highly reactive compounds that will otherwise damage your cell walls. This damage can lead to visible aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin.

With ACV, you can improve your circulation and help to balance the tone of your skin. Do this by applying a diluted amount to your skin on a regular basis.

17. Take Advantage of Free Radical Fighting Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

As ACV is an antioxidant, you can use it to fight off free radicals.

As these free radicals work to accelerate the aging process, they can also damage one’s DNA. This DNA damage can even lead to the development of cancer cells.

18. Improve Your Manganese Intake

There are a few ways to improve your intake of manganese, and ACV is one of them. Consuming ACV regularly will allow you 30% of your recommended intake of manganese.

Apple cider vinegar improves magnesium intake

This nutrient helps to maintain your bone structure while preventing damage. Additionally, it aids in metabolic activity.

19. Use a Zero-Fat Seasoning

Trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss?

While it can be difficult to stick to a low-fat diet, ACV makes it easy to season your food without adding on additional amounts of fat. Though ACV is acidic by itself, it can be a tasty addition to any meal.

20. Benefit from Antibacterial Properties in Apple Cider Vinegar

Just as you can use ACV to fight bacteria inside your body, it is an effective treatment for topical purposes as well.

If you’re in a pinch and you need to sanitize your hands or any other part of your skin, use ACV as its antibacterial properties will work to kill any harmful germs.

21. Ease a Sore Throat

Dealing with a sore throat? If you’re feeling a sickness coming on, try swishing down some diluted ACV to help head off any incoming infection.

These germs won’t be fond of such an acidic environment.

Final Thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

There are essentially a countless amount of apple cider benefits. Whether you use it for its health benefits or for beauty purposes, you’ll find that there’s practically nothing you can’t do with apple cider vinegar.

As you work to live a more holistic life, keep these apple cider vinegar tips in mind. With a bottle of this magic elixir, you’ll find that you feel better and are living healthier than ever.